Seven Quick Takes Friday

Seven Quick Takes Friday November 21, 2008

Taking a page from Jen at conversion diary…

                                       —– 1—–

The fiance and I own an absurd number of books. He put together the bookshelf we bought on Sunday (shelf #2 of ______) and we went through the formal process of deciding which books go where. We made piles, we debated about the piles. No books were thrown (but several were tossed gently). 

We have, between the two of us: 3 copies of The Screwtape Letters, 2 The Four Loves, 2 Surprised by Joy, 3 Mere Christianity, 1 Till We Have Faces, and 1 The Great Divorce. If anyone needs a copy of Mere Christianity or Screwtape, let me know. 



This is a new blog….sort of. It’s a continuation and transferal of my old blog ( I am a recent convert to wordpress. I find it much easier to use and navigate. I also wanted to re-vamp the image of my blog. I wanted something a little softer, which isn’t insulting, or even worse, boring. 

I realized recently that I have been lacking for a space to record my thoughts and reflections on life in the Church. Balancing wedding planning, over 20 hours per week working, and full time course load in grad school made me feel too much that I am burning the candle at both ends. Not enough time for prayer, reading, thinking. Now this; a restructuring of my time to allow for these things within the fast-pace and hectic nature of being out in the world. More to come. Suggestions welcome.

                                                         ——3 —–

I am somewhat worried about my chart for this month. I have historically low temperatures, and I’m not sure what’s causing it. Could it be low thyroid activity? Is that ever related to diabetes? 

While I have more energy since my sugars are under control, I am still tired often and feel slow in general. Working out helps, but I wonder if there’s something else there. My faith in modern medicine is not so high at this juncture, seeing as I learned more from Marilyn Shannon’s “Nutrition, Fertility and Cycles” and my NFP teaching couple about natural ways to treat PCOS than I ever have in the 8 YEARS I was seeing an endocrinologist. Reason: their only interest is in masking the symptoms by putting everyone with PCOS on hormonal birth control. F-. 


Thanks to Karen Edmisten’s wonderful post on Advent I made…a Jesus stocking! I will post a photo of our Jesus stocking later when I am with my lovely little macbook. 

A Jesus stocking is…just that. A christmas stocking made for Jesus. It hangs in a place of prominence throughout Advent, and each day the family writes on pieces of paper things they are grateful for. Into the stocking they go, along with good deeds, and corporal or spiritual works of mercy performed during Advent as gifts for Jesus. What a great idea, and a very simple way to remember the reason for our joy! 

The stocking was also very cheap…$3.00 at JoAnn fabric.


Tomorrow, after my time at Aid for Women, I am making the first library run for many months. I am, needless to say, very excited.

I had to make a book list, because if I go to the library without a plan, I get flustered and end up wandering aimlessly. Lest I sound insane, let me remind you that I am going to the Harold Washington library downtown, which is like the largest public library in the world. millions of volumes. It’s very, very easy for someone like me to get lost and emerge six hours later without one of the books I thought of going there for in the first place. 

A plan has been made. Count on a longer post on this subject later.


I have a separate blog for wedding info, but let me just make clear…

I am getting married in 44 DAYS. That’s right folks. Let the good times roll. And by that I mean, I need a lot of prayers.


This is my first week with 7 quick takes. I like it. It’s kind of like stream of consciousness writing, only it makes marginally more sense. At least to me. 


Blessed weekend and enjoy the feast of Christ the King (Did I hear Liturgical New Year’s Party?) 🙂

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  • Jen

    I’m with you on the library! I too need a list so that if I get OTHER books I at least don’t forget what it is I went there for!

  • aaaaaa! I remember sorting books! Isn’t it nuts?

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! And thanks for reminding me of Christ the King Sunday – it’s my favorite, but it always sneaks up on me!