6 Things Every Christian Should Post on Instagram to Influence Others for The Better

6 Things Every Christian Should Post on Instagram to Influence Others for The Better February 10, 2018

While I no longer use Instagram, many of you do. Hence, this article.

This is a guest post by Amy Tori on six Instagram tips for Christians.

With social media becoming more and more utilized in today’s society, it is becoming increasingly easier for different types of people to share their content and view that of others. With this increased connectivity, stumbling across malicious or harmful content has become startingly simple. However, we as Christians can do something to prevent this.

In the interest of spreading love and understanding, posting benevolent content can fight against the tides of malignant content currently plaguing social media.

Here are 6 things you can post on Instagram to better the lives of people who bear witness to your content.

1. Quote the scripture often.

Quoting scripture may seem obvious, and you may already be involved in this practice, but it bears repeating because of the power it has in enlightening others on Instagram. Sure, blindly posting lines from scripture can do little to open the eyes of others, but purposeful posting is another story.

“Without purpose, quoting scripture is likely to fly right over heads,” says Thomas Jones of ViralRace. One of the most powerful uses of quoting scripture is to use it to start discussion about current events or issues that are circulating in our society. In that situation, a relevant line of scripture or two can spark healthy conversations and galvanize people into considering new perspectives.

2. Stay away from controversy.

These days, Instagram and controversy go hand in hand. This development has a lot of causes, particularly the superfan complex that has developed behind social media celebrities. Although these influential users and their individual controversies aren’t going anywhere, it is in our best interest to avoid these types of conflicts.

Spreading His message is serious business that requires the unbiased attention of others, so delving into deeply controversial topics, no matter your own convictions, can be detrimental to the overall cause. Whatever you post to Instagram, keeping it purely educational and harmless will minimize the number of opposers you attract and maximize the efficacy of your message.

3. Remind others of his love.

Not everyone on social media shares the same beliefs or is even aware His love for all, which is precisely why we must spread His message. Others still may be aware of His love, but just don’t consider themselves included, which an illusion we must do our part to dispel.

Posting scripture and acts of kindness done in the name of Christ can do leaps and bounds for convincing others that they are truly loved. Therefore, posting reminders of His goodness and our beliefs can go far in enlightening others on Instagram. “Even small reminders that there is good in the world because of Him can convince people to consider His message more closely,” says Alissa Verland of SocialDrift.

4. Avoid conflicts of belief.

It is a fact of life that not everyone agrees with our beliefs. These conflicts in convictions are some of the leading reasons why people question our motives and His message. The best way to open their eyes is by having candid conversations without the trouble of burdensome preconceptions.

It is for this reason that conflicting beliefs, just like controversy, should be avoided on public spaces. “Although there is certainly a time and place for voicing these beliefs, it is imperative to gather as many curious eyes as possible, so that spreading His message goes more smoothly and we can change more lives for the better,” says Sabrina Edwards of ViralUpgrade.

5. Be honest about yourself.

On Instagram, with so many celebrities living lavish, usually immoral lifestyles, we can achieve much more by being honest about ourselves. Spreading His message is usually easier when followers feel that they are our equals, rather than our fans. Therefore, posting candid snapshots of our lives, devoid of filters or vetting, can show people that we are honest people, making them more likely to listen to our message.

In addition, by partaking in this practice, others may be inspired to be more honest about their own lives, making immorality less prevalent on Instagram and users more willing to listen to our message.

6. Embrace others with open arms.

The final way we can influence others on Instagram for the better is by being accepting, as He would. Posting acts of kindness and scripture may convince some users, but openly accepting them is needed to change their minds about letting Christ into their life.

DM followers asking they would like to talk to you about anything. Post descriptions of the love and prosperity you’ve experienced since accepting Him into your life. Whatever the case, convincing others that you are accepting of them and would like to help them live better lives is the best way to positively influence others and spread His message.

~ Amy Tori

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