God’s Beloved Gay Daughter

God’s Beloved Gay Daughter September 24, 2013

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“She has just been with God. She was not, is not, mine to judge or reject or try to change.

A sweet reader named Jill sent this beautiful piece. I reprint it with her permission.

“When my daughter was born and they laid her on my stomach for the first time, and she opened her eyes and looked at me, I was struck like a thunderbolt with the thought, “She has just been with God.”  She looked so wise and knowing and peaceful, and I felt so amazed that God was sharing this piece of creation with me. Since that moment, I have always had this sense that my children were not MINE, just to do with as I please, but that they were on loan from God, given to me to nurture and teach and raise and LOVE. To show them what it means to be loved just as you are, to give and receive love and forgiveness and care.

“So when that precious baby, who I just knew had been with God moments before she was with me, came to me 20 years later and told me she was gay….what on earth could I show her but love? She was not, is not, mine to judge or reject or try to change. She is what God sent her into this world and my arms to be….a beautiful piece of God’s love for us.”

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