A Straight Christian Mom Responds to Dobson’s Attack on Gays


James Dobson doesn’t really “Focus on the Family”… he just focuses on SOME families. Marriage equality is only a matter of time—and Dobson’s newsletter attack, which includes a speech by Robert George, is basically a call-to-arms to resist “the homosexual activist movement” and its “master plan” of “destruction and redesign of the family.”As I have written before, God does NOT define marriage as a man and a woman. My mentor pointed out years ago that Dobson would have been much more helpful a … [Read more...]

Are You Leading People Astray by Supporting Gays?


Nothing quite like being told that I am rewriting the word of God - like if it truly is the word of God, do I even have the ability to actually rewrite it?!?Nothing quite like being told that I am leading innocent people astray and committing a grievous sin.Welcome to my world.  :-)As one of my wonderful readers said, "The amazing lengths people will go to, the excuses they will make to avoid those two little commandments Jesus gave: love God and love your neighbor."I do have … [Read more...]

Doesn’t God Tell Us To Hate Evil? (This Could Change Everything!)

one in four

Alarming numbers of young people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or queer are becoming homeless, kicked out of families and churches, choosing substance abuse, and even making the tragic decision to end their own lives.What are we called to do?When the Pharisees -- who were focused on behaving the "right" way instead of loving -- were nose-to-nose with Jesus, they missed him! They didn’t understand at all.You may be doing the same thing.This is Rob, Susan's husband w … [Read more...]

What My Mom & I Never Had


Neither of my parents are alive. I lost my Dad when I was in my 20's and my relationship with him was difficult and distant. I can't recall a single "I love you." But Mom was different. She loved me and I knew it. Our relationship was very tender. She was at every school event, every concert. She was my biggest fan, and she was the first one I would call when something good happened in my life. She died in 1995.But it was complicated. I felt like we could have had a much deeper, genuine … [Read more...]

My Family is Using the Bible to Condemn My Gay Son – How Can I Respond?


Have you ever had someone come at you - judging and condemning your gay children? Maybe trying to "set you straight"? Even saying you and your child are going to hell using words like abomination and apostate?Both Rob & I have.Friends (I guess it would be former friends), strangers online, church leaders, and even close family members. All judging and condemning us because of our love for our own children, and because of our advocacy for human beings who are gay.There are many of … [Read more...]

The Proverbs 31 Woman Speaks! (Moms, this is for you.)


This is a message for all the women weighed down by the Proverbs 31 Woman. Well, she stopped by to clear the record on the book written about her. :)  Here she is... in her own words...For heaven's sake! What have you done to my story? Here it is, a beautiful poem, and it's been used as a noose around your neck. It was never meant to be that. You're cooking and canning, washing and scrubbing, up before the crack of dawn, striving SO HARD to be "practically perfect in every way." You're as ba … [Read more...]

Are These 5 LGBT Issues More Important Than Same-Sex Marriage?


I’m a big supporter of same-sex marriage. I have been for a long time. As a gay man, it makes me happy and proud to see same-sex marriage become legal in so many states, even in my home state of Oklahoma. And yet, I am also aware that same-sex marriage is by far not the most pressing issue in my community. Marriage didn’t have to be the main focus of the LGBT rights movement. The riots at Stonewall, for example, were about being left alone – stop harassing us, stop arresting us, just let us be. … [Read more...]

I Just Want To Be Loved. Is That So Wrong?


“My heart is heavy. My daughter’s friend killed himself on Thursday. No one knows why yet, but in conversation I've heard over and over he was lonely. I think about the pain he was feeling. It must have hurt so deep for him to take his life. ALL life matters! You wrote about people not understanding the fullness and completeness of God’s love. If he only new he would be here. I want to be an extension of God’s love to everyone I come in contact with. We must show love to help stop the hurt! Show … [Read more...]

Jesus Says, “Imagine No Religion”


The Jesus Blog. A word from Jesus to you... I get it. I understand why you would want nothing to do with me and why you would feel so much pain when you even hear the word Christian.I understand. And to be totally honest, I often feel the same way. So much of the church has become nothing like I intended.Church is supposed to be a simple, intimate, wonderful, relationship-focused community helping those who are hurting. A community with a special heart for the oppressed and … [Read more...]

Dear Susan: My “Welcoming” Church is Not So Welcoming After All


Remember Princess Bride, when Vizzini keeps saying things are “inconceivable” just before they happen? Montoyo finally says, “That word – I do not think it means what you think it means.”I hear many people say they are welcoming of LGBTQ in their churches. But that word, I do not think it means what they think it means. They think they are loving and warm and genuine at a heart level, but instead they are being correctly read as just short of expressing their non-acceptance. They are honest e … [Read more...]