The Right Way to Love God?


What does a "godly" person look like? Is there a right way to love God? Is there a correct path to follow Jesus?I recently returned from my fourth "Christian" conference of the year.January I was in Chicago for the Gay Christian Network Annual Conference, where some 700 people gathered to celebrate, learn, and share community. Rob and I were among 200 parents, the rest were LGBTQ people, mostly in their 20s and 30s, gathered in the name of Christ. The worship, the camaraderie, the joy of … [Read more...]

Jesus Blog: Let Your True Colors Come Out


This is a special Jesus Blog for "Coming Out Month." Please grasp the heart of this message, but please keep yourself safe. You know your situation. Do not do anything rash that can put you (or your living situation) at risk. If you are in that kind of circumstance, but feel like it is time to come out, seek wisdom and help from others so you are not alone.More today from my Saturday “Jesus Blog” – a word from Jesus to you… How beautiful life would be if everyone would just let their true co … [Read more...]

Dear Susan: I Was Born Female, But Know I Am Male. Can God Approve Of Me?


Trapped in the "wrong" body? Forced to live in a way that contradicts the gender you know in your heart and soul you are? Transgender people have unique difficult issues - one of which is believing that God loves them exactly as they are.Many of my readers struggle with this, and I get this question a lot. I look forward to sharing one of those questions, and my answer, with all of you today.I write Dear Susan posts every Friday. Sometimes they will be poignant, sometimes … [Read more...]

Houston Demands Sermons – Guess Why It’s Happening

Ruby Bridges, 6, required three U.S. Marshals to escort her into elementary school in New Orleans, in 1960 - because of hate and threats of violence.

Opinions are flying. Media is abuzz. Government demanding pastors’ to turn over their sermons on homosexuality. I am not writing this to tell you if it’s good or bad. I’d rather tell you WHY it’s happening.I am sure you saw the stories from FoxNews and others.  The City of Houston demands to see pastors’ sermons on anything about homosexuality, gender, or its openly gay mayor.Here’s the deal: government really isn’t supposed to mess around in what the church teaches, right? It’s got enoug … [Read more...]

From A Mom… If You Were My Gay Child, This Is What I Would Tell You

Susan and her daughter Annie, shopping in NYC

I was heartsick that a Pastor - claiming to speak for God - called his Christian teenage son 'disgraceful, demon-possessed poison.'Many of you have been called words like this – by strangers, friends, people in your church, family, and maybe even your Dad too. And you carry deeper wounds than anyone even knows.Well, this Mom wants to tell you a few things….I have five grown children, three girls and two boys - including a queer (her word) daughter. I began this blog and my work – Free … [Read more...]

To Christian Parents of Gay Children


"You want to shove those words back in and put the lid on. But you can't. Your child is gay. This goes against everything you've been taught. It was not what you had in mind, and you instantly wonder where you went wrong."Welcome to FreedHearts at Patheos! If you're reading us for the first time, we're delighted you're here.  If you're one of our loyal subscribers, we're glad you made the move with us! By way of introduction, we'll be reposting a few of our most popular - and we think … [Read more...]

Dear Susan: Are Gays God’s Second-Best?


Too many in the non-affirming church say this type of thing... Gays are just born 'broken', a result of sin, family curse, tendencies that are not 'God's ideal.'  Gays can't help it - but they need to be 'fixed.'People have no idea how deeply offensive this is and how contrary to the truth and teachings of Jesus, and the heart of God.Many believe those things because it is how they have been taught, it is what they have heard on Sunday mornings for decades. They are just running a … [Read more...]

Into The Second Closet: Christian Parents With Gay Children


"If these young people, in moments of exhaustion or anger or complete desperation, do share that deepest of secrets with their Christian parents, and even if those parents do choose not to disown them or expel them, something else happens almost instantly; the whole family goes into the closet together; into a second hiding." We have met and worked with so many parents and families who are living in the "second closet" - hiding from other family members, hiding from their church. It is an … [Read more...]

The Son God Gave Me


"My child's struggle to figure out who he was called everything I believed into question. With my strong faith and lots of soul-searching, the answers finally became clear." We have been blessed to meet and get to know many transgender people and their families since we began our journey as parents of a gay child, and as allies and advocates. Their struggle is unique and their strength is off the charts. Today, I want to share with you this wonderful story from Woman's Day by Gina Kentopp, as … [Read more...]

Jesus Blog: God Has No Expectations of You


More today from my Saturday “Jesus Blog” – a word from Jesus to you… There is nothing you can do to disappoint God, and there is nothing you can do to make God love you more. God loves you. Regardless of how well you think you are behaving. Regardless of how well others think you are behaving. If you ever wonder, if you ever ask yourself the question: "Does God love me?" The answer is always, "Yes!" Always. When I was with you, the religious leaders got angry at me for healing someone on … [Read more...]