Tips for Saving Money on Church Utilities in the UK (Guest Post)

The following is a guest post.

For someone who is working as a church facility manager, utility cost is always a concern. Sometimes the money that could have been spent on other church-related activities must be paid into electricity bills, which can be heartbreaking. It is essential for the prosperity of the church that utilities are being managed efficiently. Every extra pound that is being spent on electricity bills could have gone towards a nobler cause. In this article, we share a few effective tips that will help you save money on church utilities.

Invest In Energy Efficient Lights

The first thing you need to do is make sure that the lights you are using in the church are not ones that consume too much energy. There are many different types of lighting available, and you should always opt for LED lights. If your church is using fluorescent lighting or any other type of light, you are just wasting energy. LED lights consume a lot less energy than other kinds of lighting and last longer than other options. They are also significantly cheaper as well. You can also use lights that can be dimmed so that you can control your energy usage.  Make sure that your electrical provider is charging you fairly. You can check Utility Bidder to compare the prices of electricity providers as well.

Go Green

Another way of saving money on utilities is by going green. You can start by creating awareness among the congregation of how the church and they themselves can become more energy efficient. You can communicate new solutions to them. This will bring out the people in the community who are construction managers and engineers, and they can also help your church go green.  You can opt for solar panels to help you reduce the costs of energy as well.

Invest More in Windows

It is always smart to invest money in windows that let a good amount of light inside the church. Using windows with darkened glass will only make you turn on the lights even before the sun has set. Your church can look well lit without the lights on when you have used the right kind of windows. The same goes for ventilation as well. The more open the airflow in the church,  the easier it will be to deal with the summer heat.

Evaluate Your Budget

Evaluate your church’s budget. Spread out the monthly costs and see where most of the money is being used. This will give you a clear picture of where the money is going. You can point out the spots where it is being wasted and you can also figure out the areas in which you need to spend more wisely.  Take your time and go through this process carefully, because the closer you look, the more ways you will find to save money.

Restructure Your Phone Plans

You can also save money by restructuring the phone plans of church employees.  Many churches provide phone plans to their employees, which can be more costly in the long run. Pay your employees a little extra for their phone bill instead of providing a plan.  Packages for plans are usually more expensive.  In this way, you will only have to add a small amount onto each employee’s salary and you won’t have to pay for the employees who do not need phone services.

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