Announcing unofficial ([post] post) colonial Americas month

Announcing unofficial ([post] post) colonial Americas month July 23, 2012

In preparation for the release of the new season of The Mysterious Cities of Gold, rumored to be out in September (in French only?), here’s what I propose for August:

  • Watch all 39 episodes of the original Mysterious Cities of Gold … at least as many as possible.
  • Read pertainent mini-volumes in the Oxford Very Short Introduction series, such as The Aztecs (2012; there is not one on Incas yet), The Conquistadors (2012), and The North American Indians (2010).
  • Reread the Book of Mormon in the context of all that.

The setting of the Book of Mormon is entirely pre-colonial, of course (unless you entertain the secularism of that dangerous T&S). Still the book itself refers to colonization. And it was in the aftermath of colonization that the plates were discovered, along with other Book of Mormon artifacts; the English translation published too. Plus the text continues to impinge on issues in the (post) post colonial Americas and wider world (web).

Feel free to join in.

Maybe a blog post or two will come out of this.

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