Late Night with Seth Meyers Does in TRUMP and any idiot (Like Jerry Falwell Jr.) Who Supports Him

Late Night with Seth Meyers Does in TRUMP and any idiot (Like Jerry Falwell Jr.) Who Supports Him June 7, 2016

WATCH!!! (And if you are a Trump supporter bow your head in shame, that’s you I’m talking to Jerry Falwell Jr!).

Donald Trump is a racist con man and so is anyone who backs him, that includes the craven Republican leadership and many evangelical leaders like Jerry Falwell Jr. All excuses are gone. He’s been VERY clear about what he is and what he represents.

Donald Trump said he didn’t think a judge with Mexican heritage should preside over the class action suit against Trump University. Trump said the judge’s background presented, in his words, an “absolute conflict” because of his plan to build a southern border wall. Odd: the judge is from Indiana, born and bred. Oh, Trump (and his backers) must mean he’s “Mexican” because he’s… slightly brown!

Over the weekend, Trump defended that stupid backward un-American position,  insisting to CNN’s Jake Tapper that the Indiana, born and bred judge, should be removed because of his “Mexican heritage” (translation: his skin color and ethnicity).  And he expanded it, saying that “it’s possible, absolutely” that, in his view, a Muslim judge would be similarly conflicted and unqualified.

Did the entire Republican leadership — that’s now lined up with Trump including Falwell and Franklin Graham, not to mention Paul Ryan– bail after those comments and call on all Americans of good will to vote for Hillary?


Here below are America’s latest White Trash leaders the backward bigots who still support Trump.

The GOP must be punished or history will judge this generation of Americans most harshly.


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