Please Watch My 2 Min Vid Asking For You to Write me a Letter For My New Book For me to Publish

Please Watch My 2 Min Vid Asking For You to Write me a Letter For My New Book For me to Publish November 4, 2015

Will you watch this then help? I would love to hear from you at

Dear Family, Will you help me by writing something for me to include in my new book?

I’m writing a new book on children, art, and family and what to pass on to those we love most. Will you write me an email today about who and what most inspired you as a child to love art, music, dance, poetry, reading, nature and learning? Will you share what you are doing for and with your children, grandchildren, pupils, or other kids?

In your letter tell me who you are and about your experiences.

Who opened the doors for you as a child?

How are you opening them for your children or students?

In my book I’m talking about introducing my grandchildren to the best of art, music and stories before the marketers start to stuff their heads with consumerist garbage. I’m talking about the intrinsic worth of beauty.

Do you paint, play, compose with, garden with, read to, hike with, or hunt with the children you love? Did someone do this with you? Do you believe in the intrinsic worth of beauty?

Are you a teacher or a student of childhood development? Are you a mom, dad or grandparent, an uncle or aunt?

Will you write me an email/letter of say 50 to 500 words on your views, experiences and insights into how and what to best pass on to those you love most?

I’ll be choosing many of these letters to include in my new book. If you write to me please do so with the understanding that these letters may be published. If you write to me you are as it were giving me permission to publish your letter with your name on it. Email me at



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