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I know you hear this a lot but for serious Christians INSURGENCE by Frank Viola is the must-read book of the 21st century so far. Below follows a series of questions and answers as I interviewed Frank Viola concerning his new book. Read on and learn why I strongly recommend you get a copy as fast as you can. If you know me, you know I am serious about the church and I don’t play marketing games. Let’s get started with… Read more

Derek Webb is the founder of NoiseTrade, which recently launched a new offshoot called NoiseTrade Books. I caught up with Derek recently to talk about the site. You will want to read the entire interview. At the end, you’ll see how you can download 3 eBooks of mine for FREE from Noisetrade. Enjoy and share!  For those who aren’t familiar with you, tell us who you are. Derek Webb: I am a musician & an entrepreneur. i have spent the better… Read more

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Today, I’m pausing my responses to your questions and will resume that series on Friday. The 93rd episode of my podcast is for every believer, but especially for Christians in their 20s and 30s. So if you’re in your 20s and 30s, be sure to listen to this episode and share it with all your peers. If you’re older, then share it with every person you know — friends, children, nieces, nephews — who is in their 20s and 30s…. Read more

The New Testament is made up of numerous letters to the church, written by apostolic workers like Paul of Tarsus, Simon Peter, John and others. Paul alone wrote 9 letters to the church (or the early ekklesias during his day). Those letters to the churches are fascinating on a number of fronts. First, these letters give us a peek into the apostolic message of God’s Eternal Purpose. Second, the letters also give us a window into the life of the… Read more

In the 94th episode of the podcast, I outline the 7 distinct features of the present-day ministry of Jesus Christ. At the end of the episode, I climb on a limb and start sawing hard . . . I took a phone call from someone who was very distraught. They solicited my advice on their situations and I gave it. I’ll say no more. Give it a listen. As we talked about before, if you feel you don’t you have… Read more

Like their predecessors, the “New Athiests” have had a field day with the Old Testament, using it to malign God and cast aspersions on His goodness. This isn’t terribly hard to do. Just open up Exodus, Numbers, or Deuteronomy and start reading them with a modern-Western-rational mindset. Enter David Lamb’s compelling book, God Behaving Badly: Is the God of the Old Testament Angry, Sexist and Racist? Lamb is an Old Testament scholar. And his God Behaving Badly is a fog-clearing piece of work… Read more

Have you ever read the Old Testament . . .  all of it? It’s riddled with episodes of God becoming angry, God being filled with hot-boiling wrath, God changing His mind, God commanding Israel to destroy other nations — including the women and children, God creating “seemingly” crazy unreasonable laws, God allowing injustices, etc. etc. Right? All of this has given atheists, agnostics, and those hostile to Christianity ample ammunition to try and discredit the faith. At the end of… Read more

The following post was written by T. Austin-Sparks. The term “Christian” was first used in Antioch in the first century to describe the early followers of Jesus. Sparks does a great job redeeming the original meaning of the word in a day where the term has become quite murky. – “And Agrippa said unto Paul, With but little persuasion thou wouldest fain make me a Christian” (Acts 26:28). Let us say at the outset that we are using the word “Christian”… Read more

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