December 11, 2019

Originally Posted June 17, 2009 Recently, a friend of mine encouraged me to get into talk radio. So I tried. Once and only once. Never before, never again. It was a first-class disaster. This isn’t the whole show, but it’s the first phone call I got that night. . . and the last. Click the link below and listen to the hot-boiling phone call from a disgruntled caller. It’s less than 4 minutes long. That was the call that shattered… Read more

December 10, 2019

Here’s a recent email I received by someone who is in his early 30s that sparked the idea for this blog post: “Frank, just want you to know that your podcast is changing my life. I’ve binged on all 100+ episodes and they are amazing! I love the variety, the humor, and the different types of music in the beginning. My only regret is that I wish I would have known about it several years ago when I was going… Read more

November 29, 2019

I was speaking to a friend awhile ago. He was telling me that many Christian conference hosts, who also happen to be speakers, intentionally don’t invite certain speakers to speak at their conferences out of jealousy. To put it in a sentence: They don’t wish to be upstaged. He used an illustration involving the rock band U2. Suppose that U2 invited a certain band to open for them. But that band ended up being more gifted, more talented, and received… Read more

November 17, 2019

Many of you requested that we make all the new songs I’ve featured on this blog into an “album” so you can play them all in your automobile or iPod. Well, I’ve done just that. The 86th episode of the podcast features 7 new songs one after the other. iTunes Subscribe Podbean (Stream) RSS Feed Read more

November 9, 2019

If God has anointed you with a significant ministry, at some point in your life, you will have someone who is obsessed with destroying your life and your work. The testimony of church history witnesses to this. Some in the religious establishment were consumed with killing Jesus, and they eventually did. Paul of Tarsus had some who were so obsessed with him that they took a vow to fast food until he was dead. The next morning some Jews formed… Read more

October 31, 2019

Martin Luther is credited with spawning the Protestant Reformation in Germany. There’s no doubt he was one of the main movers and shakers. Perhaps the top dog in that arena. But the forceful mind behind the Reformation wasn’t Luther. It was his Philip Melanchthon. And without him, there would be no Reformation. Not as we know it, anyway. Luther was bombastic and passionate, using giant brush strokes to create his images. Melanchthon, on the other hand, painted details using an… Read more

October 29, 2019

The 96th episode of the “Christ is All” podcast released this morning. In this episode, you will hear 3 recent interview clips where I talk about what Jesus is doing right now . . . since His ascension . . . and how what He’s doing now benefits you and me. The podcast is 45 minutes long and opens and closes with a music trailer (as most of my podcast episodes do). If you’re pressed for time, listen while you… Read more

October 19, 2019

Recently, it was said of a celebrity pop preacher that “he loves God, but not people.” Sorry, but that can’t happen. Not according to Jesus. Not according to John. Read 1 John from beginning to end and ask yourself if someone can love God and not love others, especially members of the body of Christ. Can’t happen. If a person doesn’t love others, he/she doesn’t love God. Period. They may think they love God, but they may love the idea… Read more

September 6, 2019

You’ve heard me use the term “sanctified imagination.” Here’s the first use of the term, as far as I know, back in 1959. Enjoy. The Value of a Sanctified Imagination by A.W.Tozer Like every other power belonging to us, the imagination may be either a blessing or a curse, depending altogether upon how it is used and how well it is disciplined. We all have to some degree the power to imagine. This gift enables us to see meanings in… Read more

September 4, 2019

We are phasing out the Home Edition (the physical version) of the How to Live by the Indwelling Life of Christ course. The online version will continue. Note that you have it for life and you take it at your own pace. This is my most popular course. If you are interested in grabbing a copy before we run out, GO HERE. Free samples are available on that page also. Read more

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