Why Your Church Should Be on Instagram Right Now (Guest Post)

This post was NOT written by Frank.

Your church likely has a Facebook page, as it’s a great way to keep your congregation informed and spread the good word. Facebook is a powerful tool, but it’s not the only way to share the gospel and connect with your congregation.

Instagram is easily one of the best platforms for your church to use. It’s growing quickly, and it’s second in popularity only to Facebook. The highly visual and positive nature of the platform makes it perfect for your congregations use!

If you’re not yet convinced that Instagram is for your parish, here are some reasons that you’ll want to make an account as soon as possible!

You Can Gain a Lot of Followers

There’s power in numbers, especially when it comes to preaching the gospel. Having a high following on Instagram means that you have higher visibility. More people can find you and follow your account, adding a dose of positivity and daily inspiration to their lives.

Once you’ve created an Instagram profile, you’re easily set up to attract more followers. First, you can spread the word to your congregation. When they’ve followed your Instagram profile, they can share it with others. Pretty soon, your numbers could be doubled or quadrupled.

Instagram account holders can also buy followers on Instagram in order to boost their numbers at the beginning. Buying real followers means that your church will become more visible and get more engagement. Keep the momentum going in order to sustain the growth.

It’s Great Advertising

Whether you’re trying to share your faith or increase your congregation, Instagram provides a simple and impactful advertising platform.

The simplest way to advertise is through regular posts that promote your service times and sermon series. Encourage your active parishioners to share these posts so that their friends and family are privy to the information.

You also have the option of paid advertising. For a few dollars, you can increase the reach of your posts significantly. You can even focus on certain regions or demographics if need be. For example, if you’re a church that focuses on young single adults, you could narrow your advertisement accordingly.

You Can Share Testimonies

Instagram works best when you’re using content generated by your followers and will usually garner a lot of likes. This creates a sort of social proof, indicating to those who happen upon your account that you know your stuff and are an authentic source.

To increase the effectiveness of your Instagram page, ask your active parishioners if they’d be willing to share testimony. Everyone has a unique story about how they came to be religious or how they found your church. It can provide much-needed inspiration in a person’s life and encourage them to visit your services.

Stories can be published anonymously or with a photo of the individual. Photos with faces receive 38 percent more engagement according to a Gartner study, so that’s ideal. However, you don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable.

Additionally, you can share stories using Instagram’s many platforms including the everyday newsfeed, Stories, and IGTV. Broadcasting testimonies across each of these platforms regularly massively expands your reach and effectiveness.

It Generates More Positivity

Church social media pages tend to bring much-needed positivity in a world that’s full of negative experiences and self-doubt. Instagram is the perfect place to publish these positive affirmations, as it’s recognized as one of the most uplifting social media platforms out there.

This is particularly true when compared with Facebook. A recent Facebook poll showed that 87 percent of responders found Instagram to be a most positive social network. Many said they prefer the platform because of that.

Instagram is already encouraging more positivity, and you can use that momentum to spread cheer with your insightful messages. You can share quotes, scriptures, experiences, good deeds, rare uplifting news reports, and more. Instagram gives your church amazing power to spread good!

You Can Share Highlights from Your Services

While discussing promoting your church and generating more positivity, it’s important to specifically mention sharing moments from your services. People are always shopping around for the right church. They want to find the one that makes them feel at home and that aligns with their beliefs.

It can be exhausting for believers to bounce from one church to the other, looking for the perfect fit. With Instagram, you can share little moments from your services, so people know what you’re all about. You could also share your mission statement or core beliefs to connect with those who feel the same.

Consider using a combination of newsfeed and Stories posts to highlight your services. Both will yield far-reaching engagement that can help you grow your congregation.

It Can Encourage More Community Involvement

For many religions, good works is a foundational principle to live by. Your church likely hosts many service and outreach opportunities in your community. Many hands makes light work, and you can find those many hands on Instagram.

Promote any upcoming service or outreach events. Tell people how they can get involved. If they can’t attend your event on a specific day, share information about how they can help on their own. This effort will help to create a holistic sense of unity and care in your community.

You Can Introduce Your Staff

Oftentimes, parishioners will leave one church in search of another because of conflicts with the staff or clergy. In many cases, the conflict could be resolved with a little more information.

Instagram is the perfect platform for introducing your staff members. Give background about their involvement in the church, how they gained their testimonies, and how they want to give back.

The information provided on your Instagram page in a positive light can help your church in so many ways! You’ll experience profound growth and encourage deep and lasting conversion among those looking for something to believe in.

This post was NOT written by Frank.