Christians, Why Do You Need Protecton For Your Religious Liberties? I Just Don’t Get It!


Christians, tell me again why you need protection for your religious liberties? For the life of me I can’t get it. You live in a country with more religious liberty than any other in recorded history. No one is burning you at the stake, putting you in concentration camps, shooting you on sight. Please, tell me exactly what liberties you believe are being encroached?I’ve looked at the requirements of Christianity. I’ve read the words of Christ, and I cannot find anywhere that he asks his follo … [Read more...]

Jesus Blog: Don’t Miss Opportunities to Love and be Loved.


More today from my Saturday “Jesus Blog” – a word from Jesus to you… I never told anyone to start a religion in my name.I stood against the religious leaders. Still do. I stood for the oppressed and marginalized. Still do.I told people to love God and love others... and follow me.That’s all I ask of you.The past is over, the future is a mystery, all you have is now - and it is in the now that you experience God.Time is a human concept and I know how your thoughts and hearts … [Read more...]

Dear Susan: My Partner’s Parents Are Not Supportive. How Can I Best Help Her?


I love love. It gets tricky sometimes, doesn't it? Fear can sneak up on us, or break down the door, and complicate things. But love is the best. To be loved for who we are is a gift. To love another person is a blessing.A reader contacted me about what she can do to help her partner deal with difficult parents, and also how to not be afraid, even jealous of the help her partner was receiving from others.I write Dear Susan posts most every Friday. Sometimes they are poignant, … [Read more...]

Our Daughter Gets Engaged to a Man. But Wait… What??


My lovely daughter Annie became engaged last week to her beloved Edward. Wait, Annie? The daughter who came out and started our journey to be allies and advocates? Yep, Annie. And yes, Edward is a guy.So yeah, there’s a story to that! Annie is the one who came out to us five years ago - now as what she chooses to call herself: queer. Bi was her second-choice word, and she says she was always attracted to both men and women. But she prefers queer because it is outside the gender binary ( … [Read more...]

Non-affirming Christians: Does THIS Look Like Love??


 "According to a witness, the attacker threw him to the ground and stomped his face into the pavement while yelling, 'Faggot! Faggot! Faggot!'" My heart is broken for this young gay man, 26-year-old Devin Norman, who was beaten. And I have to tell you... I am angry at non-affirming Christians and others who look for loopholes to avoid unconditionally loving people, or to justify dehumanizing oppression toward another group, using terms like “tough love” or “hate the sin, love the sin … [Read more...]

Jesus Blog: If There’s No Love In It, It’s Not Me!


More today from my Saturday “Jesus Blog” – a word from Jesus to you… Whatever you've been told about God, if it makes you afraid, then it's not true. God is love, and perfect love exposes and chases away fear.So many people are consumed by fear. I never motivated people by fear. I motivated by love.Have you noticed the people I embraced in the Bible? One after another they came to me, and I always put their fears to rest. No matter who they were or what they had done, they could come to … [Read more...]

Dear Susan: Are You Twisting the Bible to Justify Your Beliefs?


We hear it a lot... "You are twisting scripture so you can justify homosexuality." I do think there is a lot of twisting scripture going on, but I believe they have it backwards. You must twist and ignore the Bible - and deny the overall message and truth of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit - to believe that being gay is a sin.I write Dear Susan posts most every Friday. Sometimes they are poignant, sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes tender, sometimes funny… but hopefully always worth t … [Read more...]

Thank you PC(USA)! How Will Others Respond? Hearts & Lives Are At Stake.


"I regret that I can only celebrate with you from a distance and this is a celebration that I may never experience in my lifetime in my church."  The Presbyterian Church has responded in truth and love, but what will others do? Hearts and lives are at stake.I am overwhelmingly grateful for the Presbyterian Church’s stand in solidarity and affirmation with our brothers and sisters who are gay, and the entire LGBTQ community. They chose to take a loving stand. Was it easy? No. Was it the ri … [Read more...]

Do Gay People Have Better Sex Than Straight People?


“Sex with you is so good, we should celebrate it by having sex.”Do LGBTQ people have better sex than straight people? Maybe they do. Just maybe they do. :-)This is Rob, Susan’s husband, writing today.Great sex has nothing to do with whether or not you are gay or straight, but think about it…I think one of the keys to great, intimate, passionate, wild, tender, beautiful sex is freedom.Being free to just be yourself, to love yourself, to love others, to let someone else love you … [Read more...]

“My Love For A Person Of The Same Sex” – A Gay Man’s Response to Ignorance, Bigotry & Hate


"Sadomasochism, child abuse, human trafficking, rape, murder, genocide, greed, corruption... and homosexuality." What does it feel like to be included in that list simply because you love someone of the same gender? In one of Susan's recent posts we had a reader make a comment that included homosexuality in a list like this. Ignorance? Yes. Bigotry? Probably. Hate? Maybe.This is Rob Cottrell, Susan's husband. That comment was made to another reader here on FreedHearts and the reader … [Read more...]