Welcome to Faith Shift: A Short Video Introduction

Welcome to Faith Shift: A Short Video Introduction July 10, 2017

Hope for Spiritual Reu-2

Welcome to Faith Shift: Hope and Healing for Spiritual Refugees, Church Burnouts, and Freedom Seekers!

I hope that this space can be a light in the darkness, a safe space to gain courage and wisdom, and a place for kindred spirits who are finding their way forward after everything they believe is coming apart.

Here’s a short video introduction to this blog, me, and the hope for this space.

The bullet points:

  • I’m glad you are here!
  • This space is for those who fit in the category of spiritual refugees (displaced because of deconstructed beliefs, lonely, and without a church home or safe space to process some of the feelings), church burnouts (just done with the same old same old and can’t sit and listen, sing, and go home anymore), and freedom seekers (those who long to be free from oppressive systems, are finding their voice and passions and gifts and want to use them freely, and who want a wider more expansive faith than they once experienced)
  • It’s not for everyone! If you don’t find your own experience in one of these three categories, haven’t unraveled a lot of what you once believed, and don’t know what it feels like to be disoriented and alone in a shifting faith, this probably won’t be where you want to read and listen.
  • I’ll draw on material from my book, Faith Shift: Finding Your Way Forward When Everything You Believe is Coming Apart, my blog–kathyescobar.com, and other experiences and stories here.
  • I will delete comments that are scripturizing, theological correcting, and advice giving because none of those things are helpful to those of us whose faith is hanging on by a thread.
  • If after you watch, you will take time to comment, I’d love to hear who you are, where you are from, and how you found your way here.

Looking forward to what’s ahead here.

Peace, Kathy



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