October 4, 2016

Find out why discipleship isn’t working today. That’s what I explore in my eBook, Discipleship in Crisis. You can’t buy the book. There’s only one way to get it — by subscribing to my Patheos blog below. Read more

May 26, 2023

Studies in the Sermon on the Mount by David Martyn Lloyd-Jones is regarded as a spiritual classic on Jesus’ remarkable kingdom charter in Matthew 5 – 7. Jones is detailed in his exposition, showing that the Sermon on the Mount is not a code of ethics or a list of moral rules. According to Jones, “When we consider the Sermon on the Mount, we are never to stop even with the moral, ethical, spiritual teaching; we are to go beyond... Read more

May 26, 2023

A large emphasis of my ministry is on the subject of creation and new creation, particularly with reference to God’s Eternal Purpose. (Many of the conference messages explore this topic.) Recently, Edward W. Klink III has released a new book entitled The Beginning and End of All Things: A Biblical Theology of Creation and New Creation. While the book is written in an academic manner, the content is solid. I see it as a good introduction to the subject of... Read more

May 13, 2023

Check it out at BeyondEvangelical.com. Over 1,000 articles, 20+ books, 3 podcasts, courses, free samples, and other resources. The content is not for the faint in heart. Read more

April 21, 2023

Those who have been through the Insurgence Experience (IXP) Mastermind last year (when it began) and this year have been the most impressive pastors and teachers I’ve ever met. May their tribe increase. If you are someone who preaches and teaches regularly and you’re in your 30s or 40s, you’ll want to apply to the 2024 IXP Mastermind. If you don’t fit that criteria, surely you know some who do. So please pass this post on to them so they... Read more

April 18, 2023

Over the last month, we used social media to share a need from a man in India who has a ministry to the homeless and who also has a personal need (his daughter is currently sick). This man, Charles, has created the memes for my book 48 Laws of Spiritual Power. Here are a few below. I hired Charles to create the memes (over 50 of them), and he did a great job. What baffles me is that I’ve promoted... Read more

April 16, 2023

Just returned from Orlando where I spent 4 days with a group of top-shelf Christian leaders for the 2023 IXP (Insurgence Experience) MASTERMIND. Heaven broke through to earth. The interactions, fellowship of the Spirit, encounters with the Lord, problem-solving, and sharing was amazing. I spoke 9 times, and then when the IXP ended, a friend flew down from New England and we recorded 6 new episodes for the Insurgence Podcast. Exhausted? No. I was drawing from a different life source... Read more

March 23, 2023

Over on the Beyond Evangelical blog – which has just been completely revamped and upgraded – I publicly unveiled (for the first time in 5 years) the remix of I CAN ONLY IMAGINE. The new version is called YOU DON’T HAVE TO IMAGINE. Check it out HERE. Read more

February 28, 2023

If you are new to my work, you can read my latest article Revival, Reformation, Restoration, and Revolution. The feedback has been tremendous. And I appreciate it. On Tuesday’s episode of the Christ is All podcast, I unveiled my complete rewrite of the classic song “Stairway to Heaven.” The new lyrics present the unfolding drama of the romance of the ages that we find in Genesis through Revelation. Two conference messages follow the revised song. We added them after the... Read more

February 27, 2023

An opportunity to help the poor. Ravi is the one who created the graphics images for “48 Laws of Spiritual Power” (below) so if you need graphics work, you can hire him also. His email is charleskgf@gmail.com.   Read more

February 22, 2023

Listen to the new conference message – Hearing the Voice That Has No Words Read more

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