Chris Rock For President

Chris Rock For President February 29, 2016

The commonsense, dignity and compassion– not to mention brilliant humor that Chris Rock brought to his Oscar opening will go down in history. It was one of those seminal moments in race relations right up there with “I have a dream.”

If you already saw it re-watch the video here and think about the implications of diffusing the “Oscar-Race-Relations” situation and yet making your point. What a lesson for anyone interested in communicating with other human beings in a way where one can get something hard and real said and at the same time not alienate your listener.

Chris Rock is an authentic genius-humorist-philosopher-communicator the likes of which only comes around once in a lifetime. The rational, nuanced sane and grownup leadership he showed at the Oscars was simply stunning. (Compare his demeanor, words and attitude with that child- The Donald.)

What a wonderful moment to be alive when black voters are going to decide the primaries of the Democratic Party and black, brown and other minority voters–not to mention women–are going to decide the future of America in the 2016 national elections.

Donald Trump will lose the national election. The Koch brothers are exposed as cranks and bigots. The Republican Party’s mask has slipped and we see the rotting corpse beneath the image.

Chris Rock is the real America.

This is a Chris Rock moment in time. Chris rock is our future. I am filled with hope.


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