2023 Top Article Review: Formed by a Flame

2023 Top Article Review: Formed by a Flame November 29, 2023

Formed by a Flame Year Review - Top Articles
Formed by a Flame Top Articles (Photos by A. Laflamme or from Wiki Commons)

As 2023 comes to an end, let’s pause to reflect and review. This year has been a beginning for this column. Not being a full year, I’d like to review a short list of articles here at Formed by a Flame. Then I’ll discuss a plan for going forward.

Top Articles Review at Formed by a Flame

Top Article by Most Views – “Little Blue”

“Little Blue” by Jacob Collier – an Accidental Ode to Mary?

This article has had the most traction for Formed by a Flame. It is a reflection on a new release by an artist who is popular world-wide. Part of this traction is likely due to the fact that Jacob Collier is still in the process of releasing parts of this four volume work, Djesse, with the full album to be released in 2024.

Each new single released sends more listeners to question the song meanings and reflect with me on the potential meaning behind Little Blue.

His latest release, Witness Me, is even more overtly a Gospel song which makes me really interested to hear what other Gospel elements appear on Djesse Vol. 4.

Top Article by Most Likes – Blue Moon: Celebrating Mary

Blue Moon: Celebrating Mary, the August Princess

It wasn’t the most popular by views, but this post had the most reactions at the bottom of the page which is a good sign that it was read and enjoyed by people!

Writing about current events is not my main goal on this column, yet when a current event allows me to share lasting ideas I’ll take an opportunity. Not every August will have two super moons, but each year we will be able to celebrate Mary twice with the Assumption and the Queenship of Mary.

Top Article Categories

Music Review

As I mentioned, my top article for views was a review of a newly released song.

I enjoyed writing this, and would like to do more posts like it. However, I am not always on top of the latest releases like this. A review of songs that are decades old will probably be less popular.


Covering saints has been one of my favorite topics to write about, mostly because they are great stories already written. I only have to learn more and decide which details to relate.

These posts also are my most average as far as reaction, so I’ll definitely continue these posts in 2024.

For now, in case you missed it, here are the saints (and blesseds) we’ve covered this year:

We’ve also featured many quotes from great Saints and discussed Saints in lists in posts like:

Parenting Relections

I don’t consider myself a parenting expert, so these are more reflections on what I’ve learned from them than how to parent. The kids are a big part of my life so they work their way into my writing and will probably continue to do so.

With that, here is my top parenting article from 2023:

Why is it So Hard to Stop Eating Mud?

Honorable Mention

My very first post on this column is my honorable mention. It is the least viewed, but for anyone who is reading Formed by a Flame at this point I feel like it’s worth looking at. Here is where I lay out my hopes for writing here, as well as reflect on fire and theosis.

Formed by a Flame: an Introduction on Fire and Theosis

Going Forward to 2024

With the new liturgical year starting this Sunday, it is a good time to get ahead of the culture on New Years Resolutions and plans for this coming year.


At Formed by a Flame my hope is to write more consistently, bringing you thoughtful reflections through a Catholic worldview each week. In 30 weeks writing here, we’re at 23 articles. With the last month off due to a new addition to our family, I’m happy with that for year one. The goal for 2024 is to publish 50 new articles!

Quality Content

As I mentioned, I will probably continue to write reflections about music, parenting, and the lives of the Saints.

I would like to add in book reviews; however, to read a book and review it takes much more than a week or even a month for me. Also, I have been trying to read some classic books lately which have been reviewed and analyzed by professionals for many years. Becoming familiar with these works will likely help my reflecting and writing anyway so I’ll share another goal for 2024: read 12 or more books.


As always, we should make it a goal to pray more in the coming year.

Here are 11 Saints to Ask for Prayers this Year.

Please pray for me, I’ll be praying for anyone who is reading and for the world the rest of this year.

Happy First Sunday of Advent, and Happy New Year!

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