February 7, 2024

Recently I was shocked to read an email my parents forwarded me: a pastoral letter from Chip Edgar, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of South Carolina, addressing a kerfuffle at this year’s Mere Anglicanism conference. Edgar’s response essentially amounted to a takedown of the patriarchy, and I was inwardly fist-pumping. The context for his email was an explosion of prejudice from Rev. Calvin Robinson, a speaker at January’s Mere Anglicanism conference, a leading conference within the Anglican Diocese of North... Read more

December 26, 2023

For Advent this year, the children’s ministry at my church, The Falls Church Anglican, had the brilliant idea to create Advent calendars with names of Jesus for each day of the month. When my oldest daughter, who is six, read the name for day 21, she came running to me. “Mommy, what does ‘Son of Man’ mean?” You see, she thought Jesus was the Son of God, so how could he also be the Son of Man? I explained that... Read more

December 4, 2023

Is there such a thing as Christian feminism? I’ve been asked by a couple of readers to delve a bit more into how feminism does (and does not) cohere with Christian principles, as my blog has an unapologetically feminist bent. It’s a fair ask, but rather than comparing/contrasting Christian/feminist perspectives on hot-button social issues, I want to frame my response in terms of perspectives, as I’m fond of doing. What’s Your Feminist Lens? How favorably you view feminism as a... Read more

October 26, 2023

VIRTUE Online? When is it ever OK for Christians to mock and belittle other Christians? Out of curiosity, I Googled myself the other day and found, much to my amazement, the following article on Virtue Online, titled in all caps: “TALLEY CROSS: ANOTHER RAVING FEMINIST.” My initial thought – honestly! – was that I’d love a t-shirt with those words and a giant cross in the background. The article, by Alice C. Linsley, was published as an “Exclusive Report” by... Read more

September 19, 2023

Looking back over the past year, it’s hard to imagine a blank space in place of the 15 posts here. None is perfect, but all are special to me. They are canvasses onto which I have poured out my soul, intellect, and imagination pondering the things of God; they have been catalysts for spiritual formation – mine, hopefully others’ – and productive engagement. Blogging (mostly) on the patriarchy has been a burden and a blessing: the burden and blessing of... Read more

July 24, 2023

I know the premise may sound crazy – gender role theology as a slippery slope to LGBTQ+?!? – but bear with me, and I’ll try not to disappoint. In evangelical patriarchy/hierarchalism/complementarianism, it is often assumed that gender role equality in the church is a slippery slope to acceptance of LGBTQ+ ideology. The argument goes something like this: when a woman exercises spiritual authority over men in a church, she rejects her divinely-ordained sexual nature as man’s subordinate. This permissiveness paves... Read more

July 1, 2023

No matter how independent you are, if you have a spouse or partner, don’t you depend on them in some way? Is that a strange feeling for you? Maybe you’re experiencing what it’s like to cleave. I take the word cleave from Gen. 2:24, which describes how a man leaves his parents and unites to his wife so that they become one flesh. The basis of this one-flesh union is God’s creation of humankind, in which he separated woman from... Read more

June 26, 2023

Why did Jesus choose Mary Magdalene to be the first preacher of the Gospel, the “good news” of his resurrection? Shouldn’t he have chosen either Peter – “the rock” (Matt 16:18) – or John, who both ran eagerly to his tomb (John 20:3)? Much has been made of the fact that a woman’s witness at the time would have counted very little, which conversely makes the resurrection story more believable; if Jesus’ followers had been trying to fake his resurrection,... Read more

May 30, 2023

At the recent 2023 Global Anglican Futures Convention (GAFCon), Anglican clergy from around the world decried the Anglican Communion’s acceptance of LGBTQ+ practices as denigrating the authority of Scripture. Yet GAFCon’s censure of other Anglicans for dismissing Scripture seems absurd when you consider that GAFCon is dominated by male clergy, many of whom abuse Scripture to justify excluding women from clerical leadership. In fact, GAFCon’s 2019 report on Women in the Episcopate sanctions male supremacy by advising against the consecration... Read more

April 10, 2023

Although I grew up in the evangelical church, I don’t recall ever being presented with a robust theology of sex. In my church, sex just wasn’t discussed, although the unspoken assumption seems to have been that premarital sex is always sinful. Before I go any further, a caveat: this post is not didactic. I’m exploring an important topic that I feel is poorly examined by my fellow evangelicals, rather than taking a stand. My own view on these matters is... Read more

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