12 Folk Magics for the Imbolc Blue Blood Moon

12 Folk Magics for the Imbolc Blue Blood Moon January 23, 2018
Each of these are written by me using the principles I’ve learned from years of looking at spells in remaining Indo-European folk magic traditions and sources.

1. Please your House Spirits.

  1. Straighten up, sweep up, and clean up.
  2. Start by the suffumigation of the area with Juniper sprigs.
  3. Pour a wine offering in the wildest part on your property.
  4. Walk 3 sunwise circles about your home and enter.
  5. Place buttered bread on the window sill outside chanting the charm three times.
  6. After leaving the bread out for the spirits of the house you can eat it ceremonially to receive the blessing.

To spirits of the house I/we give.”

I always finalize my chants and prayers with “So be it!” in Irish, which is Bíodh Sé Amhlaidh.

Overcome Animosity and Envy.

  1. Wrap a last year’s Ribín Bhrighite or a piece of Her Brat around a candle.
  2. Light the flame imagining it to be the burning envy of others toward you, replacing it with healing instead of hate.
  3. Chant the charm 22 times as it burns. Let it burn in one setting from the moment you light it to the moment it goes out, so choose wisely for your time.
  4. The longer you chant the longer you sit with the candle, the more layers and thus strength you give to the magic.
“Whoso has envy upon me, Swarthy man or woman fair, Three will I send to thwart. Dagda, Ogma, and Lugh, Three gods of masterful arts.” – Carmina Gadelica(CG) Based

Coffee Grounds or Tea Leaves Divination

  1. Drink coffee old school style from a press or have tea.
  2. Interpret the patterns in the leaves or grounds. Seeing things is as simple as looking at clouds. You know how to do that already with clouds. But relating that wisdom to the future is a matter of intuition. If you ask a yes or no question, and get an arrow left or down, that is clearly going backwards or going forwards. If you get a wheel, that’s a transition period, on the way to something. If you use you intuition and imagination, you’ll need no training and instead, only practice.

“In this cuppán, I will see all that is in store for me.”

Find Your Lover

Most of the folk magic spells that exist are terrible on consent. That’s because they were written by and for creepy terrible people. You won’t find any spells here that attract lovers against their will, because I wont write them. In the original form of this spell it was foxglove or butterbur which have collecting type shapes to them. Their forms lend to collecting.
  1. On Friday wake up early and take two plants whose flowers or leaves form a cone and toss them over your left shoulder using a wooden shovel.
  2. Collect nine stems of ferns or other similar plant, cut the stems with an axe only.
  3. Combined with three hoofs of a cow that have been drawn from the earth, burn everything together, including the over the shoulder plants. It is up to you to know what plants you gathered or used. Don’t burn foxglove, that’s ignorant.
  4. Chant the following over the fire until it burns to ash. Place the ashes upon your breast.
“It is not for knowledge of love,
To draw water through a reed,
But for one I know not whereof,
With their will, their warmth draw to me.” – CG Based

Get rid of Longing

  1. Place a Brighid’s cross or ladder under your pillow until you dream of the person you long for.
  2. Once you dream, take it out of the city and throw it into the wild saying the charm.
“As cold as the rocks in the earth,
is my heart and hearth to you!”
Photo by Vinicius Amano
Photo by Vinicius Amano

Increase Luck

Unwind a string that was already wound about a nail on a fence post.
Throw it into a fire saying the charm.
“O Fire who is worthy of praise, You are the priestess Eternal,
A Brigit, to the High One, we call,
Guide with skill, the one whom is,
Born under unlucky stars,
Over all perils. So be it!”  – Based on a charm from the Atharva Veda.

Have Goods Returned

  1. Take a coin found in a public place and put it in the place where you last saw the item.
  2. Say the charm.

“Return to me hastily, what was taken without agree!”

Ward Against Spirits

  1. Make a mud paste with mud, clay and straw.
  2. Walk about the home sunwise three times saying the charm.
  3. Bury a horseshoe in the north(the place of conflict) or west(the place of fair folk processions).
“Three times round the home,
Three times bound to roam,
Three times round,
Iron in the ground,
Buried underneath the loam.”

Ward Disease and sickness

  1. Take snow or frost, hoar frost, from the grass on the eve of the moon, bless it and invoke the blessings of Brighid over it saying the charm.
  2. Use it for headaches.

“Brighid, Poet, Smith and Leech, your healing I beseech.”

Heal Sickness

  1. Take your Brat Bhrighite or ribín Bhrighite and wrap it around you saying the charm.
“Beananchtai na Bhrighite, is isteach mise”
“Byawn-oct-ee nuh Vreecha, ish ish-stock miss-yuh”
“Brighid’s blessings be within me.”
Photo by Daiga Ellaby
Photo by Daiga Ellaby

Sowing Crops

Break ground with a shovel, spade or plow made in a blessed fire.
Bless the fire saying the charm.
Take your seeds, having been wrapped in a piece of brat and hung up on the eve of Imbolc, Jan 31, and waive them over the fire.
“Brighid the smith, fire in the hand, let your blessing be upon the land.”

Hunting (Special Late Season)

  1. Use arrows and ammo blessed with hoar frost blessing above.
  2. This’ll bring healing to hunters remorse and the soul of the white tailed deer. This only works when you are kind to animals you hunt, and you truly hunt because you it is a better alternative, in your case, to the terrible meat industry we have.
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