You Literally Only Need One Reason to Vote Against Trump and For Hillary. Period. Here it is.

You Literally Only Need One Reason to Vote Against Trump and For Hillary. Period. Here it is. August 30, 2016

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As Phil Plait writes in Slate The Republican Party has made it clear how they feel about climate change.” Their official platform only mentions it a few times, and that’s to dismiss it, and their presidential candidate, Donald Trump, calls it a “hoax” and chose a denier as his energy consultant and another as his vice presidential pick. The Democratic Party platform talks about it much more realistically, categorizing it as a threat to our nation and our world. Accepting there’s a problem is step one, and even a slow approach is better than fueling the fire. Literally.

Look up your senators, your representative. Find out where they stand on this issue. Contact them, write a letter (that’s the most effective means of getting your voice heard), supporting them if they understand the reality of climate change, or briefly and politely letting them know how you feel if they don’t.

Facts: Global warming is real, and almost entirely caused by human activities. Natural variability in temperature is minor compared with what we’re doing. This increase in temperature is causing the climate to change, in many ways that are not only predictable but actually observed. This in turn is causing other effects, like Arctic and Antarctic ice loss, sea level rise, coral bleaching, more extreme weather, and much, much more.

Nothing else matters. Our house is on fire. The GOP is the enemy of the Earth. Trump is a mere fool.

To vote for Trump and any Republican this year is to vote against God and God’s creation. Too strong? Only if you are an atheist.

A vote for the GOP is a vote to kill your children and grandchildren, quite literally. Trump is  a hoax, not the science of climate disaster looming.

Politics is the least worry.

Abortion? Gay rights? The Supreme Court? Mere footnotes on our collective suicide.

As writes Plait :

And if you hear someone denying climate change, may I humbly suggest searching this very blog for more info with which to give them facts, and links to more information? Other good sources include NASA’s climate site, NOAA’s climate site, Skeptical Science, DesmogBlog, RealClimate, and Climate Central.

It’s not too late. If we choose wisely, that is.


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