Let’s Stop Playing Politically Correct Games: of Course BOTH San Bernardino and Colorado Springs Shootings Were Terrorism

Let’s Stop Playing Politically Correct Games: of Course BOTH San Bernardino and Colorado Springs Shootings Were Terrorism December 4, 2015

Officials pointed to materials the suspects stockpiled, including explosives; their Middle East travels; and evidence of contacts with people with Islamist extremist views. Mr. Robert Dear was a man of religious conviction who handed out anti-Obama flyers and ranted about abortion. Left and right one side refusing to name Islamic terror for what it is, the other coddling “pro-lifers” lie when they try to say these attacks aren’t domestic terror.

The couple planned and killed with thousands of rounds of ammunition and stockpiled pipe bombs. The killer of abortion-providers handed out pro-life pamphlets and harangued people about going to hell. The killer couple had Islamic contacts, one went to the Middle East and another was in contact with other Islamist groups.

According to the (AP) — The woman who helped her husband kill 14 people at a holiday banquet for his county co-workers pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group and its leader on Facebook using an alias, then deleted the messages before the attack, a U.S. law enforcement official said Friday, providing the strongest evidence to date that the rampage may have been a terrorist attack. Yes, this has to do with religion and Islam in particular. 

Of course pro-lifers and the NRA and the Republicans don’t want to take the rap when their violent gun-promoting brand of paranoia comes home to roost. Of course liberals who fail to tell the truth about the violence built into the Muslim view of all others as “infidels” don’t want this couple to be terrorists.

The only reason there is even a “debate” as to which one of these shootings is terrorism is because we are so used to mass shootings they are an everyday no-big-deal occurrence. Both “sides” in our culture wars refuse to take responsibility for the truth: this is a failed culture based on violence and exclusion of the “other.” We are a society based on the glorification of revenge. When you look at these killings you are looking in the mirror.


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