WATCH as Colbert trashes the fake president-elect’s, fake news…(an epic rant!)

WATCH as Colbert trashes the fake president-elect’s, fake news…(an epic rant!) December 9, 2016

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WATCH as Colbert trashes the fake president-elect’s, fake news… : The latest of many Trump-lie conspiracy theories originated from “alt-right” Trump supporters sifting through Clinton campaign emails following the Podesta/Wikileaks scandal. After noticing more references to pizza and pizzerias than they had expected, they landed on this bizarre explanation. “A lot of uninformed, gullible people fell for the Clinton/Podesta sex ring theory, people like Trump’s pick for national security adviser Michael Flynn, who tweeted out the link writing ‘New Hillary Emails Money Laundering Sex Crimes w Children, etc…MUST READ’ introducing it ‘U decide.'”


Colbert did: “I decided the guy who spread this bullsh*t shouldn’t be in charge of national security.” Donald Trump’s transition team did the right thing in response, sort of. After deciding the act was disqualifying, they fired Michael Flynn’s son for tweeting about pizza gates. and one other thing: It is now clear: Trump’s cabinet picks constitute a F-you to America and the planet. Trump has a chip on his shoulder… and now he’s getting even with the world. Proof? Trump’s unprecedented disaster pick for the environment — Scott Pruitt to lead the EPA. He’s a climate denier crank who has sued the agency multiple times as attorney general of Oklahoma. When the air is filthy, the water dirty, your kid dying of asthma, the fisheries empty, marshes empty of wild game to hunt, the seas rising, your house gone in a tornado, the forests dying… thank a Trump voter! Trump just rolled back the reliably clean air and water that Americans have largely enjoyed over the past 40 years. … Oh yes, and Trump’s labor secretary pick Andy Puzder, who makes 300 times his employees, opposes a minimum wage increase…


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