It Is With Great Joy That I Present The Most Magnificently Bizarre Trump TV Add Ever (For Real!) And Thus Prove God and/or the Universe Isn’t Laughing WITH America But AT America– Do NOT Miss This!

It Is With Great Joy That I Present The Most Magnificently Bizarre Trump TV Add Ever (For Real!) And Thus Prove God and/or the Universe Isn’t Laughing WITH America But AT America– Do NOT Miss This! October 28, 2016

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When your grandchildren and/or aliens from another planet ask “Just how weird did the 2016 election get?” don’t say a thing! Just pray this add is still on YouTube and say “Watch!”

Trump just released an ad aimed at “winning over Indian-American-Hindu voters.” Frank Zappa at the height of his creative parody could not have made anything better. The difference is that Zappa would have been funny on purpose.

Trump’s ad marks the total convergence of religion, politics and comedy… unintentionally because the add is serious. It looks like a spoof but isn’t. And it is so wonderfully awful that it rates right up there with Trump himself as proof that money doesn’t make you smart.

Anyone fearing a post-election Trump TV empire needn’t worry. Trump’s people are apparently so clueless about production values that Trump TV surely would be an SNL type unintentional parody of… well… Trump.


As the Huffington Post reported, the ad opens with a greeting for Diwali ― the Hindu festival of lights, which starts this weekend ― yet also includes “an image of the 2008 Mumbai terror attack.” Trump then vows to defeat “radical Islamic terrorism” and even attempts a few words in Hindi, thus expanding his 200 word vocabulary he uses to 205 words.

Shalli Kumar, chairman of Trump’s “Indian-American Advisory Council,” did not tell BuzzFeed that Trump is a “baby Hindu” (as did James Dobson about Trump’s conversion to evangelical born-again bullshit…) but came close. He told BuzzFeed News that the ad was airing on Indian-American channels 20 times a day and “We wanted to reach out to Hindu-Americans to let everybody know that he loves Hindus,” Kumar said.

The good news is that Hindus have just proved that unlike James Dobson, Jerry Falwell Jr and Franklin Graham, and Trump’s other white aging evangelical minions, Hindus are fully integrated into the sane part of America.  A survey released earlier this month found just 7 percent of Indian-Americans planned to vote for Trump.

Hinduism thus seems to have a bright future in the USA- unlike the religion of white evangelicals. According to polls about 80 percent of white evangelicals have declared themselves and their religion a misogynist racist cult by saying they will vote for the misogynist racist white supremacist leader-of-aging-white-religiously-deluded-losers: Trump.

The BBC spoke to several people on the streets of Delhi to see what they thought about the ad. “I thought the U.S. was a developed country, but after seeing this man come this far, I am having serious doubts,” Kriti Kakkar was quoted as saying.

To which I add only this:

I too thought the US was a developed country but after learning that 35 million of us or so are still Republicans and will vote for the Loser’s Loser– I’m also having serious doubts….

And no this ad was not edited. It is as is, really! No kidding! Thank you Jesus!




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