My FB Family Responded with 200+ Amazing Answers On What the Right, Left, Atheist and Religious Can ALL Agree On (The Results Are Refreshing, Hopeful and Kind)

My FB Family Responded with 200+ Amazing Answers On What the Right, Left, Atheist and Religious Can ALL Agree On (The Results Are Refreshing, Hopeful and Kind) January 30, 2015
 “Wow Frank! This is freakin’ awesome! I have been blown away by everything I’ve read here. Look at all the love, and common ground! Tears of joy! WOW!!!”
HERE IS HOW I ASKED MY FB FAMILY THE QUESTION… Please read their answers posted below!
Q: Do you know why I (mostly) don’t ban trolls and people who seem to hate me from this page?A: I actually believe in free speech and… also…Believe it or not, I think my friends on the right–even the religious right–need to be heard no matter what.So… will you trolls, friends, and enemies alike, for once pretend we’re real neighbors and maybe just for this one day lay aside your weapons and join me in my little thought experiment?HERE’S MY PROJECTWILL EVERYONE HERE SHARE A REAL (NOT SMART-ASS) PERSONAL FACT OR TOPIC THAT FOR ONCE WE CAN ALL AGREE ON?

What can you say that bypasses all of our prejudices and shares a real and lasting truth person-to-person? Note: I’ll be publishing your responses from this page on my Patheos blog later…

For once can we all—left, right, religious or atheist–keep our comments gracious, as if we’re actual neighbors who HAVE to get on because we live side by side and, frankly, we just can’t afford to keep throwing trash over the other guy’s fence because all our kids live here?

I’ll start.

Here’s my personal heartfelt thought that (I hope) WE CAN ALL relate to–

“On an emotional scale of 1 to 10, I love my grandchildren at a ‘10’ and by comparison, I don’t care about any political issues as deeply as I experience that love. Everything else is a ‘1’ by comparison.”

Okay, that was my attempt to reach past the politics and religion that divides us.

Over to you guys now!

(pic is of two of my five grandchildren planting bulbs with me)

Photo: Q: Do you know why I (mostly) don’t ban trolls and people who seem to hate me from this page?</p><br /><br /><br /><br />
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<p>A: I actually believe in free speech and… also…</p><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>Believe it or not, I think my friends on the right--even the religious right--need to be heard no matter what. </p><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>So… will you trolls, friends, and enemies alike, for once pretend we’re real neighbors and maybe just for this one day lay aside your weapons and join me in my little thought experiment? </p><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>HERE’S MY PROJECT</p><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>WILL EVERYONE HERE SHARE A REAL (NOT SMART-ASS) PERSONAL FACT OR TOPIC THAT FOR ONCE WE CAN ALL AGREE ON? </p><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>What can you say that bypasses all of our prejudices and shares a real and lasting truth person-to-person? Note: I'll be publishing your responses from this page on my Patheos blog later... </p><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>For once can we all—left, right, religious or atheist--keep our comments gracious, as if we’re actual neighbors who HAVE to get on because we live side by side and, frankly, we just can’t afford to keep throwing trash over the other guy’s fence because all our kids live here?</p><br /><br /><br /><br />
<p>I’ll start. </p><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>Here’s my personal heartfelt thought that (I hope) WE CAN ALL relate to-- </p><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>“On an emotional scale of 1 to 10, I love my grandchildren at a ‘10’ and by comparison, I don’t care about any political issues as deeply as I experience that love. Everything else is a '1' by comparison.”</p><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>Okay, that was my attempt to reach past the politics and religion that divides us. </p><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>Over to you guys now! </p><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>(pic is of two of my five grandchildren planting bulbs with me)" width="504" height="378" />
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  • Joseph MitchellThank you, I appreciate it. Frank Schaeffer I do not know if I ever told you that I was right of center, lately I call myself a cushion republican, very moderate and centrist. Epistemologically Hard Agnostic and Atheist leaning. This is a very hard combination to pull off. I want to leave Atheism but I cannot. Did you ever get stuck? We had talked before. I was also raised up in the parsonage. See what it does to us, wink, lol?
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  • Tarajee JumahWhen my now twenty year old, learning disabled grandson was about four my co worker gave me a vintage copy of The Wizard of Oz. Since repetition is part of his condition he was happily obsessed with all of the characters, and the things they wanted from the Wizard. One day we were waiting for his mother. It was a beautiful day and I was just enjoying his chatter as we sat in my car. Just then a woman with a mid size dog walked by. He asked if I was afraid of dogs. I said no. He said what about big dogs. I said, well I guess I’m afraid of big dogs. He said ” me too grandma. I guess what we need is more courage “. Of course I thought wow he’s a genius! ! I live on those memories.
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  • Don SheppardThat picture says a lot so simply yet incisively. Plant seeds; get your hands dirty. Get involved. Care! Work! Cultivate! Teach. Nurture! Patience! Determination! Skills! Education. All of these become transferable skill to every facet of human life. Perhaps we all could agree on this. From there and what we do from ‘there’, how we proceed from ‘there’, opinions are borne and pathways made. Maybe?
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  • John Taylor Wow Frank! This is freakin’ awesome! I have been blown away by everything I’ve read here. Look at all the love, and common ground! Tears of joy! WOW!!!

