My Christmas Day Thank You (Written 9:52 AM Today)

My Christmas Day Thank You (Written 9:52 AM Today) December 25, 2014

Dear God,

I hope you exist mostly because I am so grateful for life and love. I would hate for there to be no one to thank. My act of faith this Christmas Day is a simple thank you.

Thank you for…

The empathy time-bomb Jesus set off in history by forgiving rather than condemning

Angels that enter my life each day bringing  peace and good news

My parents who showed me love and compassion and opened the door to beauty

Genie who has been my wife for 44 years

Jessica, Francis and John–my children

My grandchildren Amanda, Benjamin, Lucy, Jack and Nora

Unconditional love

The bright light in the eyes of my grandchildren when they run to my arms




My atheist friends

My religious friends

Faith in spite of doubt




That I long for meaning so it might just be there

That we are more than the sum of our parts

Above all: my many failures that led to grace

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