Questions, Please!

Questions, Please! January 12, 2014

What questions would you ask someone who is leaving Christianity for another faith?

Here are some I’ve gotten:

1) WHY?
2) What did your parents think/say/do?
3) How long does it take to convert to Judaism?
4) Are you allowed to have short hair/color your hair as a Jew?
5) From a friend, “What do you see as the point of religion? Is there justification within Judaism? What are you striving for? Is the goal to gain Heaven? Is there understanding that your own sinfulness requires atonement as is described in the Old Testament? If so, how is atonement acquired?”
6) Do you still believe that the Messiah is coming?
7) Why not go to a Messianic synagogue?

And some comments:

1) Well that’s fine for you, but I believe in Jesus and [insert about Jesus being ultimate atonement for sin in some wording or another].
2) The only thing different between Judaism and Christianity is that Jews don’t accept Jesus as their Messiah.

And of course…

I couldn’t live without bacon!

(This tells me that the most of what people know about Judaism is the avoidance of pork. Which is a sad statement, really.)

What questions do you have?



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