    I love to quote poet Maya Angelou. “As human beings, we more alike than we are unalike.”

    Another quote that I like is from Jimi Hendrix:

    ” When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”

    I think these are things we can all agree on. 
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    I love to quote poet Maya Angelou. “As human beings, we more alike than we are unalike.”
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  • Christopher Glenn SidesImagine that you feel a comparable love–like the love you have for your grandson–for all of your neighbors. But your neighbors are violent criminals, cruel & despicable; so much that they even mistreated & abused your beloved grandson. Now can you imagine that despite this, you love your neighbors so much that in order to save them from the punishment that they deserve, you give your beloved grandson’s life in exchange for theirs? While I cannot imagine doing this, One did exactly this. God so loved the world that he gave his one & only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. The love you have for your grandchildren–that love that surpasses all else in your world–comes from Him. God is love. He who loves is born of God & knows God. He who does not love does not know God. For God is love. That is my attempt to demonstrate that true, unadulterated, religion does not divide us, but brings us together.
  • Arlene VanSantAt a time of crisis….. an automobile accident and someone is pinned under a car, a burning house and a child is stuck inside, or an airplane crashes into the side of a building and explodes…… people rush to help our fellow human beings….. no one stops to ask what party the are affiliated with, or what religion they are, or care what race they are….. they just rush in “instinctively” and help…… That’s when we know we are all ONE !
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  • Julie MartinezLast night I shared with my brother who is at the beginning of the road of sobriety (9 days sober!) that sometimes the best strategy when we are overwhelmed is just to break it all down to the simplest pieces possible. My simplest pieces are my love for my kids, my deep connection to my husband and my lifelong desire to seek out and create meaning and beauty. Those things are the essence of who I am. Everything else can come and go as needed.
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  • Brad JersakOur experiences and conceptions of Reality are much smaller than Reality Itself, and, happily, the narrowness of my experiences and conceptions do not negate that Reality, which if we named it, might best be called Love (though even such labels are so tiny). But living Love is beyond such confines, so we rejoice.
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  • Marnie de VanssayEvery day, the post”woman” drives up to our door with the mail and a large, contageous smile. Rain or hail, she gets out of her little car and comes to the door carrying our mail with a warm “bonjour, bonne journée”. Even when I am in the worst mood, because of her, I feel energized and happy. I don’t know what her beliefs are, but I want to be like her!
  • Mark G. BaberAll of us, every single day, needs food. Also, some of us experience various degrees of success, but all of us without exception experience some degree of failure. So.., we get hungry and we f— up. On this we can surely agree.
  • Alex BuckPerfectly timed levity is therapeutic and healing…
  • Jenny McCracken RossEveryone smiles in the same language!
  • Hillary AlexanderI love the picture! It reminds me of my 2 kids when they were younger.

