Heads Up Anti-Gay Church: The Parents Are Coming!

You may believe that by teaching against homosexuality, you are keeping people from being LGBTQ or allies. That may be why you think you teach that way. But you don’t really understand this at all.In my moms group — a secret FB group of moms of LGBTQ kids — we talk about the ways we’ve been treated (vilified and rejected), with our thoughts toward healing not only of ourselves and our beloved children but of your children whom you are hurting without realizing it.We seek to reach the moms … [Read more...]

‘Poison in a Pretty Package’ – Landon Schott’s Book “Gay Awareness”

It's a dangerous book, a deadly message and you should know about it. It is Gay Awareness, the new book by Landon Schott. Kathy Baldock, a dear friend and the author of Walking the Bridgeless Canyon, did an absolutely superb job with this Amazon review and I wanted to share it with you.Here you go...Texas-based, traveling evangelist Landon Schott is certainly not unique in his strongly anti-gay theological and ideological beliefs. His lack of academic integrity and immature reasoning … [Read more...]

What If You Don’t Feel Like Anyone’s Idol?

The American Idol Finale. For fifteen years we have watched as this show has turned out countless megastars. On the final show, Trent became the last Idol to become a household name, the last of the big winners, the last American Idol.Okay, what about the rest of us?What about you, slogging away, doing your own work day after day, and no one knows your name? What about you who are barely making it to the next day, barely paying your bills, barely finding the courage to believe that you … [Read more...]

Stop Pretending God Endorses Your Homophobia

People have always been bigoted—in any number of ways. Jesus’ enormous challenge to “love your neighbor” and the accompanying, “everyone’s your neighbor” is part of the challenge to overcome our bigotry, to love in spite of our inclination to turn away and say, “No.” If it were easy, everyone would do it.But there are not two sides to this. This is crystal clear if you just think it through. Take out the word “gays” and insert the word “blacks.” Or “Asians.” Or “women.” Or “left-handers.” Or … [Read more...]

To Worried Christian Parents of LGBTQ Children

I write today to Christian parents of LGBTQ children who are worried about their kids. Struggling with this whole thing. From a Mom's heart to yours.Easter. The day Christians celebrate new life in a risen Savior. It’s a day to think about crucifixion and resurrection. What God is calling us to do versus what we want. It’s a day of new beginnings.My favorite memories of Easter as a child are the Easter baskets (of course!), the matching dresses with my older sister (a tradition the you … [Read more...]

Sharing My Heart, My Vision, My Hope

We recently announced my new book with Westminster John Knox Press, and launched our new FreedHearts website. As we make these changes - and there is more exciting news to come! - I want to share my heart, my vision and my hope.From my heart to yours. :-)If you are in the evangelical church, or if you are in the LGBTQ community, you know that the church today is fractured. Parents love their children to the ends of the earth—God created them that way—but their trusted leaders tell them to … [Read more...]

Don’t You Dare Tell Me My Opinion is Invalid Because My Child Is Gay!

I have five adult children I love with all my heart. Two of them identify as queer. Wild horses would not cause me to reject any one of them. Ever.These are my precious children. My MAIN JOB is to love them. Nurture them. Protect them. Have their back. Educate them. Correct them when they are young. Direct them when they are adolescents. Let them go when they are older teens. Give them my best wisdom when they seek it. Hold my tongue when they don’t. Hold their hearts in mine for the rest of … [Read more...]

The Story of the Prodigal Transgender Daughter

Let me give a new twist to an old story.Mitchell had fought back the growing awareness that deep down, despite all outward appearances, he was really a she. His family—well, everyone—had always called him "he," had always called him Mitchell… but deep down, where no one could see, "he" was a "she." And she was Marisa.But he had no idea how he would tell his father. No idea… No help.Mitchell wrote a note: "Dear Dad,I cannot live this way anymore. I have tried for 20 years, and I c … [Read more...]

Are You a Prodigal Parent to Your LGBTQ Child?

Prodigal. It has come to mean “someone who was wayward but has now straightened up and back in God’s good graces.” Some parents hang onto this idea like a sweet promise: trust God while your child makes some poor choices, possibly self-harms, until they come back to their senses. Other parents hang it over their kids’ heads as a kind of judgment. You come back and then you get full relationship again.And the kids feel it, the condition in which they must return—full of apology and admission o … [Read more...]

“To my LGBTQ child, I am so sorry.” – Dad

I am so sorry. And I am so thankful.First, please let me say that it is an honor and a privilege to be your parent. I could not have asked for a better child.I am so sorry for what I did and said that made you wonder if I love you, and I am sorry for what I failed to do and say to let you know how much I love you.I am also sorry for the hurt and rejection and condemnation you have felt from some of our family members, those you considered to be friends, and from the church. Many … [Read more...]