A Dad, His Son, Nail Polish & Neighbors: A Lesson in Coexistence


One of the moms in our Facebook support group posted this interaction with her neighbors. I have to say, this is amazing. This is what it means to love others, to treat others as you want to be treated, to be a peacemaker.Bless you all, as you work through your differences, as you work to be peacemakers.Here you go... A few weeks ago, my son Benny asked to put on makeup and paint his nails. I snapped a few pics from my bed because Daddy was helping him, and the bonding time was … [Read more...]

I Was the Lucky One — I Did Not Grow Up in a “Christian” Home


“If you look closely, you will see that the things the church emphasizes as truly sinful are usually body-based, and the things we pick as absolutely essential are those that tie us to dependence upon the clergy. Notice how different this selective morality is from the radical morality of Jesus. Jesus tells his followers ‘Set your heart on God's kingdom and God's justice first, and all these other things will be taken care of.’ If you are involved in church work, you know that this kiss of death … [Read more...]

What Do You Do When Your Son Is Gay?


"Mom, I'm gay." Earth-shattering words to many conservative Christian parents -- tragically, many view it as right up there with, "Your child has a brain tumor." Actually, Christians will empathize with a brain tumor, but just try telling the church your child is gay and you will find the limit of grace withheld not only from gay Christians but from their accepting families. Not only what is said but unsaid can be oppressive for a family seeking love and truth.I do not blame the parents in … [Read more...]

Top 5 Takeaways From the Gay Christian Network Conference


I love LOVE LOVE the experience of GCN Conference. I absolutely love all the people there. I loved connecting with people one-on-one. I loved all the hugs of dozens of moms in our moms groups. I loved meeting their husbands. And kids. I loved reaching people’s hearts through my healing workshop and their minds through my advocacy workshop. I loved the feedback I heard from Rob's Dads workshop. I loved deep and intimate connections, and I love thought-provoking conversations. I love that I am p … [Read more...]

A Christian Father’s Plea to Dads of LGBTQ Kids

Annie & Rob

Five years ago, my daughter came out. I love her. Nothing will ever change that. Nothing. I stand with her. I defend her. I believe in her. I protect her.And my life's work is now to advocate for her and for all those in the LGBTQ community.   This is Rob, Susan's husband, writing today—to parents, but especially to Dads...Maybe you have a gay son, or a lesbian daughter, or a bisexual, transgender or queer child. And maybe this is not what you hoped for—what you dreamed of. But regar … [Read more...]

Apparently, I Won’t Be Going To Heaven


I want to share this with you. It is from our friend Jim Rigby.  Jim is a Minister at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Austin, Texas.It was something he posted on his Facebook page. When I read it, I thought of all of the judgment, rejection, and "condemnation to hell" conveyed to people who are LGBTQ by Christians - often justified by a "theological disagreement."Jim is changing lives, and changing the world with his heart and his tireless commitment to loving and serving … [Read more...]

Can We Have a Merry Little Christmas This Year?


“Have yourself a merry little Christmas, It may be your last. From now on, We all may be living in the past.”These are the original words to the Christmas classic, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” No wonder it almost got thrown out! The song was written for the 1944 movie Meet Me in St. Louis, in a tender scene where Esther (Judy Garland) sings to comfort her young sister Tootie (Margaret O’Brien), both terribly sad that the family is moving from their beloved St. Louis to the crowde … [Read more...]

“She’s Gone to Her Sister’s” – How Family Should Love Each Other


Do you have family issues that seem to hurt a little more during the holidays? Yep, me too. Why is it that the love and acceptance of family seems so conditional? It sure wasn't conditional for Mary's family.Mary and Joseph were scandalized when Mary turned up single and pregnant. “The Holy Spirit did it!” Yeah, right. How many people will believe that?! Those villagers heaped scorn and rejection on Mary… because if there’s one thing religious people know how to do, it’s heap scorn and reject … [Read more...]

Christians… Happy Holidays & Merry Xmas!


Christmastime is here again, marked by the crisp cold air, the decorated trees popping up, and the endless fight over Xmas, Happy Holidays and the red Starbucks cup. Oh, the things we dream up to fight about.You know Christians... and I really mean fundamental, behavior-focused exclusionary Christians... you could have taken a completely different approach to this. Look at Xmas for example. X comes from the symbol for Christ. It means Christ. What more do you want? Instead of bemoaning the … [Read more...]

What is Sin? The Word Just Drips With Shame.


Sin. Just the word is heavy. Like a brick. Especially when someone throws it at your head.Have you been told you're a sinner going to hell (by self-appointed sin police)? If you are in the LGBTQ community, I hardly even have to ask.Just the word sin can trigger fear and shame.People who use sin as a trump card—to tell people they are in trouble with God—are downright abusive.Yet we lob that word around as if we even know what we’re talking about. It’s like children telling each o … [Read more...]