Bloggernaclademia February 27, 2009

New category. We’re in. You’re out.

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  • Best entry in the current competition.

  • not bad.

  • Nitsav

    Indeed. I heap disdain and contempt upon anyone refusing to recognize our greatness and abide by our terminology. Neener neener.

  • Elitism — the refuge of nerds, geeks and others without proper social skills and a good tan.

  • Chris H.

    Now, I feel myself agreeing with Nitsav.

    However I must ask something: Did I miss something? It am not sure what this is referring to, if anything.

  • Wow, you really are isolated in Idaho, Chris. 😉

  • TT, is there a significance to the fact that you categorized this post under “atonement”?

  • Chris H.

    David G.

    Do not make me come down there.

  • Chris H.

    Well if you don’t know, then you are obviously not smart enough to have this discussion. 😉

  • In case you really did miss it, the noble bloggernaclians have been fighting off the invasion of the Horton-esque Mommy Bloggers.

  • Chris H.

    Ok, I am with you now.

  • Slinks away, marginalized by those who would be friends. 🙁

  • Chris H.

    I do not know either. I am just abusing you to make myself feel better about my inadequacies. Talk radio people make good money doing this. You should try it. I would listen.

  • Nitsav

    “I am just abusing you to make myself feel better about my inadequacies.”

    Whoa. My eyes have been opened to a whole new career path in customer service or talk radio.

  • Or middle management, or HR, or …

  • Chris H.

    Sorry Nitsav,

    You do not have what it takes. You are too nice and too adequate in all areas.

  • Blog posts + comments = the pinnacle of peer review

  • Kade

    Man, you miss a day in the ‘nacle and it’s human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!
    For me, there is only one true and living bloggernacle.
    In order to perpetuate a previously unsensed by me stereotype or condescension or whatever it was, may I suggest you keep the old name and give a new name to the ersatz ‘naccle? Blaguernacle.

  • Rameumptom

    Nitsav, you are much too nice for this crowd. Perhaps a different speaking job saying, “Welcome to Walmart” and passing out carts? Or perhaps as a guest speaker at the MommyMormon Jabbernacle?