The Talpiyot Tomb of Jesus: A Sober Assessment

The Talpiyot Tomb of Jesus: A Sober Assessment March 13, 2007

Here’s a link to an article on the Talpiyot tomb written by Jodi Magness of UNC-Chapel Hill and located on the Society of Biblical Literature website.  As you can guess from the title, her contribution is a sober assessment of the serious deficiencies of the Cameron production and its associated sensationalism.

While you’re there, feel free to poke around the SBL site… 

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  • lxxluthor

    This is worse, meaning the whole claim not the article, than the ridiculous hype surrounding the Gospel of Judas. What a bunch of garbage.

    Poked around the SBL site…. Still there.

  • I didn’t think you’d find anything interesting there! I was just trying to be mindful of the possibility that a normal person might someday stumble across this site.

  • TT

    the ridiculous hype surrounding the Gospel of Judas

    Sorry for the threadjack, but what do you find ridiculous about it?

  • Matt W.

    I just read an article from Pfan where he said the inscription “Mary the Master” is better read “Mary and Martha”…

  • I have likewise heard the “Mary the Master” reading. We shall see…

  • TT

    Mary and Martha”…
    Not that I am trying to support the Jesus tomb case, but this surprises me. From what I could tell from watching the show, the Miramne Mara inscription was written in the same hand. Reuse of an ossuary was not uncommon, but putting two people in at the same time and inscribing both names seems highly uncommon. I am by no means an expert in ossuaria, but I find such an event unlikely.

  • Matt W.

    TT, per Pfann, the Inscription is clearly two different inscriptions…

    Here is a link to the first artcile I could find similar to what I had previously read…

  • Matt W.

    I should add that my favorite part of the AP article is Jacobovici’s defense at the end:

    Jacobovici attributes most of the criticism to scholars’ discomfort with journalists “casting light into their ossuary monopoly.”

    “What we’re doing is democratizing this knowledge, and this is driving some people crazy,” he said.

  • TT

    Here is the full paper. It is pretty convincing…

  • I agree. Looks pretty tightly argued.

  • Matt W.

    Thanks for the link to the full article, TT, and for your willingness to totally reverse on your comment #6. I find that admirable.

  • don

    When we watched the program, I objected to the idea of a family tomb in Jeresalem, not in Galilee and using Joseph’s tomb rather than the supposed family one discovered. These two things alone are enough to blow this who thing apart.

    Thanks for the link, great article.