Please Join me at the Wild Goose Festival (get 30% off your ticket too!)

Please Join me at the Wild Goose Festival (get 30% off your ticket too!) June 17, 2015

I’d like to thank you for being a part of my life and thus part of my favorite event: the Wild Goose Festival this year! I donate my time to WG each year and pay my own expenses to get there as well as speak at WG, because I always am refreshed. This is my once-a-year church/cleanse/rejuvenate session. Join me please, maybe even buy me a beer!

Will you help me spread this word?

Please share the good news about Wild Goose with your network. You can share this also: when you or your friends use the code WGF30, they will get 30% off tickets! Or, just send them to this link:

Invite your friends/fans to our Facebook page and 2015 Festival Facebook Event.

Tweet about WG! Here’s a possible tweet: Join me at @wildgoosfest, a gathering at the intersection of justice, spirituality, music & art in NC July 9-12!

I look forward to seeing you in beautiful Hot Springs next month!

Here is some of what I talked about last year. (5 Min Clip, please watch)


Speakers & Storytellers 2015

william-barber-wgf14JohnDearalexia-salvatierra-wgf14BrianMcLarenBecSmithFrankSchaefferRevYolandaRomalTunerobynMickyJonesJulieClawsonTonyKrizSandhyaRaniJhatroy-bronsink-wgf14AndrewSmithBillandCherieMichaelKimpanbrandanrobertsonMichaelGungorJenniferYoderJohnPavlovitzKellyLamonMarkCharlesJonSweeneyErinLaneJosephMahonHollieWoodruffInsideOutMikeMcHargueJonathonMartinBruceReyesChowTamaraLunardoClaireClyburnanayelsisanchezLindaFlynnSheridan&LyndonDavidHoseyLoganIsaacMikeMorrellJasonWilliamsteresa-pasquale-wgf14NarMartinezHeatherMaizeEricElnesKeriDayRyanKuramitsuTommyDillonZacharyMoonmarie-alford-harkeyBrandonWrencherJeffHoodJ.MarshallJenkinsChristopherSmithGwenFryChanequaWalkerBarnesMargHerderJenniferBaileyJoyWallisAliciaCrosbySheneikaSmithCherylLeanzaHelenLeeTraciBlackmonnoel-castellanos-wgf14LeahGunningFrancisemma-eagle-heart-white-wgf14kimberly-knight-wgf14DewayneBartonLeroy Barber-wgf14WGF13-Holly-Roach1SusannahTuttleJohnFisher

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