Tomorrow Is The Big Day

Tomorrow Is The Big Day July 17, 2017


Not a ton to report today. Much of the day was spent remedying a few kitchen fiascos, but I’m happy to report that all is settled now and I should be good for the remainder of the trip. If not, I’ll blame TSA.

After the kitchen was in order and I crashed for a nap, we drove to the Cleveland Clinic so we would know what we are doing in the morning. Good thing we did, as there was a detour that may have messed us up. Now we know how to detour. Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the big day, as my appointment is at 12:30, EST. Would appreciate your prayers at that time or any time.

I stand by the claim that Cleveland is a little shady, but only in some parts. Other parts are really beautiful, and some of the houses here are stunning. The grass is green, even in July, and the weather is so pleasant. This time of year, of course. If it was December, I’m sure I’d think otherwise.

I saw a salon called Patsy’s Salon, and I thought it said Palsy’s Salon and noted I probably wouldn’t want to get my hair cut at Palsy’s. Also, not too far from the Cleveland Clinic is a gorgeous graveyard, so if the surgery goes poorly ……

Haha!! (Blue humor.)

We also drove by Parkside Church today, where Alastair Begg pastors. It’s very close to where we are staying. We will not be here during a service (boo!), but they do have a bookstore I am hoping to visit if we get some time (please, Lord!). We make a lot of Alistair jokes, like how he would be so pleased if we just showed up on his doorstep for dinner and bragged about how Shaun has a family castle in Scotland. *snort

Am still struggling with that migraine, so please pray it goes away for the appointment tomorrow, which they say lasts about four hours. Ugh!

Love to all my homies and whoever else is reading. No idea why any of you want to hear about this stuff, but maybe I’ll actually have some news tomorrow. Or the next day, depending on when I can find me some time to write. Will do so ASAP. Promise!

Until next time … toodle-oo!



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