    My truth is since becoming a mom, nothing has been as important as my kids knowing how much I love them and for as long as I live I will always be there for them.
  • Don SheppardGravity really gets ya down!?
  • Don SheppardThe sky is blue? Well, depends whar y’ar?
  • Susan Paine FisherI would have loved to be at L’Abrie and would have basked in his community there. Well, it was his parents’ community.
  • Danielle J PerronEvery human being is worthy of dignity, no matter where they are in their journey. We are in this together, but traveling at different paces, maybe even going to different places-Not for any human to judge.
  • Beth Marie MillerWhen I’m sad or upset and a friend doesn’t give me answers but says “I’m so sorry. That’s hard,” and gives me a hug – that’s one of the best things ever.
    On the other end, a deflating experience is missing the bus by 30 seconds. Or 10.
  • Anna Trelc BlangiardoWhat I know to be true:
    As spiritual beings having a human experience on this planet, we are all profoundly connected. Our basic life source is love. We each express that love with varying degrees of skill. Our every action is either an expression o
    f love or a call for love. I am that love, specialized in my own human life as are you. When we are not coming from love we are in separation from our source or God. When we are not coming from love we are sourced by fear. Fear is a destructive devolving decaying force. Love is evolving expanding creative force. It is our free will to choose which force we will feed. And that is the one we will grow. At our very and original essence is love. All else is separation. I choose love every day.
  • Sam CollinsWe all want to be loved
  • Jamie RyeHello, I’m Jamie. I am a human. You are a human too. Let’s start there.
  • BonnieJean KurleThere is nothing to compare to the connection I make with human beings. When I’m teaching (college), and I see the connection, the ‘aha’ moment. When I’m having a profound conversation with my wife and we both learn something new about the world. When my kids (teenagers) tell me something that is a new realization for them that I can appreciate again from the new insight perspective for just a moment. When I see the awe in a child’s eyes that moment s/he experiences something new. This connection is spectacular, and I think a part of what reminds us how we’re all irrevocably interconnected, even when we forget and obsess over our differences.
  • Franklin R. ClarkFrank, that is a brilliant, if sometimes difficult, thought experiment, but a rewarding one.
  • David MoriahEveryone, whether Bill Gates or the homeless man, whether Albert Einstein or a child with Downs Syndrome, all receive the same 24 hours for each day they are alive. What we do with that time is what defines us.
  • Scott ThompsonI am a school teacher and whenever a student asks me what race I am or what country my ancestors came from I always say the same answer, I am a human being and all the other affiliations are unimportant.
  • Arden DetweilerI appreciate this Frank. Let’s see….cooking is therapy, and therapeutic to those it is offered to. Not much makes a person feel cared for as much as real food prepared by someone who loves them. I believe in chicken soup, homemade bread (with butter), all pasta dishes and our family recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies. Also, on another note, art and music and wonderful writing touches my soul to it’s deepest depths…..sometimes rendering me speechless.
  • Sharlee Johnston MaherI think we can all find common ground in that we would like to leave the world a better place for our children. We would desire peace in places of conflict. We would desire that no child should experience hunger or violence. We would all like the ability to put a roof over our heads, food in the belly of our families, have a job we can feel good about and that allows us to accomplish those things and maybe some fun and entertainment too. That love is better than hate. And whales are magnificent!
  • Paul StetsenkoEverybody loves kittens.
    If everybody loves what you do and agrees with you, then you produce “kittens.” I love your writings, Frank Schaeffer, because what you do is the ultimate “anti-kittenry”. It has sustained me on my own faith journey just as much as my priest. I don’t always agree with what you write, but I love it nevertheless and highly appreciate what you do.
  • Graham-Michoel B WillsPeace. Work for peace. I guess many people loath some of the troll behaviour on Facebook, ( as I do ). Sad and sorry as that may be, as you point out, FB is an agent of free speech. Certainly from time to time it has proved to be an agent of change, for the better good of many people.
  • Connie Gunther BowdenFeeling empathy for another individual. Treating others with respect. I always treat others as I would like to be treated. No judging and listening, really listening to what someone has to say without interrupting them. We all need to slow down, stop and breathe. Life is short.
  • Gail M DesRochersAt the heart of this human experience we all have feelings and needs that are quite a bit universal when we put aside all the judgements. The level of my personal need value might be different from yours – and even that is a matter of perspective.
  • Ron FloodTwo wrongs don’t make a right…but two Wrights did make an airplane.
  • Susan DoradoI like spreading beauty. I spread it around by creating my own jewelry to sell or give away. When someone is looking at my pieces, they never ask what my political affiliation is, if they like it they buy it or they enter my drawing to try and win it. Same goes for positive posts on social media, I don’t ask the political affiliation, I just like them. When it comes to caring, loving or creating, I would never ask someone who they voted for, their artistry, personal character and caring are enough for me.
  • Cynthia SmithI am wanting to de-emphasize politics in favor of grasping our common humanity…..inspired by Pope Francis 1. PS…I will be in Philadelphia in September for the Pope’s visit.
  • Kari Brown RitchieWe can all agree that people hurting is wrong.
  • Jim SeybertNothing you can ever do will change the past, the present is always turning into the past, and the only thing you can change is the future. The most important question, then, is “How will my decisions today affect the future.”
  • Wag DalzellNever hate.
  • Sarah Rochelle TiuI love mornings when my husband and two young boys are all snuggled in bed with me.
    There’s almost nothing more enjoyable to me than playing a fun card game with my best friends in the world.
    Life is so full.
  • Elaine Lainie Ernst WesselFor me, it’s music. Specifically my Bel Canto Chorus community. Music is a language of its own. It is universally understood. There are no doctrines or prejudices. All come together to sing, play, listen and appreciate. Music touches deeply and has the power to soothe and to heal. Music can break down barriers and can communicate with those who cannot communicate back. It sometimes breaks silence in people. I know this is meant to be marketing, but it also tells the story of the community I am privileged to be a part of:

