Transgender Murder, Suicide – “We Are in a State of Emergency.”

Susan Cottrell TDOR

Yesterday was Transgender Day of Remembrance. Rob and I spent the evening with some 200 people, most of them trans, many of them family and friends, at a gathering on the steps of Austin City Hall.Together we remembered transgender people who have been murdered this past year, and we celebrated transgender people who are still living. A cold night, a somber night, a night of love for ourselves and each other.Those of us on the program shared our hearts and a call to love and embrace each … [Read more...]

A Journey of Transparent Truth

Nathan Autymn

Autymn was just transitioning from male to female when we met her. Rob and I sat in her apartment, as she described the steps of her journey, scariness with job situations, and coming out to people who had known her as Nathan. Oh, and the time some guys nearly beat her up for daring to wear a dress—because they didn’t approve. (So you beat her up??)I sat across from this kind and lovely person and shuddered to imagine her beaten up… or worse. All she did was have the guts to be herself. I am … [Read more...]

Houston, You Have a Problem… Lies, Power & Transgender Hate


I am still just sick about the new lows those Houston anti-gay, unChristlike pastors stooped to, to allow people, who just happen to be LGBTQ, to be stripped of their basic human rights. You know, equal housing, jobs, protection from being targeted and beaten up on the streets. Sickening in the extreme.This ad depicts a man raping a small girl in a bathroom stall.Sickening. I didn’t watch. I still have a terrifying visual in my head from Law and Order (I think it was) of a young girl t … [Read more...]

The Collective Trauma of Terror: Paris, Beirut, Egypt…


What time is it? Different times elicit different reactions from us. Time holds different meaning for us, depending on a number of factors. I, for instance, don’t know what this time means for you, what each one of you might be going through.We cannot know exactly what it’s like right now for the students who are protesting on college campuses around the country, for those who must proclaim that Black Lives Matter in the face of blatant and covert forms of racism. We cannot know what it’s lik … [Read more...]

Growing Up Different, and Finding Where You Belong


There are inherent challenges of growing up different, not only for the different one but for the family they grew up in—the challenge of a different child is its own payback!In Women Who Run With The Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Women Archetype, author Clarissa Pinkola Estes speaks to that.She is talking about the “wildish woman” – the one growing up different - but read it as if it’s about you. It makes it more fun that way.“Sometimes life goes wrong for the wildish [LGBTQ … [Read more...]

7 Ways Christians Can Honor God, Even While Using a Red Starbucks Cup


“Being a Christian does NOT mean giving the middle finger to those who disagree with you.” Let me tell you, all you Christians who are listening, we have a real problem here. A lot of people think Christians are jerks, because a lot of Christians have been acting like jerks. We need to lay down our weapons, stand back, and reevaluate what we’re doing here.For those upset that Starbucks has cups that don’t outwardly celebrate your personal faith, this is for you.You have got to stop strong … [Read more...]

To Reject One’s Child is the Worst Transgression


Families really go off a cliff when they allow any disagreement to translate into: “You no longer belong to us. You no longer deserve to be here. We no longer want you.” Here’s the bottom line: to reject your LGBTQ child is among the worst transgressions a parent can commit.What is a family meant to be, if not a safe place where people have your back? You may not always agree, you many not always even like each other—but reject you? That is indefensible.Unfortunately, this is nothing new. … [Read more...]

From the Mom of Two LGBTQ Kids… A Little Motherly Encouragement

Annie Hannah

I’m a mother, through and through. I can’t help mothering those around me who can use it. I offer motherly advice freely to those who want it. I’m all about compassion.Perhaps the “motherly advice” you got growing up was only to correct or diminish you. If you will allow me, I will offer some motherly advice to inspire life.Draw closer to the people who love and encourage you, who put light in your eyes and peace in your heart. Steer clear of those who make you feel bad, or sad, or lonely … [Read more...]

Ask Any LGBTQ Person if They Have Ever Felt Like This – The Answer Will be Yes


This body-slamming incident with the security officer and the student is a shocker. But, is it really? We’re almost not even shocked anymore. We’ve seen this kind of brutality go down again and again with those in authority, and it just doesn’t seem to be slowing down.If you think about it, it makes your stomach sick. But again, when it happens this often, we almost stop getting sick.This is a problem.I’ve read a few great posts about it. Morgan Guyton has some beautiful insight. He d … [Read more...]

Acceptance of LGBTQ is a Slippery Slope


Perhaps you’ve heard this, that acceptance of LGBTQ, of “unauthorized” behavior is a slippery slope toward more acceptance. (And we can’t have that, can we?)I believe acceptance is a slippery slope toward acceptance, one Jesus modeled! Let me show where I have seen this slippery slope played out.Women were once considered subhuman, property, “deformed men.” We shifted on that—which paved the way to treating women as humans —which paved the way to the vote—which paved the way to jobs for w … [Read more...]