September 27, 2018

Sometimes, it’s easier said than done to take a respite from Orchard House. I don’t travel well, the only foods I can eat don’t travel too well, and with all the responsibilities we have at home or near home, we find staying around is often easier than trying to take a break. But when we do manage a vacay, we are better off for it. Yesterday, we went antelope hunting, which took us you know where …. Home, home on… Read more

September 25, 2018

  My husband and I celebrated twenty-nine years of marriage this week. He has always been the breadwinner. I’ve always been the wife and mom who (sometimes) stays home. When I was very young, my goals included those two things: get married, have a family. Even for my day, I was pretty old-fashioned. Today, I suppose I’m even more antiquated in my ways, depending on what tribe you hang with and talk to most. It’s rare to find women who… Read more

September 21, 2018

  If there’s anything I’ve learned about relationships, it’s that there’s always two sides to a story. The relationship, whatever it may have been, between Kavanaugh and Ford is no exception. She claims he sexually assaulted her. He claims he didn’t. What is unnerving is that that’s as far as the facts go, thus far. Christine Blasey Ford cannot remember the date, the time, or the place of the alleged sexual assault. But in going public with the accusation, she… Read more

September 18, 2018

I just finished reading The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, by John Boyne. I saw the movie a few years back, which I now know stays very true to the book. I’d highly recommend both to you. Not because I love the story, but because everyone needs to be reminded from time to time that we as a human race are capable of doing the worst possible injustices to man, woman, and child. The boy in the striped pajamas is… Read more

September 13, 2018

Florence. That sounds like the name of someone’s Grandma, not an impending, potentially destructive hurricane. Wait, Florence actually is the name of a Grandma. My Great Grandma, to be exact. Very kind lady, she was. Funny, too, without even trying to be. She’d do silly things like take her false teeth out in church and lay them in her lap. Or take her shoes off and set them under the pew in front of her, revealing to all in her… Read more

September 11, 2018

  Like most Americans, I recall exactly where I was on September 11, 2001. I had just gotten out of bed, and the doorbell rang. When I answered, I found my neighbor on the doorstep, asking if I had seen the news. “No,” I said. “What’s up?” “Just turn it on,” he said. “You’ll find out.” And with that, he was gone. I switched on the television to see the airplane crash into the first tower. Like everyone else, I… Read more

September 6, 2018

  Have you seen the new Nike commercial with Colin Kaepernick? I didn’t think it was horrible, for what it was. However, I confess to being unclear on what it was, exactly, other than Nike’s ploy to make millions of dollars. I mean, it’s not hard to figure out that Nike is trying to capitalize on the Kaepernick saga. What’s hard to figure out is what Colin Kaepernick is trying to accomplish. His mission has always been fuzzy. What people… Read more

August 30, 2018

  When Shaun and I were newly engaged, we were visiting his Aunt and Uncle’s house. His Uncle was a high school counselor, and so, as we sat around chatting, he took the liberty to ask me whether I had any plans to attend  college once I had finished high school. Without hesitation, I said, “Nope.” “Not even a little bit interested, huh?” “Not really.” I smiled and he smiled and said, “Okay, then.” A little expansion on the “nope”… Read more

August 28, 2018

  Our Pastor makes it a point to read about Christian martyrs of the past and present. Partly because Christians are to pray for the persecuted, and partly to orient his own heart toward thanksgiving. I admit it is difficult for me to read about martyrs. I remember seeing the book Tortured for Christ on my Grandpa’s bookshelf as a young girl. On the front cover was a bony hand and wrist, with an iron chain strapped around the wrist,… Read more

August 21, 2018

Last week, Christopher Watts allegedly killed his wife, two daughters, and unborn son in Frederick, Colorado. First they “disappeared”, and Chris went on camera saying he didn’t know where they were, and many other lies that sent chills down the spines of listeners. A few days after they were reported missing, Christopher then confessed to the killings. People often wonder what goes on in the mind of a father and husband who would commit such heinous crimes. They wonder who… Read more

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