Turn Around

Turn Around April 21, 2014


It was in a dream in my sixtieth year that I realized that for all my efforts to protect my inwardness from a brutal world, my inwardness is the source of my strength and resilience.

Turn Around

I’ve spent too much time

protecting my spirit from the

world, close but with my back

to it. Now, when I’m too old to

remember what I was afraid of,

my spirit rises behind me like

early light to move the dark

along. Its warmth turns me


Facing my soul, its aliveness

is unending. It can take the

shape of anything. I can drink

from it like a lake. Its waves can

rise and turn into birds. Stars

drop into it and I can drink

their light. Bowing to it, it

mirrors the face below my


I’ve had it backwards. My

soul protects me, the way the

sun without moving causes

every thing to grow.

A Question to Walk With: What is the nature of your conversation with your soul?

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  • Ofelia Leon

    Oh Mark, I thought I was alone in my universe until I read few of your poems. Thank you.