    The mission of Bel Canto Chorus is to enrich the lives of its audiences and its singing members through the…
  • Dave WallaceWhen I was little 70yrs ago, I lived where the guereza monkeys roamed wild in the forest. My avatar is a small representation of the guereza.
  • Sherilynn Morales MatsumotoThe only way I can love others, no matter their beliefs of lifestyle choices is because my God loves me unconditionally.
  • Gil FewI believe that love and friendship are trump cards in life. I treasure all persons that I have called friend. I dare not place anyone in the discard pile; whatever the reason.
  • Rob WoolbrightOur primary purpose for existence should be to alleviate the suffering of others.
  • Janel Apps RamseyWhen we focus on loving others, really loving them as people, the labels things fade into the background.
  • Aimee Gendusa-EnglishI like you and I am not a troll
  • Steve GraybillI have never had an argument with some over whether or not modern-day slavery and human trafficking are evils that should be eradicated.
  • John C. HousianitisWe can only hope…..
  • Marsha GarrettMy first thought when I read you proposal was that my love for my children knows no bounds, and I would imagine that is universal and crosses all other lines of division. I see I was right! Good to know.
  • Charlene SchwartzI do not choose my neighbors: OK I admit that is a quote from Peterson’s Tell It Slant, but the truth of it really hit me in the heart, it opened my options for my love responses and helped me lay down the stupidity of us and them thinking. Great pic of you planting bulbs with your grandchildren.
  • Jim RogersI celebrate our humanness. We try with all sorts of tools and strategies to avoid it, but we are all human and we should experience our own humanness and others’ because we are all united by this reality.
  • Marie InneoFree speech is fine, but I don’t suffer fools lightly. So, if you spew stupidity, I will happily defriend you speak freely elsewhere.
  • Cindi EatonWe all have the need & desire to be loved and to love. And we have many creative ways to walk that out.
  • Robert MillerHere is something piggy-backing a little on what you wrote, but watching my kids grow up and observing all their little idiosyncrasies and enjoying it all makes me realize that no matter what the environment and upbringing everyone is so unique and distinct and has something special to offer the world.
  • Mark AckerEinstein believed time is cyclical. Part of the theory of relativity is that the past, present, and future all coexist are equally real and part of what we call the universe. If he was correct, terms like lost and ceasing to exist are meaningless. The See More
  • Ryan MckinneyTo know we are loved by God, family, and/or friends regardless of religious, political, and/or sexual orientation. Breaks down the division of us and them. Knowing that I love because I believe in love. We can’t give what we don’t have. We can only givSee More
  • Harold SikkemaThe practice of gratitude is beneficial whether expressed directly to present beings in the present, or as prayer to absent beings in absentia.
  • Lisa ThurstonWe are all created equal.
  • Shari CarynAn ongoing search for wholeness in a society that supports individualized greed… Where community and connectedness are more important than the individual alone. Where the sum is greater than its parts… Where people are seen at the heart level, and can communicate as such. This is what I value. Even though I sometimes forget.
  • Carolyn GrahamI love my grandsons more than life. Just saw pictures of my one and only granddaugher who weighs a whopping 9 oz at this time. This child is in store for an awesome life just like the boys. June can’t get here soon enough!
  • Robert WeissIf we as the human race can not find a way to live in peace with each other we are doomed to fail as a race. Happiness is found within yourself. Don’t look to any external thing to find it.A one dollar bill and a one hundred dollar bill are the exactly the same printed on the same paper. No real value.Just because we believe it’s worth something is only in our minds that make it so.
  • Robin Morris CherryMy 32+ years as a maternity nurse has taught me that no matter who we are or where we came from we all fall deeply in love with our children
  • John WolforthThere is so much wisdom available in this world if we would just listen. Listen to the words, not to the dress of the person saying them. Listen for the meaning, not just the cultural symbols used to them express them. Tune out your own baggage long enough to really hear the other. Don’t worry, your mind will still be there when they’re done talking.
  • Angela Morin ReiswigThe relief of forgiveness, the intimacy of being accepted…
  • Kulu SadiraAdorable kids, Frank. May those tiny bulbs bare the most heavenly blossoms for many years to come.
  • Keith Tina CarpenterI believe differing opinions and positions are healthy if considered thoughtfully and with love and openness to the merit of them all. Being rigorously honest when sharing a view or a position without a sugar coating or being disingenuousness. Honesty and love can help in being more respectful and open to ideas and produce real meaningful societal improvement.
  • Greg WrightWhen I was really little, my folks would hire a baby sitter to watch us kids while they went out “to play bridge.” When I heard that, I always thought they were meeting with friends to re-enact the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. I always wanted to know which of the four players took the part of the troll under the bridge.

