Decluttering for the Samhain Soul 2016: The Ritual

Decluttering for the Samhain Soul 2016: The Ritual October 31, 2016

Today’s Samhain ritual takes us down the path to the Crossroads between the worlds.

On that road and in that space, we will seek answers for clearing the clutter that blocks us, and cutting the cords to those things that hold us back. Maybe it’s photos or souvenirs from an old

Today's ritual takes us down the path to the Crossroads between the worlds.
Today’s ritual takes us down the path to the Crossroads between the worlds.

relationship that somehow block us from seeking a new partner. Perhaps it’s a space that could be a home office to launch a business if only there weren’t so many boxes of baby clothes stored in it. (The baby is 18 now.) Or, maybe there’s no physical clutter at all–just a feeling of constriction in your solar plexus when you think of stepping into your full power and living the purpose you and your Gods planned.

Physical clutter is in its way the easiest to clear. We can put it in a box or a bag. Donate, sell, discard. It’s the energy of the past that continues to pull at us, sometimes resisting the effort of years to clear it away. Today, we begin work at that soul-deep level.



For today, I recommend that you use the altar or art work created earlier this week. If you’re joining this process late or just didn’t create an altar, that’s fine. Just light a candle or an incense to help focus your mind for the journey.

To begin your ritual journey, concentrate on the altar or art images. Call to the ally who came forth in yesterday’s working. If you didn’t do the search for an ally, use a guide from past spiritual work. If there’s an ancestor whose spirit calls you, that spirit can be a powerful guide for this work.

Visualize a crossroads, or a hillside with Standing Stones, or even an opening in the earth. All are good keys for opening our perception to the world across the Veil. If you have an image which speaks more to you, please use that.

Move with your ally towards the entrance to this other world. Remember that you are safe, and your ally is there to support you.

Ask your ally how he or she can help you as you continue to clear away physical and emotional blocks that keep you from the life you want to lead.

If there is another figure who seems to be blocking your way, ask who or what it is. This may be an important clue to your healing. Listen to what your challenger has to say. See if you can extend compassion, love or kindness to your challenger. This can be very healing. If that does not feel possible or appropriate at this time, do not. You must judge for yourself what seems right for you.

Remember that you may perceive images, or hear voices. You may sense movement or pressure, or smell a loved one’s perfume. Be open and accept what comes without judgment.

If you are new to this kind of work, don’t feel like you have failed if it seems you haven’t received a clear message. Accept that the information may have been passed along beneath your conscious perception. Also realize that the message may come later.

If it feels right, ask questions. Give compassion if you need to, accept it if offered.

After you feel you have spent enough time in meditation or ritual communion, return to your body and the physical room. Journal and draw cards or runes if you would like more information. After you have closed the ritual space, eat something.

If you would like to chat about your experiences this week, or in your ritual work, feel free to do so in the comments section or more privately in the Decluttering for the Soul Facebook Group. There also is a dedicated page for this work, Five Day Decluttering for the Samhain Soul Challenge.

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