About Me

Welcome to Fumbling Toward Grace. Here you’ll find the heart of a Catholic woman, cultivating the good life through books, beauty, and celebrating God’s bounty. I also explore what it means to live and love as a motherless daughter and mother.

My name is Sarah, and this is my little corner of the Internets.



For many years, the most important part of my identity was my loss. My mother died when I was 7 and she was 32. Since then, I’ve been striving to make sense of the chaos and navigate this world as a motherless daughter and a motherless mother. I’m passionately pro-life, in every sense of the word. I have a masters’ degree in social justice, and I’ve had my life ruined in the most wonderful way possible by my Jesuit education.

I love football, the smell of fresh baked goods, and lazy Sunday afternoons.

I believe in the power of education to help people help themselves.

I believe in the saints’ intercession and I ask for it often.

I believe there can never be too much beauty in the world, and I strive to make my own little corner of it more beautiful.

My patron saint is Bernadette.

If you have a question or comment that would be better in a less public space, or would like me to write a guest post for your blog or publication, you can reach me by email:


You can also find me on social media and say hello!







I’m looking forward to getting to know you and so glad you’re here.





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