    The truth is, we never really understand the games others play… and they don’t understand ours.
  • Michael RaburnPraying still fills me with a sense of peace.
  • Robert C DemingEvery person is unique. Completely unique
  • Erin Eldridge DalingWell, there are plenty of people in my life with whom I disagree on many issues. But life and people are very nuanced and if we threw the baby out with the bathwater, that is to say, if we distanced ourselves from every single person with whom we disagree, life would become very very lonely. There are many frustrating things but there can be many beautiful and enlightening things in a relationship with people whom you disagree. Also, we never learn anything if we hang around with only “yes-man or women”. We need to stretch and grow and that can’t be done with people who believe or do the exact same thing as you. Besides, I’ve started the mantra “killing them with kindness” and “be the change you want to see in the world” because hate and bitterness tends to affect me much more than them.
  • Kevin MillerI think Tim Horton’s sour cream glazed donut is the bomb.
  • Carolyn OlsonLove is simple, until we complicate it.
  • Rod JanzVery simplistic but I saw this in the grocery store ironically written on the little stick you use to divide your groceries from the next persons groceries in the check out line. It’s a well known quote and I don’t know the source and for some reason iSee More
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  • Graham WeeksI am one of countless people who owe a huge debt to your father for what he taught in understanding, belief, Christian living and apologetics.
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  • Tim BooneThanks Frank this is worthy of you. I have found love surpasses everything. It overcomes.
  • Dennis BranineI woke up today and I’m at peace!
  • Fitz DearmoreBecause Assholes are teachers too? Atleast, we can have a reminder of what we don’t want to be.
  • Rodney WatersIn all cultures music connects us more deeply to ourselves, our communities and our spiritual practice. I don’t think anyone could imagine life without the music he or she loves and all that it represents.
  • Teresa Heinrich HodekI’m 100% with you, Frank. The love I have for my kids is the strongest emotion or sense of meaning I know, and that kind of love overshadows any mere thoughts or opinions. It is difficult when our thoughts get in the way. Having gone through religious deconstruction, I can see how thoughts can radically change. Can we all try to follow the golden rule and treat others how we’d like to be treated?
  • George Elerickbelonging. it seems the central component to the human project. this is why: capitalism works.cults work. religions work. community groups work. mainly due to the fact that we all crave interdependent validation. and thats okay. but, its something we need to work on more and more. violence (large or small scale) is just a passive aggressive desire to be held. but, i think we all agree that to belong should be what we strive for, and not in some pseudo-kumbaya-grab-a-guitar-by-a-campfire-belong, but the deep down soul kind of belonging…let’s strive for that
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  • Khalil FordThat we can all agree on…everyone is important if only to themself and they yearn to be free, happy, and fullfilled. I really had to dig for that one because so human beings can be some disagreeable contrary little crapheads.
  • David ShawI spent 19 years, 11 months, and 13 days on active military duty. I always considered it my duty to ensure that *everyone* had their opportunity to express themselves. I consider it my privilege to tell you the same.
    Peace, Frank. Your words do not fall on rocky ground.
  • Tom OumedianWe all sin, and we all judge others
  • Bill MurphyThis is your magnum opus, Frank. Your finest post. It is kind, gracious, compassionate, patient, and heartfelt. Thank you!

