Mogget Speaks Out…White House Listens.

Mogget Speaks Out…White House Listens. February 10, 2012

A day after Mogget speculated that the Catholic Church would win out in the battle over birth control requirements, the While House is set to announce a compromise.

I wonder if they read FPR and realized that fighting on this issue was futile?

In actuality, the White House has been looking for an out on this for the last week. While the intitial proposal was polling well, it was creating unnecessary tension on an issue that is more symbolic than substantive.

Reversing course on this will no more restrict women’s access to birth control than birth control is a threat to the “sancity of life.” Now, I am not wanting to understate the symbolic patriarchy of such policies. Yet, in a free society, the Catholic Church can hold whatever views they want about birth control. After all, they have no power to actually prevent anyone from purchasing birth control at Walgreens and insurance at these institutions will still cover visits to doctors who proscribe birth control.

So, what should we do about the Catholic Church and birth control? Shrug it off. I am pretty sure most Catholics do.

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