Disney, The Shack, Gorsuch, Job, Lincoln, and Me

Well the kitchen sink is leaking, and that’s just the start of the troubles I’ve seen in the last week. So to make things easy, let’s have a “random thoughts about current events” post. 1. Dumping Disney? Boycotts drive me a little bit crazy. The way I’ve always approached movie going is that if I [Read More…]

The Micah 6:8 Option

  So you’ve probably heard a lot of talk about a book entitled The Benedict Option. Every time I scroll Facebook, there are a few articles written by great Christian thinkers about an apparently great Christian thinker who has bundled his great thoughts into a good looking book with that snazzy title. I sometimes think [Read More…]

Annotations From the IV Room: To Be Human Is To Be Mistaken

  Today, the IV room holds me, one other gal who we will fictitiously call Dana, and one older man who we will (also fictitiously) call Kelvin. And the nurse, of course, who shall remain nameless. The lesson of the day seems to be that humans can easily be mistaken, even medical professionals. Kelvin has [Read More…]

In Memory of Leslie O’Hanen

I don’t recall my exact age when Leslie and I became bosom buddies. Somewhere in the vicinity of thirteen? We attended the same Christian school, which her Mom enrolled her in for the sake of ” hopefully doing her some good.” She was younger than me, but had the more dominant personality. She was also [Read More…]

Womanhood, To Me

    In observance of International Women’s Day yesterday, I want to pipe up and acknowledge that I have some pretty great men in my life. One, in particular, would give me an entire day off all for the asking, which in turn, causes me to never want to ask for it. Gosh, maybe that’s [Read More…]

Finding Identity and Purpose in Christ

Sometimes you can’t see yourself clearly until you see yourself through the eyes of others. ~Ellen DeGeneres Critiquing Ellen or anyone in particular is not something I set out to do. But I do run across quotes at times that haunt me, whether in a good or bad way, and the end result is usually [Read More…]

Why Felix Culpa?

      By now, you may be wondering who Felix is and why he’s culpable. Or maybe you’re wondering why I’m suddenly speaking Latin. Or why I’d change my blog name from The Broken Quill to Felix Culpa. I don’t know how many years I wrote at The Broken Quill. It was many. Maybe [Read More…]

An Exciting Writing Announcement!

  When I was a little girl, if a friend told me a secret, I thought I was pretty special. If I got to hear it first, I was even more special. And if I was the only one privy to the secret, I was super-duper special. Little girls are funny that way. It’s like [Read More…]

Adulting on Valentines Day

When I was a kid, I loved Valentine’s Day. My Mom would always save the shoe boxes that came with our new school shoes, so that when February 14th rolled around, we could convert them into containers that served as Valentine card and candy holders. I remember gluing paper heart doilies, hearts made out of [Read More…]

A Commentary on Political Commentary

When it was pre-election season, I put up with all the political posts on my Facebook feed. Though they contained enough vitriol to blow up my phone, I thought the conversations were necessary. So I joined in some, and looked forward to the day when family and friends’ posts of good news and cuteness were [Read More…]