Dance of the Cod Fish, Bizarre Happenings, and Bunny Longings

Are you ready to hear that story I promised about fainting? And a few other stories? 1. It’s not exactly a fainting story, as I didn’t exactly faint. But I did come close in Wal-Mart a few weeks ago. Typically, if I faint or nearly faint, it’s at Target or King Soopers. Although, there was [Read More…]

Resting, Reading, Waiting, Worrying, and Working: A Few Untold Stories

Wasn’t it Maya Angelou who said there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story? And could an “untold story” be the same as a Facebook status never shared? Because since I’ve been trying to restrict my Facebook usage, I’ve got a bunch of statuses, aka micro stories, all collecting in my head, creating cerebral [Read More…]

The Literal Place of Hell

  It figures that as soon as I finish writing a blog that preached a paragraph or two of hell, a massive explosion would erupt in a nearby neighborhood. A woman was airlifted to the hospital. Two men are dead. Their bodies (at this writing) have not been recovered. A juvenile escaped from a window, [Read More…]

The Groaning of Nature Will Not Last Forever

  On a typical day at Orchard House, we get some pretty powerful sun rays streaming in our living room windows. I like them. They help pay my heat bills. When Spring arrives, though, we don’t need quite so much natural heat. By late evening, I often feel smothered by high temperatures and thick air. [Read More…]

When ‘Like A Thief In The Night’ Hits Home

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to experience a thief in the night. Unfortunately, that mystery is no longer a mystery. Last weekend, two thugs decided to don black beanies and scout out Orchard House. Well, they did more than scout. And thankfully, they were loud and dumb about it, like most burglars. [Read More…]

The Feminist Quest for Fairness

  One persistent argument in response to my blog on Mike Pence was that the VP is not exercising fairness to women by refusing to dine with any woman other than his wife. It kinda kills me that this is even a discussion when, in Syria, where things truly aren’t fair, a man lost over twenty [Read More…]

The Art of Choosing Battles in Marriage

  On my bathroom counter, there’s a toothbrush holder (boy, I really know how to draw a reader in, eh?). It holds two purple toothbrushes. One is mine. One is Shaun’s. Please do not mock Shaun for the feminine color. We buy packs of toothbrushes and whatever color is left is whatever color you get. [Read More…]

The Proper Christian Response to Mike Pence’s Safeguards

Even though I’ve dwindled down my Facebook time to almost nothing, it’s easy to see folks have been in a bit of a frenzy concerning Mike Pence and his practical application of how best to love and be faithful to his wife. When I say “folks”, I am speaking of all folks, Christian and not [Read More…]

The Face A Book Challenge

  In an attempt to move my Mom around a bit this week, I’ve had to do some moving of my own. The move entailed hauling my desk downstairs (thank you to my sons-in-law for helping!), as well as a lot of books, and mucking out some boxes that had been moved in from the [Read More…]

The Impossibility of Pleasing God Without Faith

I’ve been cozying up to Romans in my daily Bible reading, and I’m happy to report that I am snug as a bug there. I think a child of God, no matter how mature, could stay in Romans for an entire lifespan and never assimilate it all. It’s complicated, rich, puzzling, and convicting – and [Read More…]