When Trump Was A Democrat

When Trump Was A Democrat February 6, 2020


Donald Trump was once a Democrat. He was also an Independent. In chronological order, since 1987, he has been registered Republican, Independent, then Democrat, back to Republican, back to Independent, and then back to Republican.

Whatever sparked the change in registrations, we may never know. But one thing is clear: he hasn’t always been a Republican – and he may, to this day, not be a Republican. Yes, he won the 2016 election as a Republican. But though his policies largely reflect conservative views, his spending is largely Democratic in nature. He spends money like a person accustomed to having money, while America remains in debt up to her eyeballs, unfortunately.

But back to what he was versus what (and who) he is now. At some point in Donald Trump’s life, it would appear he had a heart change, and that change leveled him out, made him more succinct in the direction he was headed. It used to be that he hung with the likes of Hillary Clinton and Harvey Weinstein. He was Hollywood. He was a Playboy. He was unfaithful to his wife, and thereby his family. In many ways, the guy was a scoundrel.

Then you look at the last ten to thirteen years (thereabouts) prior to his election. It would seem there’s a lack of dirt to be found during that time period, and then a year or so before he was elected, he came out as a staunch Republican who loves his family, his wife, America and her traditional values, which, like it or not, are Judeo-Christian in nature.

So what changed?

What made Donald Trump who he is today, and why, after flailing around not knowing entirely who he was in the political sense has be come out of the woodwork as a Republican with a love of family values, Christian values, and conservative viewpoints?

One rumor floating around is that at some point, and not that long ago, President Trump accepted Christ as his Savior. If true, that would certainly account for a turn-around. When a person converts to Christianity by confessing their sins, and relying on Christ to save them from eternal damnation, their beliefs, and therefore their demeanor and actions (eventually) change. Some change quicker than others. Every Christian’s sanctification process is different. Some seem to almost completely change overnight and never look back. For others, the change to Christ-likeness is as slow as a sloth, and painful. They meander along, trip, then fall and bust their face and expose their pride. Then by the grace of God, they get up walk some more, one step forward, one back, two forward, one back. Sanctification, the process of one becoming more like Christ, is a process that at times is fast moving, and at other times, feels like drudgery that can be so discouraging and slow one wonders if they were ever truly converted.

So for drill, let’s say the rumors are indeed true and President Trump became a Christian somewhere between five and ten years ago. My question then, mainly directed at other Christians against Trump would be … why are you tearing down a man who is in large part on your side? Is it because at one time, he was a dreadful sinner who had no problem flaunting his sin, enjoying his sin, and bringing others into sin with him? Is it because he doesn’t talk as eloquently and kindly as your Pastor? Is it because he cheated on his wife? Is divorced? Is it because he’s filthy rich and you’re struggling to make ends meet? Is it because he’s pals with Paula White, and your understanding is that Paula is a fraud, a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Are you embarrassed that anyone who claims to be on the side of Christianity and conservatism could do so whilst being so crass, blunt, and willing to call a spade a spade?

Can we stop one second and look at where we were under Obama’s presidency?

Well! At least Obama was the husband of one wife and had his children under control (just like my Pastor!). 

True, true. Or at least it appeared that way on the surface. But look at his policies and practices. Perfectly fine with killing babies – with your tax money. Even full term babies. When the Supreme Court stepped out of their legal rights and made gay marriage legal, he celebrated it in a way that was a direct affront to God and His people. Applauded transgenderism and biological boys using the same bathroom as your little girl at school, which then had a domino effect and became acceptable in many public restrooms across the country. Made America unsafe by refusing to call radical Islam and terrorism what it was, even when it happened on our own soil. Never failed to blame the criticism of others toward himself on racism. Resurrected racism and fueled division. Encouraged a total lack of respect for law enforcement. Blamed guns rather than shooters for mass shootings, as an excuse to (eventually) disarm and disable you from protecting your own. Devalued free speech by forcing “political correctness” on the entire country.

I could go on. But my main question here is: why are Christians fighting a man who is standing up for Life, defending (at least by example) the union of man and woman, not man and man, woman and woman. No, Trump hasn’t done anything by way of making gay marriage illegal, but perhaps handing out marriage licenses aren’t a function the government should be involved in anyway. Remove the need for a license, silence the fight that centers around gay marriage. Additionally, why are Christians fighting a man who has largely defunded Planned Parenthood, built up our military and military personnel by appreciating and honoring them, fought terrorism with decisiveness – and force, when absolutely needed. Surprise! No nuking of other countries or the start of huge World Wars that so many claimed would take place under his leadership. African-American unemployment is low, low, low (odd thing for a racist man to accomplish, right?). He’s battling the opioid crisis. He’s pro-coal. A friend of Israel. He’s keeping out illegal aliens while encouraging legal immigration. He wants prayer and Bibles to be acceptable in our schools.

Again, I could go on.

If you do not see that much evil has been stamped out since Trump took office, you are either blinded by hate, by ungodly piety that says a man who sinned as deeply as Trump could never do a work of God, or you are … well, Democrat. Or socialist Democrat. Or unashamedly socialist. Or communist. Fact is, Trump has accomplished good. He continues to stand up for truth, freedom, and opportunity. And if we as Christians are so disgusted by his language or his past sins, then I fear we aren’t understanding the Gospel at all.

Honestly, I see this in churches all the time. Christians often prefer their “fish” to be clean before they catch them. They want non-Christians to come to church, sure, but only if they’re dressed right, smooth and kind talking, courteous, sober, preferably successful in their business endeavors, generous, either single and still a virgin or married to only one person, and on and on the list goes of righteous (or perceived righteous) behaviors.

We want you to become a Christian, but could you please act just like Jesus first? We will be more comfortable if you do. 

We want our country better, but could it please happen via a man who acts just like Jesus? It will be more “God-honoring.”

And we wonder why the world thinks we are stuck up hypocrites.

I can’t say with any certainty whether Donald Trump is a Republican, Democrat, Independent, heathen, or Christian. My gut feeling is that he’s an Independent, baby Christian, but I say that without any proof whatsoever. Either way, Trump ran as a Republican, and it would seem that this is due to two things:

First, his (possible) growing Christian worldview.

Second, his disdain for the current Democratic party.

Democrats have essentially gone politically insane by hating America, her values, her prosperity, and her influence around the world. And that is what Trump is (rightly) reeling against.

With Trump in office, life is being cherished. God is being lifted up, as well as the fact that men and women are made in His image. And everything previously mentioned above. He is not tearing down our country, but lifting it up by loving it, flaws and all. Those who think a man who doesn’t look or act as good as a mature Christian (aka, clean fish!) should not be in political office need to take note. For it is often the ones who are new at something who do it best. Who understand the true battle from the perceived battle. Who have the most passion to make things right, do right, and be right.

Self-righteousness is blinding. And to say that Trump shouldn’t be in office because he’s deeply flawed is to say that we do not know enough of God’s grace and mercy. The truth is, we are all deeply flawed, sinful, depraved human being … yet we all have an office. The office of homemaking, mothering, fathering, caregiving, policing, nursing, machining, politicizing, pastoring, writing, publishing, cleaning, bookkeeping, teaching, and many many more that require leadership and good character, but are nevertheless performed by imperfect people.

It’s time for Christians to consider the possibility that somewhere along the way, Trump had a change of heart. That he is now “a man after God’s own heart”, as was the adulterer and murderer King David.

Though Trump be deeply flawed, Christians should build him up rather than tear him down. Pray for him, rather than fling insults at him. Accept him, rather than endlessly rebuke his past.


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