    Two or three years ago, a light went on in my head. I realized all of what we argue about on a daily basis – all of the perceive
    d divisions of politics, religion, age, income, gender, etc. – especially here on Facebook – was all in our minds. Concepts. Ideologies. Philosophies. And, as such, no matter how vociferously we argue our “side,” we will never win, and the world will only go to hell that much faster.

    Why? Because all such concepts and ideologies require dualistic thinking – the creation of an “us” and a “them,” an illusion of opposites – to exist. Without dualism, without making opposites, the perceived differences between us evaporate like morning mist.

    So I began to consider: What do we all have in common? What could “solve” or “fix” the rising anger, the polarization, the bitterness? Not just here but all over the world?


    Love is the common denominator.

    As Frank noted in his post, he loves his grandchildren as a “10” on a 1-10 scale and everything else a “1” by comparison. That’s wonderful!

    Obviously, I’m not offering anything new. I’m only suggesting we apply it more often.

    “Only love dispels hate,” as the Buddhist Dhammapada says.

    “Love one another,” as the Christian Bible says.

    “All you need is love,” as the Beatles sang.

    Although we have a plethora of examples of love in action from which to choose – Dr. King, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Jesus, Buddha, Viktor Frankl, Thomas Merton, Saint Francis, Malcolm X (toward the end of his life), among others – we don’t even try to tap into that resource. It’s not even on our radar, not a fleeting thought. We jump immediately into defending concepts, arguing ideologies, and pummeling others as best we can with our “facts,” along with our inflated self-righteousness.

