First, a confession: I’ve not watched the entire royal wedding. I’ve seen Meghan’s dress, Harry’s getup, and many pictures of the family and wedding party. I’ve also seen video clips here and there, as they come across my Facebook feed. So I don’t have anything to say about the sermon or the vows, both of which I’ve heard various opinions about.  We are full of opinions, aren’t we? It’s humorous that millions upon millions of people watched the Royal Wedding,… Read more

  Psalm 1 is often my go to piece of Scripture. I tend to flip the pages to its six verses not only when I’m being fickle about which Scripture to read before bed, but when I’m clueless about life – when I don’t know what the next right step is, or if I have anxiety as to where any next step might lead me in the future. So much about the Christian life seems to be trying to figure… Read more

  Books, books, books are on my mind this week. Here’s why: I read Kind Is The New Classy, by Candace Cameron Bure with my daughter. Her message that the world needs more (so much more!) kindness is rock solid truth. She quotes Scripture throughout to back up her point, which, for someone in Hollywood was brave. My only beef was that the middle of the book was a lot more about Candace’s life than anything, and I walked away… Read more

  As of about a week ago, I’m no longer “washing that grey right out of my hair.” I’ve been dyeing it for about four or five years, I think. If I remember right. So I’ve no idea what’s really under all the Miss Clairol chemicals with which I’ve been anointing my head. The reason I started dyeing it was that it turned grey – white, really – on just my bangs, and it therefore looked like a large pigeon flew… Read more

  Is not the entire nation bummed about Bill Cosby today? Now that I’m in my late forties (almost), I don’t keep up with pop culture much. I don’t have modern day actors and actresses I adore, look up to, or idolize. But back in the 80’s, when I was growing up, Bill Cosby was just about every teenager’s idol and … uhhh, I guess we’ll call it substitute dad. Some of us were being raised by good fathers, but… Read more

  Remember when the Apostle Paul talked to the church in Corinth about jealousy and strife? He was discussing division in the church, of course. But I think a similar thing happens with women regarding careers versus staying at home to raise a family. I’ve been a wife and mother since 1990. Since 1989 if you include my first pregnancy, which I do. I’ve been a grandmother since 2012. I was married at seventeen, to which some people said “It… Read more

Before June, I’m hoping some decent weather will hit, but it’s clearly not happening this week. Today was pleasant, but all week it’s been a roller coaster of either too dry, too cold, or Wyoming-windy. A few days ago, I decided the front yard could no longer have the appearance of the county landfill, so I took a few minutes to clean up everything the Puppy snuck outside and demolished – pool noodles, paper plates, socks. Also, I needed to… Read more

As you’ve probably heard, former First Lady Barbara Bush passed away this week. The Reagan, Bush, and Clinton families were all a part of my childhood and young adulthood. I come from a political family, meaning my parents and grandparents sat around for hours, very often long past midnight, discussing political agendas, history, and how it all worked in conjunction with the Bible – particularly the book of Revelation. So although my Dad served as mayor in the town I… Read more

  One moment, por favor, and I will get to Reckless Love. But first … A friend of mine recently bemoaned the saying “God will never give you more than you can handle.” I think the saying is worthy of a second thought. I doubt Noah felt capable of building an ark. I doubt Esther felt bold enough to storm the castle and confront the king. Even Jesus felt the load of His coming crucifixion was too heavy and pleaded… Read more

  When you’re going through Hell, keep going. ~Winston Churchill Did Churchill really say that? Some say no, some say yes. Certainly sounds like something the old curmudgeon would say, but that’s all beside the point today. Today’s point, in part, is: I’m still going! The infection I mentioned in my last blog has indeed turned out to not be an infection, and Shaun will have surgery Monday morning. It’s not a terribly invasive surgery, but he’ll be put under… Read more

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