The Devious Response to Marriage Equality


"Homophobes have invented a scary new tactic to undo equal rights... It's insane, it's frightening and it'll happen right under our noses unless everyone speaks out to stop it."  Yesterday, I talked about the DEADLY response to marriage equality. Today, I want to follow that up by addressing the DEVIOUS response. Both are dangerous tactics to undo equal rights, and in some cases bring great harm and suffering to the LGBTQ community - and yes, even straight people.I would like to share with … [Read more...]

The Deadly Response to Marriage Equality


When they are losing, many people will do desperate things. When faced with the facts that those things are wrong and harmful, desperate people will ignore the truth. The result? Proposed legislation that authorizes the mental torture of our youth.And non-affirming Christians are standing and shouting “Praise God!”It is disgusting and indefensible.Please read this letter to the editor, in response to the Oklahoma State Legislature’s plan to make “conversion therapy” legal… “I’m not g … [Read more...]

Jesus Blog: I Didn’t Ask You to Decide Who’s In and Who’s Out


More today from my Saturday “Jesus Blog” – a word from Jesus to you… Some of you have lost your way. You think you need to defend me, and defend God’s word -- draw lines around it, debate people about it.You don't.Just follow me, rest in me, trust God. I didn't ask you to manage the world, or decide who's in and who's out, based on your understanding.I didn’t ask you to start a religion in my name.I've given you one job: love. God and others.That's all I want you to do. … [Read more...]

Dear Susan: Why Are Anti-Gay Christians REALLY So Afraid?


When you talk to a non-affirming Christian, do you ever wonder why they seem so passionate about the gay "issue" - why it seems to mean so much to them? Most don't have a family member who is LGBTQ, they ignore other "sins" - so what is the big deal?The answer is that they are afraid. Terrified to be precise. Of what, gays? Nope. They are afraid of change. But why??One of my readers wonders the same thing, and I look forward to answering it today.I write Dear Susan posts most every … [Read more...]

Let’s Be Honest… “Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner” is Really Just Hate

Love Hate

Where did that phrase come from? The Bible? Nope. Jesus? Nope. But many Christians sure do spout it like it is God-inspired scripture - especially concerning the LGBTQ issue. Usually to justify judgment, condemnation and rejection of gays... in Jesus name.So here we are, a cultural crisis, a church crisis, a family crisis. Marriage equality gains support, churches empty, and churchgoers wonder where it will all end.There is much truth to find, and personal experience to move our hearts, … [Read more...]

Wrong Church Teaching May Cost Grandmother Her Home


Another lawsuit lost by a florist who refused to sell flowers for a gay wedding. Baronelle Stutzman faces more than she probably anticipated when she said no. According to the article in Think Progress, this is one in a series of such losses. “The decision follows a near-identical ruling in Oregon last month against a bakery that refused a cake to a same-sex couples. The string of losses in similar cases follows back to an Iowa wedding venue, a Vermont reception venue, a Colorado bakery, and a N … [Read more...]

Jesus Blog: I Miss You


More today from my Saturday “Jesus Blog” – a word from Jesus to you… Hey there, it’s me. I know, we may not have talked in a long time. I think you have some idea that I’m mad at you, or disappointed in you, or someone has told you that you’ve let me down.Not true.I couldn’t be happier with you. I couldn’t possibly love you more than I do. I delight in you.No kidding.I'd love to hang out sometime. You don’t even have to talk if you don’t want – we can just be… together.You an … [Read more...]

Dear Susan: Should I Take the Red Pill or the Blue Pill?


Are Christians ready to step outside of their box? Are they willing to take the "red pill?" Fortunately, many have and are coming to know the truth and the heart of God and the teachings of Jesus.  Unfortunately, way too many have decided to take the "blue pill," climb back into the box, seal it tight, and just ignore this whole "love your neighbor" thing as it applies to the LGBTQ community.When we talk to some of them, their response is usually to try to turn the tables, say we are not … [Read more...]

A Love Letter To My Anti-Gay Christian Friend


My friend, you are a lovely soul. You pour out the love of Jesus to strangers and those in pain. The sweet aroma of God is around you, and it inspires hope to the hopeless. But your attitude about and repulsion for LGBTQ people does not suit you.It doesn’t fit the compassion you otherwise exude – compassion that comes from the pit of pain and despair. You helped teach me not to judge others, saying, “We have not walked in their shoes.” You should know, having walked the lonely road, and been … [Read more...]

Has Anyone Said to You: “I Don’t Think You’re Really A Christian?”


"Well I don't know if she's really a Christian. She says she is, but I don't see any evidence."Has anyone said that to you (or someone you love) because you are gay, or because of your LGBTQ stand? ...or anything else in your life?That kind of assessment is completely out-of-bounds.One man put it this way:"He is a glutton and drunkard – look at the people he hangs out with.”Of course, that man is a religious leader talking about Jesus.I think we're safe to say other peopl … [Read more...]