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Support a Powerful Ministry & Personal Friend

Jeffrey Harley is a friend of mine. He pastors an inner-city church in Philly and helps the poor, the marginalized, and some of the most difficult cases you and I will ever see in this life, serving as chaplain at a Christian rescue mission. Jeffrey is a member of The Deeper Christian Life Network and he attended MinistryMind 2017, where I got to spend quality time with him and a number of other ministers. (I call Jeffrey “Denzel” because he… Read more

3 Ingredients to Create an Amazing 2018

New years are wonderful. They hand you a reset button so you can reengineer your life. I’ve lived through beautiful years, mediocre years, hellish years, and years that were beyond mention and worthy to be repressed. Granted, much of what happens to us is beyond our control. But we are in control of our reaction to what happens. A few years ago, I discovered a certain recipe for posturing myself for having a great year. In this blog post, I… Read more

My Most Popular Blog Posts

I’ve been blogging here on The Deeper Journey (Patheos) since 2014 and on Beyond Evangelical since 2008. What follows are my most popular blog posts of all time. Check them out by clicking on each link. Updated: November 2017 Bono on Jesus Alice Cooper on Jesus Elvis on Jesus John Lennon on Jesus 3 Shocking Quotes by Billy Graham The Most Ignored Sin Stop Looking for an Organic Church! Is it Okay for a Christian to be Rich? The Swearing… Read more

How to Simplify Your Life

Today’s world is incredibly complicated. So much so that most of us are seeking ways to simplify our lives amid the blizzard of busyness. The trick to simplifying your life is to look at what you do in a given month. Then analyze what needs to be done from what can be removed or trimmed back. As an example, here are five ways that I’ve simplified my life in 2015. Perhaps some of them will inspire you and ignite your own ideas…. Read more

Why God Doesn’t Always Protect His Children

Beyond the age-old question of how a good God can allow evil to take place in His world is an even thornier question. The Bible repeatedly promises that God will protected His own people. How, then, do we make sense of those times where He appears to be AWOL when His people are in danger? And He doesn’t protect them? How do we reconcile this with Psalm 91 and all those other biblical texts promising protecting of God’s own? Well,… Read more

A Week in the Fall of Jerusalem

Ben Witherington’s A Week in the Fall of Jerusalem is an informative historical peek into a tragedy that took place in A.D. 70. From the publisher: It’s A.D. 70. And amidst smoke, clamor, and terror, Jerusalem is falling to the Romans, its temple being destroyed. As Jews and Christians try to escape the city, we travel with some of them through an imagined week of flight and faith. A scribe makes his way into Galilee in search of records of… Read more

Shocking Beliefs of Martin Luther

This post has been removed because I’m editing it and it will appear in a full-length book, which is due to release in 2019. The book will features the shocking beliefs of C.S. Lewis, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Charles Spurgeon, D.L. Moody, Augustine, John Wesley, Jonathan Edwards, and others — the “greats” who shaped evangelicalism. The point of the book — which is presently titled ReGrace: The Shocking Beliefs of the Great Theologians — will be encourage civility and grace… Read more

The Force Behind the Protestant Reformation Wasn’t Luther

Martin Luther is credited with spawning the Protestant Reformation in Germany. There’s no doubt he was one of the main movers and shakers. Perhaps the top dog in that arena. But the forceful mind behind the Reformation wasn’t Luther. It was his Philip Melanchthon. And without him, there would be no Reformation. Not as we know it, anyway. Luther was bombastic and passionate, using giant brush strokes to create his images. Melanchthon, on the other hand, painted details using an… Read more

You Can’t Join Jesus in His Present Work if You Don’t Know What He’s Up To

The 96th episode of the “Christ is All” podcast released this morning. In this episode, you will hear 3 recent interview clips where I talk about what Jesus is doing right now . . . since His ascension . . . and how what He’s doing now benefits you and me. The podcast is 45 minutes long and opens and closes with a music trailer (as most of my podcast episodes do). If you’re pressed for time, listen while you… Read more

Do You Have a Speaking Ministry?

If you are a teacher or preacher, please read the following. An extraordinary experience to give you the BREAKTHROUGH in ministry you’ve been waiting for as well as CONNECTION with a group of gifted ministers! MinistryMind is NOT a conference or a seminar. It’s a high-voltage Mastermind event! The Problem is Widespread Countless pastors and teachers are looking for more effective ways to minister. Countless pastors and teachers are looking for face-to-face connection with other leaders to encourage & inspire them. Countless… Read more

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