A Personal Devotional Ritual to the Good God Dagda

A Personal Devotional Ritual to the Good God Dagda November 4, 2017

How to Read This

This is an instruction.

This is something you say.

What you’ll need

  • Cauldron, Quaich or cup filled with drink
  • 1 offering and a way to make it (fire, bowl, etc)
  • 1 candle
  • 1 bowl or cauldron of water
  • 1 coind's cauldronb

Opening Prayer

His harp, Four-Angled Music: it guides me, His club, Lorg Mór, protects me, His cauldron, it fulfills me, as I pray and offer to Him. May my devotion be done in Duty and Truth. Bíodh sé amhlaidh!


Perform a meditation, but Instead of the Two Powers, cosmic fire and water, envision the two ends of his club as subsets of the two powers. The resurrection end of the lorg mór, his club, restores order, while the death end takes it.

Between the Fight of Life and the Blight of the Death, I find my balance.


Land Mother, we thank you for ever upholding our work and our lives. Bíodh sé amhlaidh!

Pay taxes to the Fomorians if that’s your thing, some people prefer to propitiate Outdweller spirits… I know I do.

Otherworld (optional)

Establish the sacred center, the Hallows:

Tienne, Tobar, agus Crann Naofa, is i­steach mise!

Pronunciation guide: (CHIN­uh, TAH­bur, CRANN NEEFA ISH ISHTOCK MISH­uh)

Fire, Well, and Sacred Tree: flame and flow and grow in me!

Envision the fire in Dagda’s head, the Undry as our well, and his Club as our Pillar for this devotion.
Light the candle.
Drop a coin into the bowl of water.

Imbas, bright flame, Undry, deep well, open as ways, let the ways be open!

Shining Gods, Mighty Dead, and Good Neighbors, I call you as my kin, to join in my magic, meet me at the boundary!

Call upon your lesser personal deities, deeper ancestors, house and/or spirits now, make offering to them if necessary.

Call upon Dagda Himself

IT were as easy for Eochaid
To renew the withered tree
As to wither the new
Were it His will so to do.
An Dagda! Ruad Rofessa!
Dagda! meet me here to praise Him.

There is no horse on the land.
There is no salmon in the river,
There is no hawk in the firmament,
But is full of His blessing.
An Dagda! Dagdai Deirg!
Dagda! meet me here to praise Him.

There is moon emptied cup,
There is plant in the ground,
There is worm in the earth,
That does not proclaims His goodness.
An Dagda! Dagdai Duir!
Dagda! meet me here to praise Him.

There is no wind on the wing,
There is no star in the heavens,
There is nothing beneath the sun,
But proclaims His goodness.
Fer Benn Bruach! Brogaill Broumide Cerbad! (Optional but desired: Caic Rolaig Builc Labair Cerrce Di Brig Oldathair Boith Athgen mBethai Brightere Tri Carboid Roth Rimaire Riog Scotbe Obthe Olaithbe!)
Dagda! meet me here to praise Him. – Rpz. CG Vol I rosc 14


Make an offering with a heartfelt prayer, then say:

Dagda Mór, Please accept this Offering!


Dagda Mór, give me the waters!

Drink the quaich/cup. Sit in quiet meditation waiting for messages or experiences to come through your consciousness from Otherworldly places.


Thanks be to the Kindred Three, let the ways be closed. Bíodh sé amhlaidh!

Say a final prayer, sing a song, clean up and go about your day after recording any experiences you may have had.

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