You are a racist if . . .

You are a racist if . . . July 15, 2019

I generally stay away from cranking out immediate blog posts in response to what’s happening in the news on a particular day. I generally stay away from turning my blog into a vehicle for a political agenda. But what’s happening today is different. We have a Racist-in-Chief. He’s not even trying to hide or temper his racism. He’s doubling down on it.

Let me speak directly to those who claim to be Christian, since that’s who this channel on Patheos targets. You might remember that last Sunday’s gospel was the Good Samaritan story from Luke’s gospel–a story about love and acceptance that knows no boundaries. A story about seeing the person rather than the stereotype.

Trump is a racist. He’s open about it because he thinks it will work with his base. If you are part of that base, if his racist and xenophobic tweets and comments over the past 48 hours are “working” for you–if you are applauding and nodding in approval–you are a racist too.

I know that those are tough words–too bad. If you are a Christian and a Trump supporter, I leave it to you to figure out how to square your supposed faith with Trump’s racism.

If you would rather leave faith out of it, consider this from Max Boot’s WaPo opinion piece today. He’s a conservative, by the way.

Sorry, Republicans. There is nothing — nothing — more important in the United States than racism. Where you stand on that one issue defines who you are as a human being. Silence is complicity. All Republicans who stand mute in the face of Trump’s latest racism are telling you who they really are. It’s an ugly picture of a morally bankrupt party that has now embraced racial prejudice as a platform.”

“I have significant differences with Pressley, Tlaib, Ocasio-Cortez and Omar — perhaps even greater differences on the issues than I have with the president — but they are better Americans than Trump.

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