Trump and the GOP “Pro-Life” Healthcare Abortion

Trump and the GOP “Pro-Life” Healthcare Abortion May 5, 2017

Say you hate everyone but the super rich and wish to redistribute hundreds of billions of dollars from working class people to the Koch brothers, the Trump clan and the founders of Facebook and Google. Say you have no problem with literally killing thousands of people to do so, as long as they are poor. If you are a Republican who loves this idea your dream just came true.

The “American Health Care Act” (AHCA)—does just that: squanders lives to fund the Trump clan’s tax breaks to themselves and to their rich cronies. And the irony is that evangelicals who say they follow Jesus, made it all possible.

I use the word irony because white “pro-life” evangelicals were the people who got Trump elected. They did this because he said he’d be save the babies. Turns out he is literally pro-death (for babies too) and so are the GOP ideologues who rammed this “bill” through the House. For a start they just stripped poor women of prenatal care for their unborn babies…


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