Side by Side

Side by Side February 25, 2013

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Experience opens us to humility and humility opens us to compassion, which means to suffer with, to keep company with, to be with. Nothing can as strong and soft at the same time as compassion.


Side by Side

Until we trip, we don’t understand

why it takes so long to get up. Until

we lose our way, we have no patience

for indecision. Eventually, we land

so close to the shallow breathing of

another that it doesn’t matter where

we’re from or where we’re going, if

we’re living like a waterfall or asleep

with our eyes open. The only thing

that matters is the hand we offer and

the assurance that everything will be

alright, though we really don’t know.


A Question to Walk With: Describe some situation or feeling you had no patience for, and describe how experiencing that situation or feeling has changed your regard for others.

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