Relic from the Future

Relic from the Future May 26, 2015


The questions we ask of life and ourselves are archetypal, regardless of the gadgets we invent.



Questions found on an antique cell phone

discovered in 2086 in the ruins of an airport

when people traveled by plane: What if I let

love in all the way? Why am I always leaving?

What is it that stirs me about being caught?

Though I never wanted safe, why have I settled

for safe? Why do I keep running, when I have

no interest in moving? How do I say yes more

often? How do I stop reliving the past? How can

I learn to use my freedom? Having lived most of

my life in fear of what’s coming, how can I find

meaning where I am? How can I stop playing

small? How can I put down the upset of not

getting what I want? How can I better see the

unseen? How can I die to old ways of being?

How can I let what wants to be born in me

have its way? Now that I’ve been helped,

how can I find the strength to help others?

Just what is my work? And what will it

take to taste the honey?

A Question to Walk With: In conversation with a friend or loved one, surface and ask one question that no one can answer. Drift in this unanswerable space for a while together.

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