Adam and Eve’s Excuses

  Linking up with Five Minute Friday today, and the word for this week is Excuse. I have five minutes to write, so here goes: When I think of people making excuses, my mind always goes back to … not me, of course (hashtag kidding). But to Genesis, and in particular, Adam and Eve. Ironically, I discussed this in my recent post about mass shootings in America. Still, it seems it’s always a good time to write about it, because it… Read more

Romancing the Sprain

Sometimes life lays you flat, which allows you to, well, lay around and dream about how things might have been. Here’s a romantic version of how I would have preferred last week go down – and a real life version, for good measure, if you’re bored enough to read. Romantic version: Fall days in Colorado can sometimes be described as sunny and pleasant, crisp and refreshing. It was just such a day when Brenda, having been cooped up for weeks… Read more

The Real Problem Behind Mass Shootings in America

Sad. Unnerved. Hyper-alert. Angry. Fearful. That’s what I felt after hearing about the Wal-Mart shooting in Colorado and the church shooting in Texas. Bam, bam. One shooting took place right after the other. I was hardly able to catch my breath from the Las Vegas shooting before the Wal-Mart shooting took place. Then I was hardly able to catch my breath from the Wal-Mart shooting before the Texas shooting took place. When I stepped into Wal-Mart earlier this week, I… Read more

A Mother’s Work and Reward

Feminism lies and says men’s work is superior, and therefore, all men view themselves as superior. Read more

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween or Reformation Day?

Americans will do anything, it seems, to distract from the reality of their spiritual condition by making life fun. Read more

When You Just Need A Whiskey

  Nobody freak out. I haven’t reached for the whiskey bottle. There isn’t even a whiskey bottle in my house I could reach for because I much prefer vodka. I kid! Whiskey is my neighbor’s dog, who is a mix between a Lab and a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Though he puts out vibes of being Mr. Guard Dog, he revealed a side of himself last week when I was visiting with the aforementioned neighbor that made me want to take him… Read more

Why I Haven’t Participated in #MeToo

I’ve made a decision not to participate in the #MeToo hashtag craze. In no way do I condemn those who have participated. Read more

Getting Back to Truth and Respect in America

“We made a person who admitted sexual assault president.” As you probably know, those words were uttered by Hillary Clinton, not long after Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was exposed for decades of womanizing and sexual assault. Spoken like a woman who is as bitter as wormwood, Hillary is intent on never letting go of the fact that she lost the election. She desires to take President Trump down, and lying is just one of the ways she is attempting to… Read more

Notes on New and Newly Resurrected Grief

Thank goodness for Facebook, otherwise I’d never be able to meddle in other people’s lives like I do. Of course, the information is voluntary if posted online, and therefore, I at least feel I’ve been invited to meddle. So there’s that. It’s been an emotional week for a few of my friends. My best friend growing up was adopted, see, but she has recently found some of her long lost family members. It’s been a long, grueling process for her,… Read more

Notes From The Sickbed

1. I am no longer quarantined, as what I’m suffering from today isn’t contagious. But I am rather laid up after a near fainting spell during my IV. I could tell I was very depleted when I went to the doc’s office this morning, and my body didn’t make the adjustment very well. That is, the adjustment it takes to process the IV contents. Shaun says that during these near fainting episodes, I look as though I’m going into shock,… Read more

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