Presidential Candidates Weigh In on Care for the Poor

Presidential Candidates Weigh In on Care for the Poor September 19, 2012

Last year Christian leaders came together to create a “Circle of Protection” around programs in the federal budget designed to help the poor both here and abroad:

In the face of historic deficits, the nation faces unavoidable choices about how to balance needs and resources and allocate burdens and sacrifices. These choices are economic, political”and moral.

As Christians, we believe the moral measure of the debate is how the most poor and vulnerable people fare. We look at every budget proposal from the bottom up”how it treats those Jesus called “the least of these” (Matthew 25:45).

They do not have powerful lobbies, but they have the most compelling claim on our consciences and common resources. The Christian community has an obligation to help them be heard, to join with others to insist that programs that serve the most vulnerable in our nation and around the world are protected. We know from our experience serving hungry and homeless people that these programs meet basic human needs and protect the lives and dignity of the most vulnerable. We believe that God is calling us to pray, fast, give alms and to speak out for justice.

As Christian leaders, we are committed to fiscal responsibility and shared sacrifice. We are also committed to resist budget cuts that undermine the lives, dignity, and rights of poor and vulnerable people.

Therefore, we join with others to form a Circle of Protection around programs that meet the essential needs of hungry and poor people at home and abroad.

Recently, the Circle of Protection initiative asked President Obama and Gov. Romney how they would help protect the poor. Both candidates provided a video response, which you can see below:

As one of the Christian leaders involved with the Circle of Protection, I strongly urge you to watch these important videos from the two candidates and make up your own mind as to which approach will help our country fulfill the biblical call to care for the poor.

In Christ,
The Rev. Mitch Hescox

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