Christians, Does the Nashville Statement Reflect Your Heart?

Christians, Does the Nashville Statement Reflect Your Heart? August 31, 2017

Nashville Statement

The Nashville Statement is not new. These same evangelical people have been conveying this message for decades. The results have been absolutely tragic in individuals, in families, and in our churches. Instead of making an honest evaluation—as so many Christians have done and then became fully affirming—this group decided to double down.

This does not reflect the heart of God.

Jesus said people will know we are Christians by our love. Does the Nashville Statement reflect love? The radical, unconditional love and inclusion that God showed us? That Jesus calls us to?

Please. Listen to that still small voice. Ask yourself if this kind of statement truly reflects your heart? Does it reflect God’s heart?
Is this what you want to be known for?

Ask yourself if this statement draws people to Jesus? Or does it drive them away?

It is impossible to ignore the negative impact of the message conveyed by the Nashville Statement in the lives of our gay and transgender brothers and sisters, in the lives of their families, and in church communities across the country.

Families are shattered, churches are divided, younger Christians are leaving the church over statements like this.

25% of homeless LGBTQI youth became homeless the same day they came out to Christian parents; 35% are approached by a sex-trafficker within 48 hours of hitting the streets; 70% attempt suicide.
Parents hold funerals for their gay children who are “dead” to them.

All of this done “in God’s name.”  Tragic.

We just can’t keep stepping over the bodies of our gay and trans brothers and sisters to argue theology.

I know this Nashville statement does not reflect the heart of God and I believe it does not reflect your heart either. Not really. Not if you love and follow Jesus.

When I first began this journey, this anti-gay message coming from the church did not sit well with my heart. And the impact on lives and families and our church was something I could no longer ignore. After deep study, prayer and listening to the Holy Spirit, I have joined countless top pastors, theologians, scholars and Christian leaders to become fully affirming of LGBTQI people.

I am fully affirming because of my faith, not in spite or it.
Now, my faith, my love for God, my love for my family, are deeper and richer than they have ever been.
That is the hope I offer to you.

Listen to your heart, listen to that still small voice. Ask Jesus to reveal truth to you. Reject this unloving, unChristlike Nashville Statement.

You, your heart, your family, your church will never be the same.

Love, Susan

We have ‘pay-what-you-want’ video courses helping those in the faith community reconcile this issue and be more fully inclusive; helping parents love, accept & affirm their LGBTQI children; and helping LGBTQI heal shame from family, church & community wounds. We also have private Facebook support groups for parents, and other resources. Please click here.

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