    So I have tried very, very hard in the past couple of years to stop thinking in dualistic terms. To not foster the illusion of opposites. To put “only love” into action. Especially when driving, standing in lines at the grocery store, being waited on in a restaurant, when stress at work mounts, and when people rise up in “activist” mode (I am a non-activist).

    I created The Only Love Project FB page and web site. And I have been interviewing high-profile authors and activists, as well as everyday people – from Hollywood to Peoria – to ask them about love and its application. The response has been overwhelming. So much so that I’ve begun to write a book that I know will get blasted by Evangelicals, and likely ridiculed by atheists. It’s too conservative to be liberal, too liberal to be conservative, too Zen to be Christian, too Christian to be atheist, too atheist to be Christian, too non-activist to be activist, etc. I honestly don’t know who the “market” is for this book. But I am compelled to write it because I am interested in building bridges between us, to see if if love truly can heal…and open our eyes to the cause of the escalation of violence and anger: our OWN ideologies and concepts – not “theirs.”

    Because I firmly believe that, I know full well that everything I just wrote could be “wrong.” It could all be bullshit. It’s just my opinion about what’s important in life. It’s not THE TRUTH by any means. It’s just something I worked out on my own and am trying to apply. Your mileage may vary.

    Personally, I am a softie by nature. I cry easily watching movies or reading books, even listening to passages of music. I am deeply moved by life. And by nature.

    So, if we were all neighbors, I wouldn’t be discussing politics, concepts, or ideologies. I would be sitting down with you over a cup of tea or coffee to see what I could do to help. I would ask, “How may I help you?” Or, if I saw that your yard needed raking to get the leaves off, I’d do it. If you needed a ride to work, I’d offer one. If you needed food or clothes, I’d offer some. What money I have, I’d give you to help you out of a jam.

    In short, I am nobody special. Not a celebrity. Not yet even a published author. I often joke that I am a character actor, one of the people in a movie there to make the star look good. That’s all I’ll likely ever be.

    And that’s okay. If I was supposed to be a “star,” I would have been one by now. I can live with being a character actor, especially with my wife. She’s the star, and always will be.
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  • Shary Kroeker HauberThe giggle of the two year old. The jumping excitement of the six year olds discovery. The wit of the twelve year old. The passion of the fifteen year old to stop abuse. Those are my grandkids. Not perfect but wonderful.
  • Diane MorrisonI love the beauty of nature.

    Diane Morrison's photo.
  • Irene ClarkEvery day is the first day of my life – smile, it’s a wonderful feeling! Take time to smile at someone today and really mean it – it can change their day!
  • Joyce MorinIf we want society to be transformed, we must be willing to be transformed.
  • Susie Smith ThompsonDon’t seat the small stuff. In the end, it’s all small stuff. Everyone is dealing with something. Be nice. Be kind.
  • Robert StonerI have been a very family-oriented person for a long time, but I have had how important family is driven home in a new and very personal way when my wife was diagnosed with uterine cancer less than 2 weeks ago. I loved her very deeply before the diagnosis; I realize now I love her even more than ever and I try every day to make sure in a tangible way that she knows it.
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  • Ferg BreenThe truly wise talk little about religion, and are not given to taking sides on doctrinal issues. When they hear people advocating or opposing the claims of this or that party in the church, they turn away with a smile such as men yield to the talk of children. They have no time, they would say, for that kind of thing. They have enough to do in trying to faithfully practice what is beyond dispute.
    George MacDonald
  • Libby Bratzler MaxeyDriving with my fellow humans, I do my best to have good car-ma and especially, good truck-ma, making space, waving people in, SMILING, staying back, signaling…all the while, remembering that everyone on the road has somewhere to go, something to do, someone to see, and we all deserve to do it safely.
  • Zach CampbellMy Dad died on Christmas Eve… I’m trying to figure out how to live again and on top of that help my Mom keep from losing her mind. We all thought that he would be around another 20 years. We were wrong. I’m worried about my mom and what she will do.
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