Jesus Says, “Imagine No Religion”


The Jesus Blog. A word from Jesus to you... I get it. I understand why you would want nothing to do with me and why you would feel so much pain when you even hear the word Christian.I understand. And to be totally honest, I often feel the same way. So much of the church has become nothing like I intended.Church is supposed to be a simple, intimate, wonderful, relationship-focused community helping those who are hurting. A community with a special heart for the oppressed and … [Read more...]

Dear Susan: My “Welcoming” Church is Not So Welcoming After All


Remember Princess Bride, when Vizzini keeps saying things are “inconceivable” just before they happen? Montoyo finally says, “That word – I do not think it means what you think it means.”I hear many people say they are welcoming of LGBTQ in their churches. But that word, I do not think it means what they think it means. They think they are loving and warm and genuine at a heart level, but instead they are being correctly read as just short of expressing their non-acceptance. They are honest e … [Read more...]

No More Box-Church. It’s Time To Break Free From Religion.


There was that time when Jesus cleansed the temple - kicking over chairs, upturning tables, and driving out the money changers. You're going to have to do this for yourself. Living inside your head are all those religious lies and deceptions that have enslaved you and are a power in your mind. They are constantly doing business in your head - controlling you, limiting you, sabotaging you, and stopping you. Kick them out! Upturn those tables! Toss those chairs! Drive them out of you! - Jim … [Read more...]

My Son Becomes My Daughter – A Journey of Love


Mitchell had fought back the growing awareness that deep down, despite all outward appearances, he was really a she. His family—well, everyone—had always called him a "he," had always called him Mitchell… but deep down, where no one could see, "he" was a "she." And she wanted to be Marisa.But he had no idea how he would tell his father. No idea what to do, where to go. No help.So Mitchell wrote a note: "Dear Dad,I cannot live this way anymore. I have tried for 20 years, and I cannot … [Read more...]

Bruce Jenner: Once a Champion, Always a Champion


"Today, millions of people learned that someone they know is transgender." Bruce Jenner has come out as a transgender woman, on national TV. What a story. Rob & I sat, riveted, often in tears, watching the show while social media buzzed about the story and Bruce’s courage.A friend said that watching Bruce’s story brought back her own story—all the pain and challenges and joys.Transgender seems to be harder for people to grasp than lesbian or gay. Even many lesbians and gays have told … [Read more...]

Dear Susan: I Have To Lie About Being Gay. Am I Wrong?


This may reach down and touch deep places in the hearts and souls of many of you struggling with the whether or not to come out. At risk of losing parents who might reject you for being gay. Longing to experience the human right of being able to simply live true to yourself. Terrified of what may happen if you come out of the closet -- or if you stay in.All too common. Sad. Very sad. Difficult. Very difficult.I write Dear Susan posts most every Friday. Sometimes they are poignant, … [Read more...]

Another LGBT suicide. Moms & Dads, hug your kids, love them well, be there for them. They need you!


My heart is heavy. I cannot help thinking of our kids—all of our kids. Another suicide, another life lost. Blake Brockington, a transgender homecoming king - recently took his life. What a horror. And you remember Leelah Alcorn. Tragic. And so many others.Several years back, as my kids were finishing high school, one of their classmates killed herself. Her mother found her hanging in the closet. Can you imagine?The mother was hospitalized with a nervous breakdown. My heart ached for her. … [Read more...]

The Broken Church: It’s Not Our Job To Tell Anyone That God Condemns Them


Did you hear the one about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson going camping?After sharing a good meal and a bottle of wine, they retire to their tent for the night. Some hours later, Holmes awoke and nudged his faithful friend. "Watson, look up into the sky and tell me what you see?"Watson said, "I see millions of stars." Holmes asks, "And, what does that tell you?"Watson replies, "Astronomically, it tells me there are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets. As … [Read more...]

Your LGBTQ Child Is Amazing!


More today from my Saturday “Jesus Blog” – a word from Jesus to you… Dear Moms and Dads,Your child is gay. I love that. I love them.Do not be afraid; it’s going to be alright. In fact, it will be amazing!Your world feels shaky but I encourage you to relax. It’s not just going to be okay, it will be better than okay.Your child is lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer or questioning but that’s not all. Your child is so much more.Your child is courageous to follow their heart in the fa … [Read more...]

Dear Susan: A Valid Marriage Is About Procreation, Right?


Sometimes I wonder if people really think through things. Where is the heart? The question today concerns whether or not a church can condone a marriage that will not produce children. I don't know if this will surprise you or not, but we get asked that question a lot.Marriage is not about religion. Atheists get married.Marriage is not about reproduction. The infertile get married.Marriage is about love. That’s it.And that’s beautiful.I write Dear Susan posts most every Fri … [Read more...]