The Church We Long For

We wrestled with church for a reason. We left church for a reason. We despise what so much of church has become for a reason. The weekend’s events in Charlottesville have stirred up deep and painful feelings in so many of us.  The reality of the pervasive connection of Christianity to such hate. The divide between Progressives and Evangelicals getting wider. The uncovering of what’s been there all along. The awakening of white supremacy’s stronghold in every aspect of our… Read more

Unraveling: It’s a lot to Lose

For the past 3 posts, I’ve touched on Fusing, Shifting, and Returning as some of the movements of a lot of our faith experiences. These three are really only groundwork for the places most of us reading here live, and the next three are the ones I’m most passionate about processing. They are: Unraveling (deconstructing), Severing (for some), and Rebuilding (finding new life on the other side). While Shifting is the season where things get rumbly, Unraveling is beyond just simple doubts… Read more

Returning: Playing it Safe

I’m juggling the last few weeks of my kids being home for summer and am a little behind on this short 6-part series of the major movements from Faith Shift: Finding Your Way Forward When Everything You Believe is Coming Apart. These posts are only a tiny peek into what’s in the actual material, so if you haven’t read it yet and are drawn into the content, the book contains a lot of content to help engage and process. The first… Read more

Politics and Faith Unraveling

In light of a really rough week for progressives and our current political administration, I wanted spend a little time today considering just how deeply the November 2016 election has catalyzed faith shifts for a countless number of men and women across ages, demographics, and experiences. It’s been brutal! For the many people already Unraveling in their faith, there was something about the election of Donald Trump that is causing an even greater tumble down the slippery slope. And for those… Read more

Shifting: When Things Get Rumbly

This post is part of a short 6-post series, a small taste of some of the major movements in Faith Shift–Fusing, Shifting, Returning, Unraveling, Severing, Rebuilding. This is how you know you might be in a middle of a faith shift.  Last week, we talked about the 10 Commandments of a Fused Faith and some of the rules of that stage in our journey. These first 3 (Fusing, Shifting, and Returning) are part of the first section to lay the… Read more

The 10 Commandments of a Fused Faith

For the next 6 posts of blogging here, I’m going to lay some tracks and walk through the major themes in Faith Shift: Finding Your Way Forward When Everything You Believe is Coming Apart– Fusing, Shifting, Returning, Unraveling, Severing, and Rebuilding. In Faith Shift, I use a little draw-on-a-napkin diagram that include words that describe these seasons in our journey. I’ll add to it with each post. You might describe or draw it differently; do whatever works for you! Everyone’s context… Read more

Gobbled Up by the Christian Machine

I had another post in mind for today to start a short series about the major movements of a shifting faith, but I’ll post next week instead. After hearing Eugene Peterson’s retraction about same-sex marriage upon receiving hard and heavy pushback from the Christian publishing industry, I wanted to say this while it was fresh: The Christian machine is alive and well and has tried to gobble many of us up. The Christian machine has catalyzed many of us into a… Read more

Faith Shift Quiz – What’s Your Score?

As you consider your faith journey at the moment, where you’ve been and where you find yourself now, which of these apply to you? Keep your score—how many did you get out of 20?  What would you add to this quiz?  What describes you right now?  I used to love engaging with the Bible and now I have no idea quite what to do with it. I often have a strong allergic reaction to certain Christian words and phrases. I… Read more

Welcome to Faith Shift: A Short Video Introduction

Welcome to Faith Shift: Hope and Healing for Spiritual Refugees, Church Burnouts, and Freedom Seekers! I hope that this space can be a light in the darkness, a safe space to gain courage and wisdom, and a place for kindred spirits who are finding their way forward after everything they believe is coming apart. Here’s a short video introduction to this blog, me, and the hope for this space. The bullet points: I’m glad you are here! This space is… Read more

When You Want to Skip July 4th This Year

Tomorrow is July 4th, celebrating the birthday of the USA and our fight for freedom. It’s a day filled with American flags and barbeques and fireworks. It’s a day I usually like to celebrate. I love the USA and have always been proud to be an American. Now, my language is different—I used to be more proud to be an American than I am today. The election of Donald Trump and this administration has called so many things into question,… Read more