The Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooting– Blame the GOP Our Version of Saudi Wahhabi Islam

The Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooting– Blame the GOP Our Version of Saudi Wahhabi Islam November 28, 2015

The Republican Party going into 2016 is in hock to extremists. It is fittingly symmetrical that the Planned Parenthood clinic workers were gunned down in Dr. Jim Dobson’s town. “He was handing out anti-Obama fliers” said the alleged shooter’s neighbor on CNN on Saturday. “No more baby parts” NBC quoted a law source as saying that the alleged shooter said.

Whatever the motivation of the Colorado Planned Parenthood shootings the incident makes me think about the fact that the Republican Party has become our version of the Saudi royal family. I’m reminded of the Saudi ruler’s  and their relationship to their Wahhabi extremist imams who are in Saudi Arabia what Dobson came to represent here.

According to NBC The day after a gunman killed three people and shot nine others at a Colorado Planned Parenthood office, officials tell NBC News a motive remains unclear, but say the suspect talked about politics and abortion.

Robert Lewis Dear, a North Carolina native who was living in a trailer in Colorado, made statements to police Friday at the scene of the Colorado Springs clinic and in interviews that law enforcement sources described as rantings.

In one statement, made after the suspect was taken in for questioning, Dear said “no more baby parts” in reference to Planned Parenthood, according to two law enforcement sources with knowledge of the case.

Image: Colorado Springs Shooting Suspect Robert L. Dear
Colorado Springs Shooting Suspect Robert L. Dear Colorado Springs Police Department

But the sources stressed that Dear said many things to law enforcement and the extent to which the “baby parts” remark played into any decision to target the Planned Parenthood office was not yet clear. He also mentioned President Barack Obama in statements.

In Saudi Arabia the deal is that the royal family can remain in power as long as it props up their religious extremists and finances their exploits. The Republican Party with it’s antiabortion rhetoric as well as its pro-NRA stance on open carry laws for guns has made a tacit agreement with right wing and religious extremists too.

The GOP will get their votes as long as they allow them to have their open carry guns and advance and promote their absurd and dangerous beliefs. The dirty unspoken deal is that the GOP can serve the oligarchs and keep them in power with the help of the American evangelical imams. That way, so to speak, they can have their hate and eat it too.

The GOP like the House of Saud promotes an intolerant and extremist Wahhabi/evangelical creed. The Saudis (like the Koch brothers et al) have also lavishly financed hate that they too, like the GOP, never take the blame for.

As the Guardian notes:

Colorado Springs, the location of an attack on a Planned Parenthood clinic that left three people dead, is a centre of rightwing Christian culture with a “wild west mentality” when it comes to guns.

The attack, by a lone gunman carrying a rifle or shotgun, took place at a clinic that is the site of regular anti-abortion protests by the city’s pro-life Christian groups.

Planned Parenthood, aware of hostility about their work, recently moved to the new facility, hoping it would provide more security for staff.

The building has been likened to a fortress by anti-abortion campaigners and Friday’s attacks revealed that it is equipped with “safe rooms” for staff to shelter in the event of such an event. It also has an extensive security camera system.

With anti-abortion policies supported by many Republican presidential candidates such as Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Jeb Bush, rhetoric attacking Planned Parenthood and other such organisations is not hard to find in the city.

Last spring, following the gruesome attack on a Colorado woman who had her unborn-baby ripped from her womb with a knife, state representative and Springs resident Gordon Klingenschmitt said the attack was “the curse of God upon America for our sin of not protecting innocent children in the womb”.

Colorado’s second largest city, with a population of 445,800, has built itself a reputation as a playground for white, pro-gun, pro-life Evangelical Christians. It is also home to one army base, two air force bases, and an air force.

Colorado Springs featured in the documentary film Jesus Camp, where evangelical Christian children were taught to engage in anti-abortion protests. Two of the film’s lead characters travelled to the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, where they met church pastor Ted Haggard, a one-time leader of the National Association of Evangelicals who had weekly communications with president George W Bush. Haggard resigned from his position later that same yearfollowing revelations that he purchased methamphetamine and the services of a male prostitute.

The city’s pro-gun contingent flexed its muscles in 2014 with an unprecedented recall election, ousting state senator John Morse. The recall was primarily motivated by new gun control laws in Colorado – following the Aurora cinema shootings in Denver – which banned magazines holding more than 15 rounds, and demanded a universal background check for all gun purchases.

More than $100 billion have been spent on exporting fanatical Wahhabism to various much poorer Muslim nations worldwide over the past three decades. Hundreds of millions of secret dollar funding of the GOP is pouring in from our oligarchs to buy our politics, and they too fund the extremists, the NRA, the Tea Party and the “pro-lifers.” And then there are Trump and Cruz who have actually made hate the only thing they stand for. In this climate expect more terror.

We are awash in guns because of the GOP.Three weeks before Friday’s Planned Parenthood shooting, a man was seen brandishing a rifle while walking down the streets of Colorado Springs on Halloween morning. A concerned citizen called the 911 Emergency Line to notify the police, but was told by the operator: “Well, it is an open carry state, so he can have a weapon with him or walking around with it,” referencing state laws that allow the brandishing of a firearm in public.

Shortly after the call the man shot and killed three people before being shot dead by police.

We are awash in hate, guns and misinformed dimwit white people with a grudge against everyone and everything else  because of the GOP. Like the Saudi royals the GOP’s power and hopes rests on complying with the most intolerant people in our society. It is a dirty and reprehensible way to seek power.

The GOP is poisoning this country.

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