“Mom, I’m Gay” Book – REVISED AND EXPANDED! December 9, 2013

MIG NEW COVER!“When our child told us they were attracted to the same sex, we were shocked. The usual questions flooded us: what would this mean for their life? Would they be safe? Would they ever have children? We truly had no idea what lay ahead. But here’s the realization that smacked us: we were now the ‘others.’  Over the three years following our child’s revelation, we met many Christian parents of gay kids, and realized we were not the only ones to see that the emperor had no clothes. I believe that God is shaking the church until what’s left is the unshakable: God. There IS a way to love your LGBTQ child without sacrificing your faith. We can have more peace than we ever knew possible, and joy beyond our wildest dreams, as our children flourish in God’s inexhaustible love for them. I hope you will join me on this quest.” – Susan


It’s finally here, the book so many of you have been asking for — with a special foreword by Justin Lee, author of Torn and Executive Director of The Gay Christian Network.

Parents are being surprised daily as their kids come out. Many are left shell-shocked, unsure how to reconcile the situation, and unsure how this fits with what they’ve always believed about homosexuality. I know how you feel. This book is straight from my heart, and is a feet-on-the-ground approach to bringing all the pieces together. Perfect for anyone taking a real look at this issue.

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