St. Patrick’s Bad Analogies of the Trinity

St. Patrick’s Bad Analogies of the Trinity March 17, 2014

For all my theology friends– hilarious.

"You truly haven't a clue what you are talking about!"

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  • love this video.

  • It’s not the implication that the Irish wouldn’t have had an understanding of the Trinity, seeing as how we worshipped triune goddesses like the Morrigu for thousands of years.

    It’s not the use of the Padraig legendarium as a teaching tool for the various schisms that plague Chistianity.

    It’s those accents. My voice is akin to honey poured over thunder, not the growling of a cement mixture.

    We are no longer friends, Mr. Corey.

  • Honey poured over thunder? I’ve got to hear what that sounds like.

  • Michael Read

    This is a funny video, but doesn’t Hebrews 1:3 pretty much give the same analogy as the sun anaology? It says that Jesus is the brightness of God’s glory. Also that Jesus is the word of God kind of gives the same thought. Both of those things seem to say that Jesus comes forth from God and is God.

  • This is amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  • As an Irishman I give a rousing thumbs up to this hilarious jest. Begorra!

  • My American friends hearing my ice bucket video said I had a lovely Irish ‘lilt’ to my voice. All my friends here in Belfast laughed at that!