Our Grandfather/Granddaughter Lucy & “Ba” Art/Icon Art Project

Our Grandfather/Granddaughter Lucy & “Ba” Art/Icon Art Project November 2, 2015


I’ve just launched a new show of icon art I collaborated with my 7 year old granddaughter Lucy on. She draws the pictures and I paint them in. A motif in modern art has been to capture the primitive forms and childlike wonder present in children’s art. I’ve gone one better and actually am working with a child in an equal partnership. And this isn’t just any child, this is the little girl for whom Genie and I provide daily care. She is my heart. These paintings are about the love that drives me to my knees in thanksgiving. Please take a look at my art site and these paintings at–lucy.html
Thank you,
Frank (Ba”)

Please WATCH our “launch” video (only 2 min) then take a look at the Lucy “Ba” Icons below…

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