What Happens When A Heart Is Freed?

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Parents, their LGBTQ children, the church... what happens when their hearts are freed from hate and condemnation and fear?For a parent of an LGBTQ child, their heart is freed when they can unconditionally love, accept and affirm their child without feeling that they have sacrificed their faith.For someone who is LGBTQ, their heart is freed when they come to know in the deepest places of their soul that they are absolutely unconditionally loved by God, as they are, for who they are. And … [Read more...]

If You Were My Gay Child, This Is What I Would Tell You

Susan and Annie NYC

I was heartsick that a Pastor - claiming to speak for God - called his Christian teenage son 'disgraceful, demon-possessed poison.'Many of you have been called words like this – by strangers, friends, people in your church, family, and maybe even your Dad too. And you carry deeper wounds than anyone even knows.Well, this Mom wants to tell you a few things.I have five grown children, three girls and two boys - including two queer (their word) daughters. I began this blog and my work – … [Read more...]

Religious Liberties: It’s Not Biblical


A clerk in Kentucky, a baker in Colorado... discriminating LGBTQ in the name 'religious liberty." I am not going to let you get away with it anymore.These stories are trending and, as one of our readers said, "I'm sure we are going to start seeing the wave of persecution-whining on Facebook," from those who claim to be losing their religious liberties, who claim to be persecuted because of their religion.Meanwhile, in their ongoing pursuit of "religious freedom," these people step over … [Read more...]

We Are Banned By 4 Top Anti-Gay Christian Facebook Pages. What Are They Afraid Of?

Art by Parker Cunningham

I am upsetting people. They respond by blocking and banning us — "in Jesus’ name." I have to wonder: what are they afraid of?At the same time, I am hearing from more parents, more LGBTQ people, and more church leaders than ever. We are seeing Christian parents’ hearts freed to love, accept and affirm their gay child without sacrificing their faith; we are seeing those children’s hearts freed from parent, church and community wounds; and we are seeing churches become free to welcome, affirm an … [Read more...]

The Freedom of Living Outside of Your Bible

Photo courtesy of Jim Palmer

I came from a conservative evangelical background and was turned away from church, family members and friends because I love and affirm my LGBTQ child. Most of the Moms in my secret, private Facebook groups have the same story.As a result, some of us have become quite liberal politically – believe me, it can be hard to stay with a group actively fighting against your child. Others remain conservative. Though we are in complete agreement about defending our kids and the rest of the LGBTQ c … [Read more...]

A Great Letter From a Christian Dad Confused About His Gay Son

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Your child is gay. Your love for your child seems to somehow conflict with your faith - at least according to what you may hear from church and Christian friends.How is that possible?Many voices tell you that your child needs 'tough love', needs to be 'confronted in their sin', maybe even needs to be kicked out of the house. But your heart screams in confusion - doing that just doesn't make sense.Like it or not, you are on the first steps of a journey. What do you do?We say it … [Read more...]

 The Bible is Not a Bag of Trail Mix


My social media has been burning up with opinions ever since the court ruling on Marriage Equality. Yours too? The opinions won’t change things; it is now the law of the land. But perhaps opinions can change how we receive Marriage Equality, how we engage with LGBTQ people about it, how we engage in loving as Christ told his followers to love.The Bible is not trail mix from which we pick and choose. So what is it? How do faithful, earnest Jesus followers approach the Bible? I’m sincere when I … [Read more...]

“The Church is Killing Its Gay Children” – The Deadly Results of Shame

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Shame. It says, “There is something fundamentally wrong with you.” It is the lie at the very root of our identity. If I did something wrong, I can apologize and make amends. But if I am fundamentally wrong, what hope do I have?Our greatest need is to be loved, to belong, to be accepted as we are. Shame says the exact opposite – that we do not fit in, are not acceptable as is and, fundamentally, are not lovable. Shame is the fundamental lie that keeps us separate, and it wreaks havoc in self- … [Read more...]

A Warning Label For The Bible


This needs to be said. This may open the floodgates to break people free from the damage and bondage of the law-focused, behavior-focused, fundamental, religious, non-affirming church.Jim Rigby, a Pastor, theologian, and one of the bravest, boldest men I know, has the guts to say it - and I want to share it with you today.  This was a simple, powerful, poignant, and potentially life-changing post Jim made on Facebook. I love the Bible and study it most days, but the Bible is not intended to … [Read more...]

It’s Family Vacation. Everyone’s Here and Having Fun. Except Her.


You lie to the kids about why she is not here. It's the family vacation and everyone's here and having fun... except her. She is not welcome. Why?? Because she is gay.My heart goes out to those who have been left out, left behind and have had to deal with this kind of horrible pain and rejection from the people who are supposed to love you the most.And my dismay and anger goes out to the parents who reject their child like this, and who commit many sins to pull off this kind of charade - … [Read more...]