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Shocking Beliefs of C.S. Lewis

“The Christian life is a life characterized by true and spontaneous creativity. Consequently, a disciple is subject to the same charge that was leveled against Jesus Christ, namely, the charge of inconsistency. But Jesus Christ was always consistent in His relationship to God, and a Christian must be consistent in his relationship to the life [Read More…]

ReGrace: The Shocking Beliefs of the Great Theologians

In November 2014, at the request of a well-known Christian leader whom I respect, I began a series called “Shocking Beliefs of [the Great Theologians] here on the Patheos blog network. The series has but one objective. To call for grace, civility, and tolerance among Christians when they disagree with one another over doctrinal issues. This point [Read More…]

3 Shocking Quotes by Billy Graham

With respect to fellow servants of God who have ministered previous to me, I try to find the best in them rather than criticizing those areas in which I might disagree. With respect to Billy Graham, countless positive things can be said about him. But there are three little-known quotes of his (that for me [Read More…]

David Platt: A Review of FOLLOW ME

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Rick Warren’s Horrific Tragedy & The Sickening Response of Some “Christians”

Now is a good time to go back and re-read Warning: The World is Watching How We Christians Treat One Another. Why do so many people not want to have anything to do with Jesus? It’s because of the cruel, harsh, self-righteous, and judgmental attitude that some professing “Christians” level against their fellow believers. “Why would [Read More…]

The Most Ignored Sin

The following article was written by Jon Zens in 2008. Three things to keep in mind: 1. Most Christians never realize or understand the despicable, sub-human act that gossip and slander are in the eyes of God until it happens to them. 2. Zens is using the biblical definitions for “gossip” and “slander,” not the [Read More…]

The Powers of Darkness

The following is my interview with Clinton E. Arnold on his excellent book, Powers of Darkness: Principalities and Powers in Paul’s Letters. The book is one of the best I’ve come across on the subject. Arnold is Dean and Professor of New Testament at Talbot School of Theology (Biola University). Enjoy! Instead of asking, “what [Read More…]

One Reason Why the Kingdom is Suffering Today

Well, I just wrote a blog post on my laptop. You have the title (above). Guess what happened. As is sometimes the case when I use a laptop (which isn’t the norm), my fingers hit the wrong keys and I end up deleting the entire post. Usually, however, I can use the “Undo” feature and [Read More…]


Over the years, I’ve learned to never give unsolicited advice. There have been a few exceptions. But in the main, offering unsolicited advice is a bad idea. What’s been your experience? [Read more…]

Interview with Michael Heiser: The Unseen Realm

Countless books pass through my hands each year. Evangelical publishers send me their new titles routinely. Once in a while, I will interview the authors. Most of the time I don’t. Recently, however, I came across a book where I actually found fresh content that was significantly helpful to my own thinking. Given how much I’ve read [Read More…]