If God Created Women to Make Babies Why Does the Female Orgasm Have Nothing to do With Procreation?

If God Created Women to Make Babies Why Does the Female Orgasm Have Nothing to do With Procreation? April 25, 2015

If you believe that God created women then you have to believe that sex is just for pleasure. If that’s not true then why does the anatomy of the female orgasm have nothing to do with procreation?

If God made women then He, She or It made women’s sexual equipment for pleasure first– and babies second. In other words the basic Christian doctrine of sex has to be that orgasms are intrinsically good and need no justification.

The clitoris is outside the vaginal canal. So if God made us, or if we evolved by chance, either way the lesson is the same: Female sexuality is about pleasure.

Men have to orgasm to make a baby. No orgasm, no sperm going into the right place. Not so with women.

In fact the vagina is the last place you’ll find a female orgasm.

“Our culture is obsessed with depicting and idolizing both vag-gasms and intercourse as the ultimate in sexual expression,” says Trisha Borowicz, a filmmaker/molecular biologist who studies orgasm. “Everyone acts like there is not a definition for female orgasm when there really is a pretty damn good one.”

For the record: most women orgasm from having their clitorises rubbed– just the way God intended! Yes, it is all about pleasure, not babies. Deal with it!

Enter the new great little movie by Trisha Borowicz,  Science, Sex, and The Ladies.

It is for all the women and men who have felt confused, frustrated, or ashamed about their ability to orgasm each other successfully. As Jill Hamilton writes in  AlterNet about this new documentary.

Science, Sex, and The Ladies is packed with info that shouldn’t be surprising, but is.  The Church has told us sex is for making babies but the very “design” of women tells us that if that is so then God messed up! He, She or It should have put the clitoris INSIDE the vagina!

BUT God seemed to like orgasms more than babies.

FACTS aJill Hamilton writes:

1. No vaginal orgasms have ever been recorded in a lab. Women have having orgasms in labs since Masters and Johnson there have been many studies. Sorry guys: women don’t need our penises—they need touching and rubbing by their own hand or ours or by their lesbian lover.

2. The vagina is so bereft of nerve endings that some vaginal surgeries can be performed without anesthesia.

3. Sex Ed classes be they evangelical, Catholic, secular, focus on reproduction, pregnancy prevention and abstinence gives kids a lot of information about intercourse, but little on disease-and pregnancy-free options like mutual masturbation. The omission is especially a bummer because alternatives would give teens a way to release sexual tension without doing “it.”

4. Women have their strongest orgasms by their own hand, second strongest by someone else’s hand, and weakest via a thrusting dude and the frustratingly indirect stimulation of his penis rubbing-near-but-not-quite-exactly-where-you-need-it. (This is according to Masters and Johnson’s Human Sexual Response, meaning we’ve known, and largely ignored, this since 1966.)

5. Contrary to popular belief, most women don’t take “forever” to come. Most women come as quickly as easily as men, given the right stimulation. Men would also take “forever” to come if they were only being stimulated by, say, someone diligently rubbing their pubic hair.

The film has already won several awards, some film festivals won’t run it because it’s “too explicit.” The film is sort of “explicit,” in that it shows stuff like a photograph of a vulva with the salient parts labeled, but it’s certainly not porn. It’s about biology and the history of how society views women’s sexual pleasure and how women can best have an orgasm.

People need to know how women’s bodies work—this is important, big stuff!

Every woman needs to know that she is perfectly normal and not somehow broken sexually because sex in real life isn’t all about someone climbing on and doing it. In other words the movies, many books, the Church, most porn…. LIE!

If you believe God created women, then the only way to see this fact is by also acknowledging that the very way a woman is made is for pleasure, not making babies.

In fact the fact of women points to the fact of pleasure being intrinsically worthwhile.

Watch the Trailer for the movie! 


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