The Need for Self-Examination After Charlottesville

Barnabas Piper updated his Facebook status the other day with this: “God, I thank you I’m not like that tax collector,” prayed the Pharisee. Be careful lest we take the same tone toward white supremacists.  Keep that in the back of your mind, and fast forward to about an hour ago, when I went out to my car carrying two trash bags. One for trash. The other for items that needed to be brought in the house and put away… Read more

The Importance of Teaching Our Children What God Has Said

I wouldn’t consider myself to have been an exceptionally inquisitive child, but I was known to occasionall ask my Mom the age old question all children love to ask: Why? Why do I have to clean my room? Why study a subject I’ll never use in life? Why make my bed every day? Why do I have to memorize John 1? Many times, the answer was “because I said so.” Or because “the teacher said so.” Granted, for a while,… Read more

Somebody Get That Girl A Sandwich!

Now, the doctor didn’t say those exact words. Some guy on Captain America did, only Captain America wasn’t a girl. Point is … “Get that girl a sandwich” sums up Dr. Wilkoff’s advice. Let me explain: Biggest news is that I’m not having heart surgery (!!!!), because: ONE: There are lots of features on my pacemaker. So far, two of those features don’t bode well with my situation. One feature has already been tweaked back home, which improves some of… Read more

Tomorrow Is The Big Day

Not a ton to report today. Much of the day was spent remedying a few kitchen fiascos, but I’m happy to report that all is settled now and I should be good for the remainder of the trip. If not, I’ll blame TSA. After the kitchen was in order and I crashed for a nap, we drove to the Cleveland Clinic so we would know what we are doing in the morning. Good thing we did, as there was a… Read more

The Joys of TSA

Just a few thoughts before we land into Cleveland in about 40 minutes. I’m sandwiched in between a stranger and Shaun. I am not a fan of middle seats. Or airports. Or airplanes, if I am in them. And especially not TSA. Every time I fly, I must talk to myself about giving grace to the poor TSA employees who probably take enough flack on their job to kill a …. I dunno, worm or something. They work hard, you… Read more

The Fiery Trial That Tries Us

Why did God allow my child to die? Why did I get in a car wreck? Why don’t we make enough money to pay the bills? Read more

Needed: A Light Unto My Path

  Three blog posts have been written in the past week by yours truly. All of them skirted around the heavy issues on my heart, because frankly, I’ve not wanted to discuss what’s on or in my heart. Truth is, I don’t want to go to Cleveland. There are as many reason for my hesitancy as there are grains of sand (drama, drama, drama). But the biggest reason is that if my doctor’s here are correct in saying I will… Read more

The Ways I Grieve the Loss of You, Dad

I laugh. Not because it’s funny you left us, but because laughter is indeed good medicine. Read more

Cleveland Update: An Invitation to Pray

  As I write, Shaun is upstairs purchasing airline tickets for our trip to Cleveland. I don’t believe in online announcements of exact departure dates, because … robbers and murderers. But at any rate, do stay tuned. I’ll be posting updates as my appointments take place and we find out more about what the doctor thinks, when/if I have heart surgery, etc. But for now, I thought it might be helpful to those who have messaged me to say they are… Read more

What I’m Learning After Losing a Parent

I’m learning there are a lot of questions that come up when your Dad dies. Read more