What Makes Your Story Worth Telling

What Makes Your Story Worth Telling April 23, 2015

Do you want your life to matter?  I do. I suspect you do too.

But it won’t happen by accident. Living a story worth telling, one that gets talked about not only in this temporary life but the lasting life to come, requires intentional effort.


And it’s not easy. Nothing worth doing ever is. But comfort can never achieve what courage dares to try. [Tweet this!]

We say we want adventure, but we run from risk. We say we want a faith that moves mountains, but we cower inside our churches. We say we want to do something of lasting significance, but we hang out in God’s gym on the treadmills with all the other scared Christians instead of hitting the trial and facing the uncertainty of head on. But at least we all look stylish in our matching outfits.

The best stories go to those who are willing to do what they believe to be true, often in spite of what they see, sense, of feel.

In other words, the best stories get written by our faith.

I used to think I knew what it meant to live by faith – until I actually had to do it.

I’d served as a church elder, pastored for a few years, led a thriving Christian school in Northeast Ohio, and taught biblical worldview and Christian living principles for over a decade.

But my understanding of faith changed dramatically when God called me to step away from that seemingly safe and secure setting to write, teach, and influence others to discover a deeper, more authentic faith.

Suddenly, we were out of the boat and in a place where we had to trust God to live–and loving it! Well, most days we were loving it. We had six kids and no income for almost a year. We sold our house to move to Atlanta with little certainty about how we would get there.

The journey tested our faith in ways we never imagined possible. But we made it to the other side.

Now I write for living and help other people live a more authentic life with abundant faith.  Because faith, rightly focused is what will make your story worth telling.

An Invitation to Begin an Adventure

If you share my passion for making your life matter, for seeing your story resonate throughout eternity, I’d like to invite you to get off the treadmill and onto the trail.

I’d like to give you a resource to help make your story matter.

My new book A Story Worth Telling: Your Field Guide to Living an Authentic Life released from Abingdon Press on May 19, 2015. But I’d like to give you a chapter for free – and tell you how to get FREE faith-building resources valued at $284!

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