Your LGBTQ Child Is Amazing!


More today from my Saturday “Jesus Blog” – a word from Jesus to you… Dear Moms and Dads,Your child is gay. I love that. I love them.Do not be afraid; it’s going to be alright. In fact, it will be amazing!Your world feels shaky but I encourage you to relax. It’s not just going to be okay, it will be better than okay.Your child is lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer or questioning but that’s not all. Your child is so much more.Your child is courageous to follow their heart in the fa … [Read more...]

Dear Susan: A Valid Marriage Is About Procreation, Right?


Sometimes I wonder if people really think through things. Where is the heart? The question today concerns whether or not a church can condone a marriage that will not produce children. I don't know if this will surprise you or not, but we get asked that question a lot.Marriage is not about religion. Atheists get married.Marriage is not about reproduction. The infertile get married.Marriage is about love. That’s it.And that’s beautiful.I write Dear Susan posts most every Fri … [Read more...]

If You Have a Gay Child, What Kind of Dad Will You Be? Here Are Three Choices


One of every four homeless LGBTQ become homeless the day they come out. 40% of all homeless youth are gay. 70% of those attempt suicide. Will you be a Dad that protects your child from that future? Or will you be a Dad that kicks your child to the street?Being gay is not a choice. Whether or not you unconditionally love, accept and affirm your gay child is. It is your choice alone, and you need to understand that there are natural consequences for each - in the life of your child, and your … [Read more...]

Being Gay and Christian Is Absolutely Compatible

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"When you write, “It’s the Christians against the gays. The close-minded against the open-minded. The hateful against the loving;” when you write that gay people “have a stake in both camps” it is too easy to infer, despite your two courageous examples, that being Christian and gay are incompatible."On March 27, the Indianapolis Star published an opinion piece by columnist Erika D. Smith regarding the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The Rev. John Denson, from St. Paul's Episcopal Church in … [Read more...]

Jesus Blog: You Don’t Need The Rules


More today from my Saturday “Jesus Blog” – a word from Jesus to you… Did you know that I never told anyone to write down the things I said?Did you know that I never told anyone to start a religion called Christianity?So what did I tell people?  I told them to love God, and love others - and I tried to be an example of how to be with and love people - especially those who needed me the most.But now there is a lot of talk among church people that you need to follow the rules of the Bib … [Read more...]

Franklin Graham and a Heart of Privilege


Sometimes, I get frustrated. You gotta love this! Franklin Graham is gonna tell you what’s up! Because he knows. He has so been there. When he’s pulled over, buddy, you better believe he does what the officer says—and he has never been shot! The fact that he’s a highly privileged white male has nothing to do with it. So listen to him, people! He’s never been sexually harassed or racially discriminated against. He will help you not be harassed or discriminated against, either!Read what he has … [Read more...]

We Are Going to Indiana!! Would You Give The Price of a Pizza?


Okay, let's do this! We want to take God’s love for gays to Indiana - including a special stop in Walkerton where we might even grab a slice of pizza! :-) And hopefully other places too - like Arkansas, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma and more!  Please help and please SHARE! Thank you! Here's the story...We help Christian parents learn to unconditionally love, accept and affirm their LGBTQ kids without sacrificing their faith! We help heal parent-child and church-based wounds. And we help chu … [Read more...]

Anti-Gay Christians: Are You Being Scammed?


Not so fast. The Indiana Memories Pizza story may not be quite what we thought. Accusations are being made that the pizza place that wouldn’t cater a gay wedding was enticed to answer certain, setup questions, to gain loyalty from the likeminded, and the business was “forced to shutter” at what appears to be the exact same time the GoFundMe page was launched – and launched with the help of someone tied to the reporting “news” organization. Here is one of the many stories raising lots of concerns. … [Read more...]

It’s Easter… Mom, Dad, Call Your Kids.


Moms and Dads, it’s Easter. Time for resurrection of broken hearts, broken bodies, broken relationships.Please. Call your kids. Their hearts are waiting.If things were shaky, angry, hurtful last time you talked, if you said things like “we won’t have any of that in this house.. ” call them.You’re the only parents they have. Keep no record of wrongs.If you are a follower of Jesus, you remember his sacrifice for you, and his resurrection, on this day.So, forget about right and … [Read more...]

Jesus Blog: WWID – What Would I Do?


More today from my Saturday “Jesus Blog” – a word from Jesus to you… Easter.The holiday known for celebrating me, my life, my death, my resurrection.Billions of people around the world claim to know me and follow me.But as you celebrate, I want you to remember a few things:I came for everyone, every race, every color, every social status, every economic status, every nationality, every gender, every orientation.I came for those who have been knocked down, pushed aside, steppe … [Read more...]