Did Trump Organize the Fyre Festival — A Disastrous Failed Luxury “Music Event” — or did the Event’s “Organizer” Billy Mcfarland Become President of the USA?

Did Trump Organize the Fyre Festival — A Disastrous Failed Luxury “Music Event” — or did the Event’s “Organizer” Billy Mcfarland Become President of the USA? April 29, 2017

Take the Fyre Festival — the disastrous failed luxury “Music Event” story about disappointed rich brat music festival goers — and the “presidency” of rich brat Donald Trump… and merge them.

Here’s an oddly entertaining — and scary — thought experiment

The Trump/Fyre Festival merger (below) is a parable of American decline, hubris and fake “values” that wove money, greed, and a lack of tactile connection to reality, into one bizarre apocalyptic tapestry.

I’ve taken excerpts from a story in Huffington Post and merged them with bits of a New York Times editorial into one single story of dysfunction.

The Huffington Post article I’ve borrowed from is It Should Have Been Easy To Predict The Fyre Festival Disaster.  The New York Times editorial is 100 Days of Noise From Donald Trump. These seemingly unrelated stories — of entitled Ayn Rand wet dream wealth gone wrong combined with utter stupidity — fit together weirdly well into one seamless cautionary tale.

I assume you’ve heard of Trump, but In case you never heard of this failed “music festival” here’s how the Washington Post broke the darkly amusing story:

The organizers of the Fyre Festival promised “two transformative weekends” on a “remote and private” island in the Bahamas that was “once owned by Pablo Escobar.” …

Festival-goers paid anywhere from $450 for a no-frills day pass to up to $250,000 for the full VIP experience. One widely-advertised festival package cost $12,000. There were even packages that included a private yacht….

…Anyone who could afford the ticket would arrive in paradise on a private jet with their friends, for a taste of the lifestyle that only seems to exist on the Instagram feeds of models.

None of that happened.

The first wave of paying guests arrived on Thursday, only to find themselves staring at a chaotic festival site that appeared to be weeks away from being able to host anyone….

Blink-182, one of the bands headlining the festival, had canceled at the last minute. The tents that were set up for guests to sleep in looked like “FEMA tents,” one person said. Not exactly the luxury accommodations they’d paid for. Meanwhile some tents were still in their boxes

Here’s my story-merging bit of journalistic “performance art”… Read… Laugh… Cry


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