April 5, 2012

Continued… Here’s the whole picture. A woman falls for that wonderful man and can’t wait to be married. He’s everything she’s ever wanted! She admires and respects him. As life settles in on them, she realizes he’s not quite perfect, and she sets about to fix him. She does not even realize she’s doing this, but she expresses her disappointment with her look and her tone. He does not know why he has failed, but he has gotten the message…. Read more

March 22, 2012

SAVIOR COMPLEX We all want a savior. Someone has to take the throne—it’s written into our DNA. My father once observed something profound about the adolescent girl/boy cycle. She meets the most wonderful guy in the whole wide world, and he’s the dream who’s going to rescue her from a dull and dreary life! Then, when she realizes he’s not that (for whatever reason), suddenly he’s a complete jerk! He’s not just wrong for her—he’s a loser! If he won’t… Read more

March 1, 2012

ALL ABOUT ABIDING God designed us only for relationship. All of creation God orchestrated to reveal His majesty, and He allows us to experience our needs before He meets our needs. Adam had to stand alone—having just watched every animal find a perfect mate—before God gave him Eve [Genesis 2:22]. Mankind had to fail miserably in his attempt at independence before God gave him a Savior [Psalm 70:5]. He reveals our God-shaped vacuum before He fills it. We have certainly… Read more

February 28, 2012

Dear Friends, I have been working out with the New York City Ballet. I know, right? What a thrill! It’s been about a year now. I put the DVD in every morning. I have never liked to exercise—it’s too much work. But I passed a milestone birthday, and I wanted to maintain my good health. I popped in my daughter’s ballet DVD. From the start, I could pretty much do all the exercises. All except the crunches, the pushups, and… Read more

February 20, 2012

Back in Texas and hitting the ground running. As I’ve been pondering this marriage book, discoveries keep percolating. Can’t wait to get the book to you. Meanwhile, here’s another excerpt. Enjoy. THE MARRIAGE RENOVATION by Susan Cottrell DESIGN IS ONLY AS GOOD AS THE STRUCTURE My dream home is a sleek, urban, clutter-free condo. My daughter’s dream is a sprawling ranch with plenty of room for people and animals. Whatever the house of your dreams, it is beautiful and personal… Read more

February 8, 2012

I am in NY on family business and also visiting my lovely daughter here. (Hence the lag in posting the next part of my book… though I think of you constantly!) As Annie and I walked through midtown Manhattan yesterday, I noticed unique New York details, not just Times Square or the Empire State Building, but the curve on the underside of a bridge, the beaux arts apartment front, the beautiful little park on the median dividing Riverside Drive near… Read more

January 31, 2012

THE MARRIAGE RENOVATION We have been lied to about marriages. We may know that God designed marriage to be a fortress of love and protection, to house our spiritual oneness, and that He built it to last. But we see marriages imploding daily, and couples finding themselves distanced or even divorced—most never even knowing why. We’ve probably heard the disaster stories; we’ve seen that marriage really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be; we may wonder if the idea of… Read more

January 26, 2012

I’ve been working on a marriage book for three years now. (Three years? How can that be?) Yeah, it surprised me too. My parenting book took one year. But you see, I had to go through the lab. As with any growth, that takes time. The book has morphed over that time… and I’ve learned more than will fit in even a long book. So–I can’t help it–I’m sharing the first couple of pages.   THE MARRIAGE RENOVATION by Susan… Read more

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